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Big Baby!!!!!

Chuck - Red's Army May 10, 2009 Uncategorized 50 Comments on Big Baby!!!!!

Big Baby’s jumper at the buzzer ties this series and rips the heart out of the Magic. No way Orlando recovers from this loss. Bring on Cleveland.

The game winner was Glen Davis’ second clutch shot of the game. His jumper with 32 seconds left pushed the Celtics back in front at the time.

Wow…what a game. It’s not often you win a game when going without a field goal for a 7 minute stretch in the 4th quarter.

Perk is my hero. I don’t give a damn about Dwight Howard’s (23 pts, 17 reb, 3 blks) stats. Perk (12 pts, 13 reb, 5 blks) played fantastic defense in this game.

Lead by Paul Pierce (27 pts, 9-15 FG) , the Celtics were poised to pull away from the Magic in the 2nd half. Unfortunately, foul trouble kept Paul on the bench and interrupted the Celtics rhythm. Pierce’s 5th foul with 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter was an absolute joke.

J.J. Redick and Courtney Lee are looking like Bruce Bowen and Michael Cooper. These guys are playing unbelievable defense on Eddie House (0 pts in 17 minutes) and Ray Allen (12 pts, 6-13 FG). Eddie was only able to get off one shot.

The Celtics handled Howard (-4 +/-) but had no answer for Marcin Gortat (8 pts, 4-4 FG, +7).

Both teams were ice cold from 3. Orlando was 5-for-27; the Celtics were 1-for-10.

Okay…I just re-read my first couple sentences of this blog. I may have overreacted a bit. But don’t underestimate the power of a win like this.

Big Baby deserves a bottle. I might even go down there and burp him.” – Tommy Heinsohn.

Box Score

After the jump, more pics from the game.






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  • zauer

    Big Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tough times for Danny in this playoffs…

  • ShooterMcGavin

    i was demoralized at the prospect of that game ending on a chincy body foul
    glen davis just got himself resigned by the celts probably
    how clutch!

  • Baby just saved the season with back to back shots.
    Ummm… on another note, did anyone see his post game? Whoa…

  • SydneyCeltic

    Sweet merciful crap! These guys will be the death of me one day!

  • Sal

    This was a “sleepwatching” game for me. I don’t know why, I just felt jaded, detached, or whatever. I hadn’t had a game like that since Game 3 of the ’03 ALDS, when Trot hit the game-winning HR and woke me up. Well, BBD just woke me up.

  • Am I the only one who saw Big Baby push the kid in the front row after he made the shot? haha If I was that kid I would sue him and get some money $$$$.
    This series is going 7 games I think.

  • ShooterMcGavin

    people are already calling for him to be suspended for what he did after the shot

  • What a pass by Pierce– glad he didn’t force that shot up. Glad to see him find the open man and actually make the pass.

  • The best thing is he ran in to the unbelievably corrupt Bill Kennedy. I wish he would have knocked him on his ass. Thank you Dick Stern for sending that asshat to work a critical game.

  • DRJ

    Everybody was talking about how the Cs shut down the Magic’s perimeter shooting. Bullshit. Magic got SIXTEEN WIDE OPEN 3-pt looks in the first half alone, and another 11 in the 2nd half. We were lucky that they missed all but 5 of them.
    – Refs just have NO respect for Mikki Moore. In 2nd half, he and Howard go up for a rebound, Howard is draped all over his back. Result? Foul on Mikki.
    – Bill Kennedy should be investigated for his refereeing on the Celtics. What he does to them is criminal. (He’s the one who hallucinated the 5th foul on Paul.)
    – And how blind is Joey Crawford? Lucky for us, blind enough to make that non-existent goaltending call toward the end of 2nd quarter. Wow… that one wasn’t even close… and he came out so SURE of himself. What an idiot.
    Nice win… good to see PP back to form. But it shouldn’t have been that close. Magic are a mediocre team. And, sadly, it really doesn’t matter who wins this series. Neither of these teams comes CLOSE to the level of either Cleveland or Denver. Hell, I’m not even sure we could beat the Lakers. I love the Cs, but when you look at our lineup… it’s pretty ridiculous. It’s a wonder they are where they are…. more power to them for fighting through to get to this point. But Cleveland? Uh uh.

