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Baby Was A “Raging Animal”


The way I see it, Big Baby did that fat kid a favor by nudging him out of the way.  Option #2 was to run him right over.  But the kid's father, Ernest Provetti, is apparently making a big deal out of this.

Provetti sent an e-mail to the NBA League office this morning. He
said Davis crossed the line, literally, and embarrassed his son.

"The NBA makes it clear to not cross the sideline," he said in a
telephone interview. "If I cross that line, the NBA will take away my
tickets. It's a double standard."

In the e-mail, Provetti said Davis conducted himself like a "raging animal with no regard for fans' personal safety."

Provetti saw the video clip online this morning. He did not think it was funny.

"How do you like to be a 12-year-old and see a raging lunatic coming at you?"

You know, if the referee wasn't standing there, Baby never would have touched the kid.  As it was, the kid lost his hat, and that was it.  If you pay to sit courtside, then you've got to expect the possibility of coming into contact with a player. 

And as for Baby's reaction… it's an emotional moment.  He's an emotional player.  People want to act like they've never had emotional reactions to anything.  For Christ's sake… relax.  Making a big deal out of this just makes you look bad, Ernest.


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  • AMP

    Gosh, what a dink! Don’t you sit courtside to have the opportunity to interact with players? Sore loser!

  • yea im really gonna feel sorry for the 12 year old sitting courtside during the nba playoffs, if the kid wasnt so fat he wouldnt have been in baby’s way

  • Gant

    What a weenie.
    That’s what can happen when you’re in the front row.
    Embarrassed? It’s probably the highlight of the kid’s life.

  • Flop

  • JS33

    Fuck him and his father . What an example
    pops is setting for the youngster .
    I’m a friggin’ pussy ass and son when you
    grow up you can be one too .

  • Hey Ernest maybe you and Big Baby can meet in a room one-on-one and call him a lunatic to his face if you wanna be a man and actually are upset about this. Otherwise, shut the hell up and understand that Big Baby was trying to run inbetween your son and the referee and he made minor contact. Grow up.

  • Orb

    If Orlando won in the same fashion and Dwight ran over little Billy, that guy would be crowing about it, probably selling tickets to shake his hand. AND they would’ve called a foul on Paul Pierce. YOU are the embarrassment my friend, not you’re son being a 12 year old youtube hero.

  • I’m sure the kid’s father would have the same reaction if it was Rashard Lewis. He’s only pissed because it was a Celtics player.

  • If the KID wasn’t so fat? The kid looks pretty normal, but maybe if Big Pussy Davis wasn’t so fat he could have made it in the 6 foot space between the ref and the kid.

  • And maybe Big Pussy should love 60 pounds and he would have fit in that gigantic space between the two.
    People that talk big on the internet are worse than people who talk big in public. He’s facing criticism while you hide behind a computer screen. You’re the one that needs to shut the hell up.

  • A foul on Paul Pierce? You mean a foul FOR Paul Pierce right? No one gets away with as much bullshit as “the truth” and gets to the free throw line for nothing.

  • You’re an ignorant retard. The end.

  • Ummm youre the one whose name is calling Big Baby a pussy and making fun of his weight and yet I’m the one hiding behind a computer screen?
    If the AP wants to quote me and introduce me to the father of that kid ill tell him exactly what I previously wrote. Since I’m not important, I’ll stick with writing my opinion on a site that discusses basketball.
    Ya and you calling people retarded then saying “The End” doesn’t prove a point. You can’t actually defend this fathers standpoint. If any player shoved me to celebrate a win, I would be bragging about it for years. But go Magic! You guys will be 2nd round and out for the next decade!!!!!!!!

  • Danno

    The Father’s complaint states that Davis hit him with such force that he was knocked into his seat.
    But the video shows the kid turn around to look back – still standing, hat in hand.
    This is almost as good as the Paul Pierce intentionally avoiding the kid in the Lebron Jersy looking for a high five after he hits a late game shot. If you’re going to sit on the sidelines, or worse, stand up out of your seat half a foot from the court – you might come into contact with players.
    This is fucking retarded. That dad just guaranteed his kid abuse at school and in his neoghborhood for teh rest of his life.

  • CFH

    About 25 years ago, my Dad was walking down Causeway Street and some guy not looking where he was going walked into him. The other guy was Larry Bird.
    My Dad has a successful marriage, career, children, etc… but to this day he loves telling that story and thinks it was an absolute thrill that once Larry Bird ran into him.
    If this kid doesn’t feel the same– that being close enough to pro athletes to touch them is pretty damn cool– then maybe he should, you know, not spend thousands of dollars to sit courtside!
    In every one of its “amazing” commercials, the NBA sells its players’ emotion. On almost every set of highlights, some player or another falls into the stands. If the kid was traumatized by being so close to the product the NBA is selling… again, DON’T SIT THERE.

