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Rashard Lewis is a Professional


I can't believe I missed this quote from Rashard Lewis:

"It most definitely adds fuel to the fire," Lewis said. "We don't
like that type of stuff. You have to be professional about the game of
basketball. We're a professional team and we expect them to be the same

"Those guys were jumping up and down, waving their hands at us,
saying bye, but it's not over yet; it's just 2-2," Lewis added. "We
could have done the same thing when we won on their court, but we're
more professional than that. They still have to win ballgames. The
series ain't over yet."

C'mon Rashard, you're better than that. I know this loss hurt you the most because Baby's clutch shot was right in your face. You also have a short memory. Loyal Red's Army soldier ToTheRuins reminds us of a regular season game last seaon when confetti reigned down after Hedu Turkoglu hit a game winner to beat the C's. One more question for Rashard: are DUI arrests professional?

The Herald's Ron Borges has a great column on the Celtics toughness:

The Magic got beat because the older team was more composed and worked
harder. They got beat because they got outrebounded even though they
have the league’s leading rebounder and defensive player of the year,
Dwight Howard, in the middle. They got beat, frankly, because Game 4
came down to mental toughness and physical toughness, and the Celtics
have a little bit more of both.

Where have I heard that before?

And these two clowns….


…have decided to stop complaining about the Big Baby "shove."

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  • “He said Doc Rivers and Ray Allen are class acts, but thinks the NBA’s overall image is becoming more thuggish”
    Big baby is a thug? someone tell this guy to shut up

  • “How do you like to be a 12-year-old and see a raging lunatic coming at you’
    Haha, raging lunatic? someone punch this asshole in the face already

  • Any normal fan would be saying: “wow, I touched Big Baby!-and I’m gonna be on Sportscenter all week! How cool is that!!!” duh…?

  • XMan12

    The confetti thing is funny because I went to Game 3 in Orlando and sure enough the confetti came raining down so I decided to grab a piece and I plan on burning it when we win the series!!!

  • Lakerhater

    Shard should kiss Ray Allen’s #ss at midcourt before each game. Because if you will recall Shard, it was all of those double teams ray drew back in seattle that allowed you to avg. 20 ppg (you never really worked very hard at it on your own), which also allowed you to pork the magic for an obscene contract.
    PS, if you don’t like the C’s celebrating a game winning shot, you’re gonna hate the Cavs who celebrate everytime bron makes a foul shot.

  • Yup, it really is because of ray allen that rashard lewis got that ridicoulous contract… to this day rashard has the same pregame routine as ray allen…by the way, whos more professional then ray?
    Hey rashard, watch what you say, because all you did was offend the celtics. yes, its very mature and professional to dub yourself ‘superman’, and bring out a phone booth and put on a cape. hey dwight, youre a douchebag

  • Rich people that can afford those courtside seats aren’t “normal fans”.
    They’re freakin nut jobs.

  • Boney

    So now maturity is earned at a slam dunk competition?
    Rashard Lewis earned his own money by playing well in Seattle, Ray Allen didn’t make him in to the player he is today you guys… he’s a douche for complaining about how the Celtics win but he doesn’t have to kiss Ray’s ass just because they played on the same team together.
    Ray should be happy someone was there to pick up the slack when his feets failed him.

  • Lakerhater

    Your right, he should kiss Ridnour’s ass. Seriously, I’m a former sonic season ticket holder, I like Shard, but he NEVER busted his hump in Seattle. When Ray went down his numbers went up but then so did Danny Fortsons so take it for what its worth.

  • What dont you understand about ray allen taking a young, fresh out of high scool rashard lewis under his wings, and to this day uses the same pregame ritual ray taught him? hello pal, ray allen really helped lewis in his development, and knows how much of a professional he is….shard should have kept his mouth shut