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Newest Member Of Red’s Army

Chuck baby

I'm happy to announce that Will Michael McKenney became the newest member of Red's Army today.  Congratulations to Chuck and his wife on their second son, who is 22 inches long and checks in at a whopping 9 pounds. 

And as I told Chuck, it's appropriate after what happened in game 4 that Chuck had a big baby.  Congrats to them.  Hopefully, Will gets to see a Celtics win tonight.  It's only right.

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  • Jp

    Congrats Chuck and family. Two more to go to catch up with me!!!
    Hope all your days are healthy ones.

  • 22 inches??? Chuck get that kid on the basketball court asap.
    But seriously, congratulations. Hopefully the kid can watch game 5 tonight.

  • Look at him… he’s already calling for the ball. He’s ready. I say we suit him up tonight in case Perk gets in foul trouble.

  • CONGRATS!!!!

  • Wow, that’s awesome.
    Congratulations, Chuck.

  • DRJ

    Looks like he’s trying to blow a whistle. Stop that baby!

  • Awesome!!! Congratulations! Suit him up is right! I think number 22 is available…

  • Congrats Chuck and welcome Will McK

  • Congrats!
    Just don’t sit him court side anytime soon huh?

  • CFH

    Congrats Chuck and Mrs. Chuck!

  • Sal

    Indefensible that you didn’t name him Glen.

  • BigMck

    Thanks everyone. Its been a crazy day.
    Go Celtics!!!

  • Congrats he looks like a baller