  • Glen effing Davis
    ohhhhhh BABY you, you got what i neeeed

  • Completely agree with everything you said.

  • Greg

    Bring on Cleveland? HAHA, wow, calm down dude. You all need to play out of your minds just to hang with us on a horrendous shooting night. We’ll slap you little fags around in Boston and close the deal in O-town in 6. Mark my word.

  • Al

    Just watched the press conference live on SVG said his team defended the last play exactly how he wanted, stopping all the shooters and leaving BBD open – and he’s saying it was his fault!!! Guess he manned up there.
    Doc said BBD was option 3 after Ray and PP and they were supposed to get a quick shot and foul if needed!!!!! He was pumped!

  • go home you little’re mommy’s calling you..(now that I’m done boinking her..)

  • BTW..where are those who were criticizing Baby for shooting jumpers not too long ago..?? Guess those faggy little noisemakers didn’t work tonight GREEN.

  • Who is calling for him to get suspended? That was an innocent shove…

  • Play out of our minds? This game wouldn’t have been close had Pierce not be saddled with ridiculous fouls.
    Face it…the series is over.

  • Wait were we playing out of our minds when we went 7 minutes with out a basket? When the score was 91-90 for like 2 hours?

  • Sorry Greg I cant hear you over the sound of your ridiculous clappers given to every fan.
    Nice Eastern conference banner hanging up in the rafters too. The celtics put those banners in a box down in storage somewhere i believe.

  • Al

    Great to watch the video as I only listened to it on Boston radio – heard the big “GOT IT!!!!!!” you’ll all be familiar with!!!!
    Push on the little kid my ass, he’s standing right on the edge of the court, lucky he didn’t get steamrolled!!!!

  • JD

    Was that Bill Russell at :29 in the video?

  • I just want to know where “To The Ruins” is tonight??
    Keep doubting Paul PIerce for me please.
    Paul Pierce was huge tonight, as he always is in big games. People need to stop questioning him, and start realizing that one of the greatest Celtics of all-time is right before our eyes.
    Also, Doc is doing just an incredible job coaching this team. There is no coach in the league right now that would better fit this team. I was so wrong on him.

  • No… but at first glance it did remind me of him.

  • jess

    what was dwight howard shouting about after the buzzer beater? get outta here?

  • I admit… I was wrong about Baby shooting the jumpers.
    Dead wrong.

  • jess

    hey look at tony allen during the celebration, he’s not even looked happy.

  • My guess is that KG was lacing the Magic bench with profanities and Howard said something like “Get the **** outta here”

  • John…. please, please make a post tomorrow about Bill Kennedy. Somebody NEEDS to start a movement to get this guy removed from the league, or at least from Celtics games.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    All we needed was one win in Orlando to take back homecourt advantage and the series. And a dagger like that just solidifies it. BBD should have clotheslined that whole front row just to finish them off.
    I actually have a little more hope as each series goes on. Initially when KG AND Leon went down, I figured we’d meet the Magic and that was it…then Chicago tested us with the most exciting 1st round ever, so we showed we have some toughness even with the Cobra gone. And Rondo blew up, now BBD is getting confident, Perk is doing his beast thing, House is heating up and even Scal is impressing-AND these aren’t even our BIG 3.
    It’s reminding me alot of last season-2 seven games series and then 2 six game series. It could happen?

  • Was that an “Angels in the Outfield” reference?
    Anyways, my mindset is very similar to yours.
    I’m getting more and more hope.
    The only thing is, we just don’t have the bodies. If we had one more solid big (Leon Powe) then I’d be confident. Without that big, its very unlikely. But hey, it could happen.

  • NineSevenEight

    I don’t recall seeing anyone play out of their minds, actually. Ray Allen scored 12 points. Now if Ray went off for 51 points on the Magic like he did the Bulls, that would qualify in the “out of his mind” category. Always more room for improvement.

  • You’re right. Just kinda stands up and walks sideways with no expression on his face. Not going to over-analyze it though. Doesn’t matter in the long run.

