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We Had It All The Way

Clutch jesus
Ray Allen sucked in this game.  In fact, everyone sucked for 3 and a half quarters.  But the C's scored 33 points in the 4th quarter… led by Stephon Marbury's 12 points and Ray Allen's clutch 3 with 1:20 left.  The C's had no business winning this game.  If I was a Magic fan, I'd be registering "FireStanVanGundy.com" right now.

Box Score

The first thing I've got to share is this from JESkeets (of BallDon'tLie fame) on Twitter.

so we get this straight: Magic go up 14, House hits a big three, Pierce
hits an And-1, SVG timeout, C's win by 4. Sound about right?

He sent that in the 1st quarter.  Then the Magic went up by 14, Marbury hit the big 3 instead of House, Pierce narrowly missed the And-1, and the Celtics won by 4.  Freaky.

Alright… let's not fool ourselves here.  The Celtics flat out sucked for 3 and a half quarters.  They have resorted to flipping a switch, which just tells me they're tired.  They're pushing it as far as they can go before turning it on.  It's the basketball version of "the choking game", and eventually it will cost them.

There are two parts to a 14 point comeback in the 4th quarter:  great play from the comeback-er… and poor play from the comeback-er.  The Orlando Magic were controlling this game in the early 4th quarter because they were going to the basket and being deliberate.  Then, as the Celtics started to make their run, Orlando became Orlando again and started to go for the knockout 3.  It never fell.  And as the Celtics continued to ride the momentum, Orlando continued to play in their hands by getting passive, and settling for the first partially-open jumper they could find.  For some reason, no one on their team or coaching staff caught on to the fact that the Celtics simply can't stop Orlando from driving to the basket.  I thank them for their poor short-term memory.

On the plus side, Paul Pierce might have had his best game of the playoffs. 19 points, 9 reb, and 8 assist.  It made up for a very poor game from Rondo (6 pts, 9 reb, 5 asst).  Pierce carried this team.  I'm surprised he only had 19.  Big Baby led  the way with 22.

There's not much else to say right now.  Enjoy this win, Celtics fans.  We didn't deserve it.  The Celtics spent 38 minutes playing some of their worst basketball of the year.  Luckily, we were playing the Magic.  We're up 3-2, and a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals looks good.  Right now, I'd savor these moments.  Playing like they did tonight, I don't know how many of these moments the Celtics have left this season.

After the jump, some photos from tonight's game.


Pierce double teamed 

Rondo drive 

Big baby

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  • He said to “Mark” His word so I did…
    Greg said…
    Bring on Cleveland? HAHA, wow, calm down dude. You all need to play out of your minds just to hang with us on a horrendous shooting night. We’ll slap you little fags around in Boston and close the deal in O-town in 6. Mark my word.
    This was a bigger theft than Sunday night. Thank you Orlando for the choke job and Celtics has balls the size of church bells.

  • Starbury has officially landed in boston, I dont think orlando realizes we are the CHAMPIONS…. you cant take downt the champs playing like that we’re too good, we want it too bad

  • Like I wrote in my previous post/question, Pierce is a play maker. A natural one, at that.
    Pierce played so well tonight, but really made 3 huge plays down the stretch: shovel pass to Baby for a 17 footer to make it 85-77 with 4:30 left, pass to Baby for a 15 footer to make it 85-79 with 3:57, and setting the screen for Ray to free up to nail the 3 to take an 86-85 lead. Again: Pierce didn’t need to make the shot to help his team win. In all 3 of those plays, Pierce could have opted for a shot or at least operated with the intent to shoot. But he didn’t.
    We had no business being in that game. That game was essentially given to us by Orlando… and we took the opportunities and capitalize. Reggie Miller made the best call all night when he talked about the differences in coaching styles: the Celts are able to get the ball into the hands of their best FT shooter, while the Magic can only get the ball into one of the league’s worst FT shooters. And, to emphasis this point, Orlando came out of a timeout and couldn’t get the ball where they wanted!
    Statistically, you can measure up players against other players and teams against other teams. You can tell certain players strengths from their numbers. I’m going to throw caution to the wind and lock and load up on this cliche, but you can’t statistically measure how strong a team’s will is against another team’s. You just can’t. The Celts have more heart. The Celts have more grit. The Celts know how NOT to fall apart in pressure situations.
    My two questions:
    1) Making it to the Eastern Conference Finals would be an unbelievable accomplishment for this team. I think we will make it to the ECF, and be able to steal a game or 2 away from the Cavs. It is possible, although not likely, that the Celts can catch the Cavs off guard. The Cavs will be well rested, but also will have been off the court for a long time. It’s possible… right? As KG said last year, “Anything is posssssssssssible!” Maybe not likely, but possible. Remember when the Celts stole a game from the Cavs without KG in their second to last meeting? It’s possible…
    2) Is anyone else sick of Charles Barkley? TNT should have canned him after his 83rd DUI. Bring in Reggie Miller and make it Miller Time every night.