  • Is that directed at me? If you’d like to maybe email me… just click on the link in the side column. I’d be happy to discuss this matter with you in person.

  • I was shocked when I saw this happen- it even made me pause for a brief second from cheering and jumping up and down. Then I realized that kid is damn lucky to be sitting down there and that stuff happens (resume cheering and jumping). Man, if I was sitting in those seats I’d be hoping someone lands on me just for the chance to say it happened.
    And that boy is lucky to have been so close to Baby’s calves.

  • NineSevenEight

    “People that talk big on the internet are worse than people who talk big in public. He’s facing criticism while you hide behind a computer screen.”
    I take it you don’t see the irony in your statement Ernest…
    BTW…BBD hits the game winner and he’s the “pussy.” I don’t know. He had pretty big balls to take that last shot standing on the court with two HOFers.

  • John this guy isn’t worth your time.

  • nate

    Well put CFH. That’s a story to brag about, “That monster BBD ran into you? And you TOOK IT STANDING?! You been working out with A-Rod’s cousin or something?”
    Here’s a champion from an ESPN game earlier this year…
    This kid was giving fucking autographs after the game and hitting on Erin Andrews.
    And you?
    Earnest, you’re a bitch! Don’t condemn your son to the same fate!

  • I just hope we win this series as fast as we can, because I’m really tired of those stupid Orlando crybabies… come back when you can raise a REAL banner, not just a Southeast division banner ok?

  • NineSevenEight

    If that kid wasn’t anywhere near the line, why didn’t BBD plow through everyone standing there? Oh yeah, cuz the kid was two inches from the line with his BACK turned, watching his father throw his towel at the “poorer” people behind him. Talk about raging animal. I loved Ernest’s whole “I used to be a Celtics fan until this incident” garbage. Nice touch. But not as nice as the free promo he got for his toy shop. I missed the part where his son fell into his seat, as did anyone with functioning eyeballs.

  • Oh, come on. I have so many things I want to… umm… say… to him.

  • NineSevenEight

    I’m also interested to see if Ernest and his son will show up for Game 6 only to call BBD a raging animal all while demanding an apology in the same breath.

  • Nora

    Just take a look at what your writing and your sceenname the only one looking like a retard is YOU.

  • Nora

    The guy and his son should be banned from sitting courtside if they don’t like it. There are plenty of others who would love to sit their and get interaction like that from players.

  • I agree with most of ya’ll. Personally I have never been privilege to sit in seats as nice as those and if I did (even in an opposing teams house) I would have been happy to have been that close no matter what happened.
    Also, Big Baby used his hand to move the kid OUT OF THE WAY so he DOESN’T completely obliterate him. I can’t imagine what would have happened if he had just barreled into the kid.
    And the friggin dumb ass father has no right at all to bitch when he had his back to the court when all of this was going on. DOUCHE.

  • Rich white dude calling Davis a raging animal is racist. He needs to apologize.
    And my statement is just as retarded as this kid’s father making a big deal out of this. I bet you anything the kid is embarrassed by his headline grabbing old man.

  • nate

    Am I creating this in my head, or does the Dad appear to be turned around talking smack to some elated C’s fans?
    Please, someone tell me I’m not seeing things… just makes the dude look like more of a douche, which really is the goal.

  • Ahahah you are SO right! I didn’t see it until now! There is one C’s fan there jumping up and down like crazy. Thats what he was looking at.
    Love it!
    PS – Also just noticed a Douche of a Cavs fan with him jumping up and down…

  • Let’s use some logic here. Big Baby is 290 pounds. If he wanted to clobber the kid he would have crushed him. Not just knocked his hat off.

  • He grazed him, so who cares? Referring to BBD as a ‘lunatic’ and ‘animal’ may not elicit the response the father was looking for. If I was BBD, I wouldn’t respond.

  • BBD seems like a smart dude. I suspect he will let this pass. Maybe he’ll write a letter to the kid or Boston will do something for him. God I bet you anything when the kid was at school today he had ten X the friends he had on Friday. maybe he needs to go to Dad and say Dad…shut up.