  • NineSevenEight

    Like Chuck said, “can’t you just give the Celtics credit for a great play.” There’s no way to stop BBD from taking that open shot if you’re gonna give up his man to double PP. Unless of course you’re the Trailblazers and send six guys to the court. It was a great read by Paul and a great shot by Davis-end of story. No way you can double a guy and blame yourself for freeing up another-impossible.

  • Like all refs He has a long memory. He worked game 4 I think of the Bulls series and I remember thinking Oh…f**K. Tonight he was just flat out not even trying to hide his corrupt nastiness.

  • Al

    I watched KG – all he did was salute!!!!! Great to c Red has written off Orlando straight away – just like he did at the start of the series!!! haha!
    Let’s all get on our knees and pray that Perk can show up for Game 5. We’d be pissing into the wind without him….

  • He also reffed that game in Chicago about 3 months back where he stared at Doc Rivers for about 2 minutes until Doc looked turned around, then tossed Doc from the game. Doc then proceeded to comment on how bad a ref Bill Kennedy is and get fined by the league, however Kennedy also got fined.

  • DRJ

    Hope = good. The Cs could, should take Orlando… I don’t think much of that team anyway, as currently configured. But have you watched any of the Cavs playoff games? They’re up next, and friends… they are on a whole different plane.

  • I could watch this over and over again:
    1) SVG also jumping with Baby
    2) Bill Kennedy narrowly avoiding being steamrolled
    3) Kid in white almost getting shoved to the rafters
    4) Kid in Lebron jersey losing his head in joy behind the Magic bench(jumping together with Pierce jersey kid).
    5) Courtney Lee motioning the shot doesn’t count

  • Shawn-cvd

    Chuck still thinks Magic will win. LOL. He should downgrade (upgrade?) his opinion to a just not sure… Ray Ray is yet to strike this series. And if he doesn’t we still got Truth. Stay aggressive Pierce they CANNOT guard you. Celtics in 6.

  • Hrvoje

    “Bring on Cleveland” ??
    this kind of attitude brought us on the verge of 3-1 series losing in the first place

  • BigMck

    How about reading the entire post? I admit I may have overreacted a bit.
    In case you didn’t know, my attitude has nothing to do with performance on the court.

  • Jp

    Seems like a million years ago I was against the jumpers. But don’t pat yourself on the back thinking you knew back in Dec that Davis would be the shooter he is right now. He was still only like 44% for the season from the field, which you have to account his 50-50+ percent after the All Star break. Just like he said after the game, he has worked hard and deserves the credit. It’s been really nice these past few years to actually see players develop and improve. Congrats to BBD. And if my guess is right, the best thing is he won’t let it go to his head either.

  • Greg

    Wow, I’m impressed by all those banners your team accumulated before you were born. We’ve been around since 1989 Einstein. The only title your team has since I’ve been alive was last year. Before that all I know your franchise for is Dana Barros, Dino Radja, and Sherman Douglas.

  • Well were either up 17-0 in the title count or if were playing by your 1989 rule were up 1-0.
    And since the Magic aren’t winning a title anytime soon so I don’t mind being up 1-0.
    Call me when Howard hits a decent looking hookshot.

  • Actually, I think he’s always had a mid-range game, especially back at LSU. But with all the big-man injuries this year, I think Doc and Clifford Ray have been more focused on him finnessing (sp?) his post moves. But I agree that this is just a great kid that deserves his moment in the sun. And it’s agreed that hopefully it doesn’t go to his head too much, but just gives him more confidence going forward in this series and in the playoffs period. Something tells me this one could go 7. I hope not, but we have to really tighten up ship to beat these guys twice in a row. That, and I just don’t know if these guys have the legs-they are all exhausted, and should be.

  • Jess-I’m a pretty good lip-reader. He actually said: “Damn-it’s too bad I’m too immature to lead this team to the Finals.”

  • GHouse

    If Cleavland goes on to win the NBA finals, it won’t be because of anything Greg the troll did. Feel good about your team man, they’re playing great. But try not to make an ass of yourself at the same time.

  • GHouse

    YEeeeeeAH BABY!

  • GHouse

    (somebaody needs to do an Austin Powers video with BBD for You Tube)