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The Pass From Pierce

Pierce celebrates
A lot of talk this morning will be about Big Baby nailing that shot a the buzzer.  And it should be. That was a cool as ice moment and clearly the biggest shot of his life.  But some of that talk should go Paul Pierce's way, too, because I don't know if ANY other star player makes the pass in that situation.

Paul got the screen from Baby, and Dwight Howard came up on him.  He still had 2 seconds on the clock.  Rashard Lewis jabs at him, but never really commits to coming back.  Paul was hot for most of the game.  But he didn't cross Dwight over and go for the shot.  He didn't up-fake to draw a foul.  He didn't fire up a fadeaway prayer. 

Nope.  Paul Pierce… a man who has hit a million shots in that situation… passed the ball.  Big Baby was wide open. Splash.  Ballgame. 

Paul didn't force a single thing.  He didn't try to find Ray.  He didn't force it to Eddie House.  He didn't hand it to Rondo (who was the most open guy on the court).  He gave it to a second year player who, at the beginning of the season, was making about 30% of those shots.  That, my friends, is trusting a teammate.  It's also trusting the offense.

"We have a saying, 'Trust the pass,' " Rivers said. "Our best player trusted the pass. He may have made a shot, but Dwight Howard was in his face. Baby was open. He trusted the offense, he trusted the pass, and Baby knocked down the shot."

Davis was the third option on the play.  Ray was #1, but Hedo Turkoglu climbed into his shorts and wouldn't leave for the entire play.  Paul was #2, but I guess staring at Dwight Howard in your face isn't the most appetizing option.  Baby was option #3, setting his second pick on the play, which got himself open.  Just a beautiful play, a beautiful pass, and a beautiful shot. 

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  • Hrvoje

    if Rondo made that pass, I’m sure it would end up in Davis’ legs
    I told you don’t hate on the captain

  • wow, someone rips on rondo, the first comment? lol, pathetic.. PATHETIC!! first of all, no rondo is a better passer then pierce, secondly, huh? rondo has made those passed, made the pass to pierce, and the celtics would be on vacation if it wasnt for him
    Okay, ABOUT TIME PAUL PULLED HIS HEAD OF HIS ASS and started making the right played in games, and thats what he did last night, finally. made the right play. he wasnt even doing that last series, nevermind earlier in his career.
    how spoiled are we getting by rondo? the guy can have a double-double, and people still are all over him….21, 14 boaards is ridicoulous, leading the game in rebounding is ridicoulous, he didnt have many assists, but thats because pierce finally played the right way, and that means the balls in his hands alot

  • By the way, the refs were disgusting…how does pierce nearly foul out every game on ticky tack calls? why in gods fucking name is kennedy officiating one of our games? could he have been any more blatanly terrible


    One second while I eat my words on Baby’s jump shot,…..ok now he has been working on that shot hard since last year and now it pays off!!! As fare as it officiating goes people, we need to just accept the fact that we are not going to get any calls let alone the refs are going to make a LOTT of bad calls. So lets just play the game and f-the refs.
    Great shot by big baby and I love the celebration afterwords, the way he pushed that kid was funny as hell!!

  • Friggin AWESOME. I was laying in bed listening to the game, my girlfriend had fallen asleep on me and I was nervous as all hell. When Baby hit that shot I jumped up and scared the shit out of her haha.
    But seriously, Baby hit one shot like that in the regular season (was it Kings or Spurs?). He is stepping it up BIG TIME, much more than I ever imagined. Want an example of KG having an impact even though he’s not playing? Baby’s mid-range jumper, CASE and POINT. I know Baby worked on it a LOT. But that is ALL KG right there.
    This is a shot that he will remember for a WHILE and hopefully give him that much more confidence.

  • If any of you haven’t seen Baby push the snotty little Magic fan out of the way at 1:16 of that clip, it’s great-give it a look! I don’t know that the kid is snotty, but if he’s sitting courtside for an NBA playoff game, his parents probably shelled out $3,000-$5,000 for the ticket, so most likely he’s snotty. lol…

  • Amidst the unyielding and celebratory exuberance after the game, I couldn’t help but be a little sad after Baby sunk that 20 footer to win the game– I had barely recovered from 30 seconds prior when Baby hit a 15 footer to give the Celts a 93-92 lead.
    For so long we leaned on our captain, Paul Pierce, to be the guy that takes the most important shot when it mattered most. When the game was on the line, Pierce was our guy. He was our closer. The Truth.
    With 1:07 left in the 4th, and the Celts up 91-90, Pierce tried to take control of the game. He dribbled at the top of the circle like he has done so often. He spun. He pumped faked. He faded away. He shot from about 14 feet. He missed. I can’t remember who was guarding him (Pietrus?), but he stayed with Pierce when he spun. He didn’t bite on the fake. He faded with Pierce to put a hand in his face.
    People have been very critical of Pierce during this playoff series, myself included at times. We criticize his iso plays and heroic antics. Winning teams win because players understand their roles: some score, some pass, some are defensive specialist, some are enforcers. Paul used to be the scorer. But with his dedication to defense that started last season and welcoming Ray and KG, we can see him letting go of his offensive control of this team. He has turned into a different kind of play maker.
    Change is hard; with difficult habits, addicts find themselves still falling off the wagon. We’ll still see moments when Pierce tries to make the last big shot every, but he’s learning to let go. Change is hard. But more often than not, change is necessary.
    You’re still a winner. Still a champ. Still ’08 Finals MVP. You don’t need to sink a buzzer beater to be a winner. You’ve willed your way to leading this team through 62 wins this season, plus 6 more this post season. And it’s not over yet. I am glad you didn’t take that final shot and trusted Baby’s open shot was better than yours in double coverage.
    But, it still makes me sad that you didn’t take that shot.

  • rcry

    I agree.. our expectations of Rondo are absurdly high. I think we expect Rondo to get triple doubles every game now, never make bad passes, and never let a guy slip by him. So it’s jarring when he doesn’t have at least 8 assists, when he makes a bad pass, and when he lets Anthony Johnson fly by on occasion. Those things happen, but they don’t have to happen.
    But I don’t think high expectations are ever a bad thing. We all know he has the ability to be amazing. If he really is the future of this team, then the expectations and the scrutiny are only going to increase. Which is good right? Since Rajon plays better with a chip on his shoulder and loves to prove people wrong.

  • I was thinking the same thing. Am I suppose to feel bad about a 14 year old kid who gets shoved a little bit even though he most likely spent $0 on a ticket that others would kill to have.

  • rcry

    What if they’re one of those make a wish foundation kids… then I’d feel bad.

  • Yeah..I doubt it though. Hopefully not…

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