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KG’s New HP Commercial

That's KG's newest commercial for HP computers.  What's funny about this is that I just bought an HP as part of the new Red's Army multi-media upgrade (I hope to be showing the effects of that purchase soon).  I have 2 reactions to this commercial:

1 – KG is the Peyton Manning of the basketball world.  He's a super-mega-star, it took him forever to win his first title, a ton of people hate him mostly for the way he acts during a game… and he'll endorse just about anything. 

2 – Goddammit I want KG back.


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  • from sg

    abt point number 2…. me too red. me too.

  • Exactly-the more I see KG in commercials, on the bench and anywhere else, the more I miss the guy. Christ, it seems like he’s been out for an entire season. DAMN-I can’t wait for next season. Don’t mistake me, I want the C’s to go as far as possible this postseason, but I also can’t wait to see the Big Ticket back out there. Are we live bloggin’ tonight or what…?