  • Jp

    Crap like this is so irritating. Baby ran into the kid. The kid was at or on the sideline. Things happen at a sporting event. If the dad was a decent honorable guy, he could easily gotten contact info through the NBA or Celtics and asked Davis to apologize. End of story. But the guy clearly is a douche and has other agendas more important to him than teaching his kid.
    You bump into someone, you apologize. You get bumped into, you have a right to expect an apology, but not to demand one, and certainly not in the public domain.
    Now, what about Perk’s shoulder? Is Doc doing something to get some good looks for House and Allen? And is there a way we can keep TA at home, just the thought of him getting into a game makes me nervous.

  • is this guy kidding me? is he not the one coming to a celtics blog and calling everyone else pussies? i doubt he would pull that same shit in person whereas i would feel very comfortable making the same joke i made to anyone, even without my computer screen. especially to a bunch of celtics fans, like most of the people that visit this site

  • Uncle Leo

    Why the hell is someone wearing a lebron jersey at the end of the gif?
    Otherwise big baby cracked me up, you can even see nelson laughing too.

  • Dwight gets away with more bullshit than anyone except lebron james, pierce is third in the playoffs behind lebron and dwight in free throws attempted, he has played almost 5 more games than lebron and almost two more games than dwight
    in game three dwight had around 10 plays that would have been called fouls on any other player in the league, 4 goaltends, and 6 over the back fouls that were not called on him
    i can go back and point to countless times in this series that the refs have given superman a free pass, and already twice this year howard has completely hacked pierce on a crucial play that has ended up being not being called (once in the playoffs once in there last meeting of the regular season)

  • NineSevenEight

    Let’s not forget PP’s 5th foul in Game 4. The one where Dwight lays out his patented hip check and backs his behind up to impede the defender (PP) from getting to Turkoglu…we all know that would have been an offensive foul on Perk.

  • Lakerhater

    Note to dad: Get a F#CKING LIFE!
    I’ll bet this #ssclown is a real treat around the little league field.
    As a father of three boys roughly the same age, they beat each other up in the back seat way harder than big baby clearly tring not to run over him. Enjoy your 15 minutes kid, you are stuck with your old man for the rest of your life.

  • Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! getting bumped into by a pro athlete in your court seats. awww life must be so tough. fucking pussy face loser. you should be beat up.
    the only one who deserves an apology is glen davis for being called a raging bulll….hello mother fuckers, do you realize how big that shot was ? lmao, for reals, the magic and lewis are fuckng idiots by the way. i re-call the magic being down 2-1, in phili and turkohlu hitting a buzzer beater and them celebrating, and turkoglu doing a jersey pop….i see teams celebrate even more in the regular season on a buzzer beater…hey magic, you disney little faggots. youre pussies

  • Oh and what the fuck is with the dude in the Lebron james jersey jumping up and down when glen davis hits the shot? total loser

  • too bad the raging bull didnt trample this piece of shit scumbag of ref kennedy

  • Jon

    what’s funny is there’s a kid in that clip wearing a Lebron jersey jumping up and down, celebrating the Celtics win.

  • Jon

    apparently many people noticed the James jersey. note to self: read all comments before posting


    bigpussydavis needs to get out from behind his computer and get a drink! SETTLE DOWN LITTLE MAN

  • D


  • Providence

    This would never happen in Boston. That raving metrosexual should take a dirt nap and let some other guy teach his kid how to be a man.

  • Say what you want. In the end you’re worthless and I’m better than you in every conceivable way.
    The original reply wasn’t to you, had I wanted it to be to you, I would have made it to you.

  • I’d go in a room full of pussies and tell them they’re pussies; no problem, pussy.

  • And I can go back and point to countless no calls, mis-calls, and other bullshit the Cs CONSTANTLY get which hands them games. Airballs on Rondo sound familiar? They changed the call based completely on which team shot it. No one had a good view, and if they did they would have seen it was about an inch from making contact with rim (which is more than I can say about your tongue and Rondo’s asshole).

  • When calling someone stupid, make sure not to confuse “you’re” with “your”. It’s really really bad to do.

  • I made a comment about his weight in response to a bitch trying to make fun of the 12 year old kid. Yes, me pointing out that you’re hiding behind a computer screen doesn’t change because I point out that Glen Davis eats too much.
    You are certainly correct; you are not important.
    I wasn’t trying to defend the father’s standpoint, I was pointing out retardation. “You guys?” Sorry, not a magic fan.

  • So he’s going to get treated like you have your whole life huh?
    You realize that standing up from your seat (which left him more than 6 inches from the court, you can easily measure this by looking at your penis and multiplying it by 3) is pretty common and doesn’t give a basketball player the right or an excuse to make contact with you right? I would expect not…another Celtics fan another retarded bitch.

  • That just goes to prove that most of “Celtics Nation” is full of bandwagon idiots. Doesn’t help you out much in proving you’re not worthless.