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Second Project With The New Toys: Game 4 Mix

Celtics-Magic game 4 mix from John Karalis on Vimeo.

NSFW Lyrics

A few days ago, I unveiled my first project with my new computer set-up: a modified Celtics logo where Lucky is flipping the bird.  Now, I've got another project: a mix from Game 4 set to music.  The music is "Are You Ready" by the Beatnuts.  I'll reiterate: this video has NSFW lyrics.  So bust out some headphones, shut the door, or watch it when you get home.

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  • Good stuff dude!
    LOVE the music selection. Been a fan of the Beatnuts FOREVER. Stoooonnneeee CRAZY!
    Like how you lined up the word “block” when that big block comes up.

  • Great mix JK! I love how the lyrics about “slam dunk” coincide with Baby’s dunk early on. Excellent.

  • Thanks guys. Glad you liked it.

  • from sg

    nice mix there red. =)
    guess this is the next best thing to watch the actual game. cursed college exams.

  • from sg

    *to watch besides the actual game.

  • nate

    Very cool. Love watching Steph’s kiss off the glass again, and Rondo’s drive. What did you use to make it?

  • Windows Movie Maker… which sucks. It’s like trying to build a fire using two sticks. But it’s better than having no sticks.
    I’m still fooling with it, but it’s sure as hell no Final Cut pro