  • Boston knows how to win these games Orlando does not. End of story.

  • DRJ

    We just watched two D-League teams in an NBA playoff game. The worst basketball I’ve seen all year, by both teams. Paul, Perk, Baby were good. Stephon were great. Doc was terrible. Rondo, Ray: horrible. The team as a whole: horrible.
    Luckily, Orlando was even worse. And luckily, we got some fortuitous bounces at the end. But the Magic are a really bad team, with a terrible coach, which is why we won these last two games.
    We stink. That’s it. No way can the Celtics or the Magic even hope to beat Cleveland playing like this. Nor Denver, or LA, or Houston, for that matter. No way in hell. All the other teams left in the playoffs are in the NBA… we’re in D-League. Just wasting time… unless we do a 180 from where we are right now.

  • zauer

    All bad thoughts about Ray during 3,5 quaters, started getting sick of his play in this series. But then – this is why his future hall of famer, clutch 3 and even better pass to Perk… My apologise Ray. What a great effort.

  • zauer

    somebody watch postgame now? SVG complains about refs all the way, you can see how pissed he is

  • Yeah it sucks this shitty team that’s down to pretty much the barest threads keeps finding ways to beat teams with better talent. How can you be a fan Of Boston and not be proud of what this team is doing? I don’t get it.

  • Stan Van Gundy

    You’re welcome.

  • Thank you Stan 🙂

  • VAn Gundy is actually whining about not getting calls at the end
    hey van gundy, pierce has been in foul trouble the whole series for phantom fouls, we have consistently been called for touch fouls
    in the fourth quarter in game 1, pierce drove to the basket, got hacked by dwight howard for no call
    rashard lewis drove to the basket at the end of game 4, got a brush foul for an oppurtunity to win the game, luckily baby hit a buzzer beater….but really shut the fuck up van gundy you bitch
    lucky to win this game, I think DRJ is overexaggerating…these ugly games happen every year in the east playoffs

  • Oh and while we are on the subject of what the refs dont call, van sloppy…why dont they call dwight howard for 3 seconds when he does it on every possesion? or ever call him for over the back, which he consistently does and never gets called for. that travel in the beginning? i mean the NBA refs suck, there is no conspiracy for boston…people actually believe that? I believe the refs have been atrocious towards us all season

  • Or How about when Howard plows into a defender and it’s a foul on the defender.

  • i found out who’s the guy that says “get off the phone barkley, im taking you to the whole”
    former jazz coach frank layden, it has to be

  • Just heard scals postgame…sheesh this guy doesnt sound right from his concussions…he lost a ton os brain cells

  • stoolsArmy

    DRJ – a comment like that makes me want to punch you in the face

  • John you really hit the nail on the head.
    PIERCE was amazing tonight. Made the right decision every single time. Hopefully his performance isn’t forgotten tonight.
    But that said, Stephon Marbury saved the game. That man is officially a Boston Celtic.

  • By the way Pierce would have had 13 or 14 assists if they count it as an assist when you find a guy wide open and then they blow the lay-up but get fouled and go to the line.
    Great, great, great coaching performance from Doc.

  • Doc was terrible?????
    Please. His decisions in the fourth were undeniably stellar.

  • You’re right, the Magic just don’t have the same will as the Celts. I have no respect for that team. No leader, nobody who even plays with a chip on their shoulder.
    You know, it sounds ridiculous, but they need a guy like a Noah/Verajo/ZaZa (My three least favorite players in the league) to just show a little emotion.
    Dwight just isn’t the guy.

  • Danno

    We just need to start calling Dwight Howard “Tin Man” because clearly, “Superman” (and the rest of Orlando) has no heart.
    And his jump hook looks like he needs some oil.

  • Greg

    Hey, I’ll be a man and come back on here to address those remarks. I was a little po’d after a guy named ‘big baby’ stuck a dagger in the heart of Orlando the other night but this loss tonight is just laughable. I wouldn’t say this one hurt more. We’re getting used to blowing leads. I expect there to be a Game 7 and who knows what happens there. All I know is how much we miss Jameer and how much it’d be nice to have Doc back. Come home Doc, please.

  • Yeah, DRJs emototions are high and actually still expects this team to win a championship. not likely. but look at the positive we are in the same exact position we were last year with a depleted roster, not to mention this was all a pipe dream 2 years ago, a chance to go to the eastern conference finals. and this is a team with 3 players under 25 starting and an inconsitent sometimes nonexistent bench
    to me, you gotta be extremly proud of this team, they won ugly tonight and deserve credit, orlando is the only team who deserves criticizm right now

  • Can I nominate that for line of the year.
    Amazing. True, as well.

