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“I made a complete ass of myself”

We can now close the door on the Big Baby "shove" controversy.  Faced with an avalanche of criticism over his reaction, Ernest Provetti has apologized to Glen Davis in an email to PTI

"What I said about Glen 'Big Baby' Davis is inexcusable, is disgusting,
and I feel horrible about it. I am truly sorry. I got caught up in the
heat of the moment and not being a professional dealing with the media.
I made a complete ass of myself."

Yes, yes you did.  But good for you for admitting it.  Now we can move on.

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  • hahahhahahahahahahaha..

  • Anyone watch Barkley on tnt tonight? my god hes a moron, he keeps on saying carmelo anthony is the bets pure scorer in the league. HEY CHUCK, HE ISNT EVEN THE BEST PURE SCORER ON THE FLOOR IN THAT SERIES, that would be dirk. jesus christ hes annoying.
    is melo even a better scorer then pierce(especially in his prime)? and haha, um kobe bryant!!! is the best scorer in the league you IDIOT

  • first of all is he even a better pure scorer than chauncey, or JR smith lol
    but the pierce question is an interesting one, simply because their games are so alike
    now no way is melo as good as pierce at this point, but thats beside the point
    not only is there game eerily similar but so are the way they have been viewed,
    they are both constantly overlooked as superstars in the league, they both have problems with there coaches and at some point have been unfairly labeled as selfish, they both play better defense then anyone gives them credit for, and they both, up until last year with pierce, a defining moment in there careers

  • best pure scorers in the NBA has to go like this, depending on how you define pure scorer, i define it something like this
    here is my thought, you have one possesion left and you need a score, you can choose one guy to take teh ball from the top of the key and try to make something happen, your playing against the first team all defense and you arent gonna get a cheap call to bail you out if you drive and miss; so who’s the guy you want with the ball
    1. Kobe
    2. Pierce
    3. Lebron
    4. Melo
    5. d wade
    6. Dirk
    7. brandon roy
    8. Chauncey
    9. Joe Johnson
    10. Ben Gordon
    watch out for durant and granger
    manu at one point was on this list
    and does derron williams deserve to be up there, i think he does but couldnt find a place for him
    also this unfairly excludes posts, but i think there in more of a best pure post player category
    and you define best pure scorer as, someone who you can give the ball to a ask for 20 straight points its obviously gonna change my answers some

  • how is dirk not a better pure scorer then melo? I think dirk is an amazing pure scorer. id put him above pierce as far as pure scorers go as well.
    I was flabbergasted by charles continually saying melo is the best scorer in the league, hahahahah!!!!! when hes not even the best scorer on the floor what makes him a better scorer then dirk? absolutely nothing!!!! there scoring games are actually similar, but Ill take dirks anyday

  • Oh and I was actually watching the stream of the mavs/nugs game, and nuggets fans were saying pierce didnt even belong in the same breath as carmelo anthony…can you fucking believe that? they have no brain obviously

  • wow. and the stupidity continues…watching 1st and 10… AND THEY ARE ACTUALLY DEBATING IF CARMELO IS AS GOOD AS LEBRON JAMES.. what the fuck is it with those stars that came from that draft being extremly overrated. carmelo anthony is junk as far as im concerend, I in no way shape or form consider him even near lebron…, HE ISNT EVEN BETTER THEN PIERCE YOU FUCKING TURDS

  • first of all you shouldnt be watching first take to begin with, it is the dumbest show on television
    Lebron’s talent is elavated by his ability to get a foul call, without it he does not have the outside and midrange game that melo has, so as a better pure scorer, you might be able to argue melo over lebron
    james is all brute force and he has great vision and passing ability to find his teammates, but as a last shot pure scorer im not sure lebron is as high as everone would assume he is
    but you could argue the rating of anybody on the list i gave except for most likely kobe at the top spot
    but in terms of overall player lebron is leaps and bounds ahead of melo
    and dont hold me to the exact ratings i gave before, i did those off the top of my head with absolutely no statistical backing and all based on opinion
    dirk may in fact be a bettter scorer than melo, but he also got shut down by the warriors (who are known for their suspect D) for a whole playoff series