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Mavericks Get Screwed, Lakers Get Lucky


If the Celtics are the aggressors (to use Doc's words) in tonight's game, then they will beat the Magic and even this series at 2-2. If not….well then I start watching a lot more baseball.

There's too much going on in the Western conference for me to ignore. Let's start with the Mavericks/Nuggets game. Carmelo Anthony hits the game-winning (essentially the series clinching) three-pointer yesterday after he got mauled by Antoine Wright. The Mavs had a foul to give and Wright gave it…except Mark Wunderlich never called it. Even though he was standing two feet away from the play.

First, I want to blast the ABC crew of Magic Johnson, Jon Barry and Michael Wilbon who credited the league for admitting guilt (in a statement) and faulted Wright for not playing until the whistle. What did they want Wright to do….slam 'Melo to the ground? If he was more aggressive, he probably would have been called for a flagrant.

Referee performance in the NBA has sunk to a new low. These guys are embarrassing the league. David Stern needs to implement an extensive re-training program for these guys in the off-season.

The Lakers were involved in a dog-fight with the Rockets. But Yao Ming is finished due to a hairline fracture in his foot. I don't know how Stern did pulled this one off, but this is clearly part of the grand plan for the "LeBron vs Kobe" Finals.

After the jump, a new batch of NBA dancer pics. Consider it a Mother's Day tribute.

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  • Jp

    I have to disagree on the no-call at the end of this game. I was watching it, in Hi-Def of course, and I remember asking my dad, “Why didn’t he foul him?”
    Sure he bumped him, but bumping happens all the time. If that play happened with the C’s on defense and a foul was called, say in the second quarter, we would be screaming conspiracy against the refs. The refs “knew” there would be a foul, ‘Melo “knew” there would be a foul, but you know, there really wasn’t. ‘Melo played to the whistle, and some Mavs player who I can’t even think of his name (or care to really) didn’t. I think the defense screwed up.
    Of course what do I know?

  • I saw Wright chop down with his hand pretty hard…I’m not sure why he pulled back though and lifted his hands which implies “I didn’t foul him.”

  • Um, he definetly fouled him, end of story. so I agree there..
    But as far yaos injury being some master plan of the league….cmon now..
    not to mention, the rockets werent beating the lakers anyways, first of all Yao gets too easily worn down, secondly the lakers made that very clear to me and everyone in game 3 where they came out like the celtics should have in orlando

  • By the way, are there 2 superstars around the league playing worse then pierce and ray allen? All I hear from the majority of celtics fans, celticsblog being the major one, that rajon rondo is inconsistent….can I get an answer to whos been more consistent then him on our team? it hasnt been those 2 future hall of famers who have yet to even show up for this orlando series

  • I heard Yao hurt his foot after ice-skating practice then getting hit from behind with a collaspible baton. I think Stern was involved. “WHYYYYYYYYYYY YAOOOOOOOOO”

  • stern was invlolved in injuring one of his biggest worldwide icons? cmon homers…yao is just injury prone.
    also, who gives a fuck? really, the lakers werent gonna lose another game in that series anyways, and I have come to the conclusion, kobe and the lakers just flat out deserve it more then LeBron…I hate prima donna lebron, noone, NOONE gets the pass this guys gets in the league….anyone who is offciated like the messiah could do what he does

  • Ya I wasn’t actually serious. I think to view this site you need to pass a sarcasm test so idiotic arguments don’t ensue.

  • The Rockets-Lakers might have gone 6,however its Denver I would worry about. I know Denver what have they ever done,but their hot and are the only team that can outscore the Lakers. Oh the Lakers may feel entiltled just like last year and look where that got them. Celtics 97-badguys 89.

  • Jp

    Sorry again, but he made a play at swiping the ball. How many times have I heard the mantra, “That is not a foul at the end of the game”?
    Wright screwed up. The NBA is covering it’s ass admitting fault, but that no call is right in line with all the other no calls at the end of games when a play is made “ON THE BALL” not an intentional foul.

  • domz

    we are not the ones who got lucky, you are boston celtics, again. before it was rondo who escaped the suspension, now perkins. oh no. stuff happens.

  • Shawn-cvd

    OK… for Perk…he didn’t see a flopping Pietrius. Missed by the refs but reviews by Stu and company clearly could see MP’s selling of that foul. Zero follow through by Perkins. Zero intent by him. Look at it again. Actually don’t b/c you’ll exclusively see what you want to see.
    Perk and Rondo’s fouls have happened within the context of the game. Perk was establishing space down low. Rondo was making a play on the ball.
    Let’s compare these to the two Magic suspensions. Dwight threw a dangerous elbow TO THE HEAD of DeLambert. After the rebound collected. After everyone was starting to run up floor. With follow through. Alston slapped someone. Take that in. He slapped his opponent on the back of his head. Imagine the utopia the NBA would become if the league office wouldn’t suspend him.
    I do like Doc’s opinion that player’s suspensions should be served at the beginning of the next season.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Or better yet why not have the suspension be served in the regular season match ups of the two teams involved?

  • DRJ

    The thing about Yao is that he’s a freak. I mean a real freak, with a terrible case of gigantism, a pituitary disorder. His body is literally too big for his bones. He will be a liability wherever he goes, always getting injured. Too bad, ’cause he’s really good… when he can play.
    Wright screwed up. Yes, it could have been called a foul, but a non-call was not unreasonable, since Wright actually lifted his arms in the universal “I didn’t touch him” gesture. It was reflex on his part… he forgot in the moment that he was SUPPOSED to touch him.
    Whatever… the Mavs had and have no chance against the Nuggets anyway. They are totally outclassed. Nuggets have stepped up ENORMOUSLY (unlike a certain other team we know)… and are now in my opinion the best team in the West. I don’t think the Lakers will beat them. And in a Nuggest-Cavs series… I’d have to pick the Cavs, mostly because Lebron is very close to, if not already, the best player who ever lived. But it would be a tight series. Denver COULD win… both teams have great chemistry, both are playing excellent defense, Melo is also a superstar, and Billups will be the best PG on the floor.
    Am I discounting the green getting to the Finals? Well… hate to do that. But if you look at Denver’s game, and especially when you look at Cleveland’s performances… they’re both playing at a much higher level either the Celtics or the Magic.

  • Sal

    If they make the suspensions start the next season instead of during the playoffs, you’ll see a LOT more reckless (and maybe some intentional) dangerous play.

  • Sal

    Denver could match up great with Lebron (if such a thing is possible). They have a bevy of bigs who could keep him relatively honest inside, Melo will relish the chance to match up with him (just as Pierce did last year), and J.R. Smith’s athletic enough to maybe not get slaughtered.