  • WestCoastCelt


  • Oh and Perkins and baby are absolutely not getting enough credit for there defense on howard…its been phenomal….its to the point where Joakim noah actually scares me more…literally he had the same type numbers in the last series as dwight can put up now… they have really exposed dwights nonexistent post game, theyre bodying him up making him take ridicoulous hook shots from like 6 feet out. lmao

  • Just got back from the game and some postgame stuff. We were behind Orlando’s bus on the highway too. Heh heh..Anyways, great game, many guys stepped up, but how about Starbury hitting 5 shots in a row? HUGE. Have to get up for work in 4 hours. GO GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DRJ

    I am glad they won, of course. But it’s all for nothing, isn’t it? There is no way on God’s green earth that they can compete with Cleveland (or any decent team) playing like they have in the past 2 games. So very soon we get knocked out, and all this good feeling will amount to nothing.
    Ok, we can get into the philosophical discussion of enjoying “the moment”. I get it. No problem. But you know what I’m talking about, I know you do.
    This team can play a whole lot better than it has. Rondo MUST step up, finally, and STAY up. Ray too. Then we have a shot… we still have a shot.

  • I think this loss hurt Orlando more. Game 4 Boston was in control and went south and then was lucky to win. This game Orlando had it and didn’t finish.

  • DRJ

    Putting Ray in for the red-hot Steph worked out. But it almost didn’t. And regardless of what actually happened, I thought it was a very weird and bad decision, because Ray at that time was ice-cold, dead in the water.
    But yes… it worked out.

  • This team can play a whole lot better than it has.
    I am sorry I just don’t agree. This team is playing 2 guys at power forward that last year would see about 6 minutes a game all of them Baby’s. I agree Cleveland beats this team maybe in 4 or 5 games but every drop of blood from the turnip has been squeezed.

  • DRJ

    SVG definitely whined about the ball-hit-the-rim call and the non-call on Hedo’s drive. First of all, the tape showed that the ball did change direction and therefore did hit the rim. But putting that aside… it’s not like the refs weren’t horrible throughout the game, for both sides. Bad calls all around. So what? This is new to the NBA?? He’s ridiculous. A very, very, very bad coach.

  • DRJ

    You’ll feel worse if we get blown out by Cleveland. Then you’ll wanna punch yourself.
    The point is… they better get better, and real soon. Do not delude yourself that this was a great game for the Cs.

  • DRJ

    Gotta love Steph. Great guy, great player. Couldn’t be happier for him.

  • DRJ

    You’re right. I want them to win it all. Doesn’t everybody here? What I missing?
    They still have a shot. If Rondo gets his game right, finally, and keeps it right, and if Ray wakes up for whole games. We still have a shot.

  • DRJ

    Absolutely. A bright spot of this game. Perk has been terrific, in every game. BBD was excellent too.

  • DRJ

    And I agree about the reasons for our difficulties. Just trying to find a way to overcome them.

  • ESPN said something along the lines of “All the credit has to go to Orl…Boston for what they did down the stretch”
    I think he was more right the first time.

  • DRJ

    Looks like the Magic are falling apart. As they said on Inside the NBA… the ship be sinking. Lewis just basically called his team stupid, and Howard just called out SVG for taking him out of the game and not getting him more than 10 touches. Ouch for them. Unraveling. Hard to imagine they can win this thing anymore.
    Cleveland’s next.

  • DRJ

    Gonna back off my frustration-driven harshness, and say that while this was a badly played game, it was a tough, gritty win in the end. Now (well, soon) let’s knock Lebron back a few notches.

  • ssshady35
  • CFH


  • yeah, I still want them to win it all, and from what they are saying, they still think they can. but its a bit of a stretch…I would be satisfied with getting to the ECF and doing to the cavs what the bulls did to us, and MAYBE, just maybe winning the series….but unless a depleted houston makes the finals, how are we gonna beat either the lakers or nuggets, they are both deep teams. our bench is mostly nonexistent, they show up once and a while and this team is already exhausted right now, running on fumes, imagine then?

  • DRJ

    Actually, I think whoever wins ECF will win it all. I think the Lakers will be much easier to beat than Cleveland. (Lakers might not even get past the Nuggets.)
    We know how to handle LA. Cleveland is the best team in the NBA right now, with the best player (whoever lived, probably) great chemistry, defense, coaching, etc., etc.
    And yes, it will be very hard to win ECF. But possible. There is a way… but only if Rondo and Ray get their act together, Paul hounds Lebron to death on defense, everybody plays with maximum energy, etc.

  • He didn’t do that DRJ.
    He put Rondo in for Marbury in the fourth. Allen was already on the floor. It was the perfect time to put Rondo back in (with 5 minutes left).
    At least criticize him for something he actually did.

  • who da guy

    all we need is faith