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Perk Having Beast of a Series


Where are all the national stories on Kendrick Perkins? We should be reading columns with the following headlines:

  • Perk Keeping Howard In Check
  • Underrated Perkins the Real Superman
  • Perk Truly is a Beast

Words cannot describe how well Kendrick Perkins has played in this series against the Magic. He's manning up on Dwight Howard – the NBA's unstoppable force in the paint. Well we have news for you, Kendrick Perkins is quickly becoming the immovable object. Ask Howard as he routinely tries to back down Perkins in the paint, then quickly realizing his only option is a ridiculous running left-handed hook. The numbers don't lie:

Howard: 36 mins, 17 pts, 55% FG, 16 reb, 2.75 blocks, 2.5 TOs

Perkins: 34 mins, 11 pts, 59% FG, 11 reb, 2.5 blocks, 1.75 TOs

Relax all you Magic fanboys. I'm not saying Perkins is better than Howard. What he's doing is containing Howard, without much help. You won't find a team with a more depleted front line than the Celtics.

How about Perk's toughness, on display again after re-injuring his shoulder:

“I’m not getting an MRI,” Perkins said. “I’m cool. I’m going to play.
It’s good. It didn’t pop out. There’s nothing I can do about it. All I
can do for it is time and rest in the offseason, but right now I have
to step up.”

How can you not love this guy? (When he's not committing moving picks, of course!)

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  • Perk has been fun to watch this series. He’s playing some strong, disciplined ball

  • rvr

    love seeing perk do his work on a guy like howard, who gets all the media love. perk is a classic celtics guy.
    i couldn’t watch the game last night, so i watched the end on tivo this morning, and almost every play i saw howard was setting a moving pick. the one where pierce was called for the foul was particularly bad. the guy is hard enough to watch as it is, what with the hand love, the posturing, and his general air of loving himself, but with the superstar treatment he’s getting i don’t know if i can take any more of it. ugh.

  • G4L

    Perk is the Man! Perks offensive game has improved so much since even the begining of the year.

  • This man is not the same Kendrick Perkins that was on this team 2 years ago. He has evolved into an an actual beast. Every1 keeps saying how the Big Three are getting old, but having Perkins and Rondo make our future seem realllllly exciting.
    Also, I’m happy we won, but we need to mention that our bench only had 2 POINTS last night. If/when we win this series and we want any shot against Cleveland, we really gotta get a bigger contribution out of them.

  • Dwight simply can’t get any real offense going against Perk. All of his points were on dunks when Perk or Baby went off to help. Every time he tried to make an offensive move, Perk just kept him at bay. Those big sweeping hook shots just aren’t going to cut it right now.

  • WestCoastCelt

    For the playoffs:
    12.5 points (61% FG%, 63% FT%)
    11.5 rebounds (3.9 offensive)
    2.8 blocks
    Beast indeed.
    One thing that should be pointed out. Howard is getting away with 15 fouls (defensively and screens) a game we all know and it’s ridiculous and the Celts are still getting targeted for illegal screens like racially profiling.
    Still, especially in this series against Howard, the refs have allowed Perk to defend Howard. This is not to say Perk has been helped by the refs, just in this one area, they haven’t been calling the BS bumps. Of all the times Howard faces or makes a move into the lane, Perk’s been right there chest to chest and honestly I’ve cringed at all of them waiting for a BS foul, which many refs have called throughout even this year on Perk. What I’m saying here is, in these situations the refs have let the two bump a little and let Perk meet Howard’s strength with is own strength. And I’m thankful, not just because Perk isn’t being riddled with fouls, but also because it’s flat out the way it should be, all the time (and that it’s not is indictment 135,392 of NBA refs). Howard shouldn’t be able to bowl over anyone and rack up points and/or fouls. The two should be allowed to battle and the contest down low is a lot more entertaining to watch this way than to hear the whistle EVERY post up.

  • rvr

    @WestCoastCelt, well put! it’s been incredibly satisfying to see perk body up on howard and keep him limited, without lots of ticky-tack calls.

  • Al

    A terrific effort from the beast, been a pleasure to watch/listen to…..

  • Toni Larker

    “With each game Andrew Bynum looks less and less relevant. At one point he caught the ball in the low post with Ron Artest guarding him and never even looked at the basket before passing back out. His stat line: two rebounds and no points in under 12 minutes.” ESPN