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10 Quick Things

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10 Quick Things
by Gant

1. Baby and the Kid

The kid in the white shirt did establish position, but had both feet out of bounds so it wasn't a charge. It's a no-call.

2. Baby and the Rising Level of Play

all the people who wanted to trade, cut, or otherwise harm Big Baby
when he played poorly the first part of the season? I'll say this
again: Never judge a player when he's injured or out of shape (unless
he's like Eddie Curry and never gets into shape).

3. Baby and the Shot

watched as his jumper has gone from unreliable, to spotty, to decent,
to good, and now to STONE COLD CLUTCH. Good things happen when you
practice a lot. That was a bolt of lightning straight from the cradle
to Orlando's grave!

4. Pierce and the Pass

it was only a few years ago when every end of game shot was Pierce
against the world? No more. Paul drew the double, expertly hit the open
infant, and crushed the spirit of the southern sorcerers.

5. Sam Jones

always wondered why Sam was hardly ever around at any Celtic events all
these decades. From Dan Shaughnessy's column in today's Globe:
"According to Jones, he only has been to Boston twice since hanging 'em
up after the 1969 championship season. "I came back for Red," said
Jones, 75, who lives less than two hours from the Orlando arena. "I
never go any place unless I'm invited and I haven't been invited."

"Celtics coach Doc Rivers requested an audience with Jones outside the
locker room before the game. "He's one of the few Celtics that I hadn't
met," said Rivers. "It was pretty cool."

Huh. Somebody send Sam some invitations.

6. How Unlikely

Celtics just beat the Magic after getting a total of 2 points from
their bench, on the road, with no Garnett, no Powe, Perkins hurting,
Ray Allen not shooting well, and Paul Pierce out for a critical period
in the second half with foul trouble. Now that's magic!

7. Grape Fermenters

am finding the incessant whining about referee bias in favor of Boston
very irritating. (I'm talking to you, you Florida vintners!) Yes the
Celtics got a break on the non-goaltend against Rondo. But a red hot
Pierce was unfairly put on the bench with phantom fouls. If that
doesn't happen one or two calls mean nothing- Boston wins easily and
doesn't need Big Baby's heroics.

Here the undeniable nugget:
If the refs favor Boston, they don't keep putting Paul Pierce on the
bench. Also the foul calls and free throws would be lopsided in
Boston's favor, which they are not.

8. Unlikely Wins

would have bet everything (not that I ever bet anything) that
Boston/Houston twin victories would not happen yesterday. The two most
injury decimated teams in the playoffs came up huge and gave hope to
all that believe in liberty, humanity, justice, and a morally sound

9. Speaking of Magic

About twenty years
ago I was in the inland mountain region of the island of Bali where the
people are strong believers in magic. On parting, a Balinese friend
gave me a special ring with a big dark stone which he said contained
powerful magic. (He additionally said I should never wear it while
using the bathroom or the magic would disappear.)

Yesterday I
was going through some drawers and found the ring. I put it on for the
first time since the 80's and wore it while watching the game…. I
just wanted you to know why the Celtics really won: The magic ring beat
the Magic.

10. On We Go

Back to Boston. Two out of three. The Celtics limp but they live!

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  • CFH

    #5. So does Sam not have a standing invitiation, or does he not realize he has a standing invitation? Either way, they needs remedying.
    #9. Hope you’ve got that ring ready for the rest of the playoffs.

  • Gant

    I think Wyc and others undoubtedly didn’t realize Sam felt this way and should in future make a point of reaching out on a regular basis. Probably they will. The Celtics ownership has very good people-sense.
    As far as the ring… I did wear it for game 4 but I’m reluctant to summon these awesome metaphysical powers on a regular basis for basketball victories. I don’t want to test the fickle tolerance of the paranormal realm. That can only end badly. 🙂

  • Have to take issue with you Mr. Gant.
    Under the block/charge rules as interpreted by Bennett Salvatore and Bill Kennedy, this is clearly a flagrant 2 charge, awarding Dwight Howard – who else? – two free throws, the ball out of bounds and five more seconds on the clock.

  • who da guy

    i beat the magic players, coaches, and refs with my magic t-leaf on my tv. Bra, all i know is that ring has the good mana, and we need all the good mana we can get.