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First Project With The New Toys

Like I said in the last post, I just upgraded my setup.  Part of the purchase was a tablet that allows me to use a pen and draw, rather than just use a mouse for Photoshop.  So I figured the only appropriate thing for me to do with it is make something obnoxious and obscene that will amuse Celtics fans but reinforce our reputation of arrogance.  And thus, my inspiration for Lucky flipping people off.  Enjoy!

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  • 11rings

    I’d rather be arrogant than stupid. That Superman music they play in Orlando after Howard dunks is just dumb. Doubly stupid because it isn’t even close to original. Shaq was the first player to claim the Superman tag…when he was in the same freakin’ town. I think Orlandoites or whatever the hell they are called have lost too many brain cells from riding Space Mountain at Disney World.
    My wife and I are headed off to the game soon. Remember, never count Boston out. How about a t-shirt with top ten Boston come-backs? That might increase the redsarmy coffers and it would be fun to have readers vote to determine the top ten.

  • We’ve been faced with two major challenges this season: being the defending champs and injuries. Everyone wants to beat the champs to prove their worth, and everyone enjoys hating us. Why can’t we, the basketball world, all just hate Kobe and the Lakers together? You know… I have 2 favorite teams: the Celtics and whoever is playing the Lakers. No? I love how people say we “bought” our title last year. That’s funny, because I thought we picked up Ray and KG through trades? Yeah? And in the NBA, trades have to equal in salaries? Yeah… so… how… did… we… buy… title… #17?
    Enter your new art project.
    Oddly enough, my blog saw a new header 2 days ago:
    (pay close attention to the logo)

  • Anyone watching the Lakers/Rockets? rockets off to a great start without Yao Ming, and before anyone says ‘see houston definetly would have won if yao didnt get injured’ …first of all he did get injured, hes injury prone. secondly, this happens all the time in the NBA, and I gave the rockets more of a chance to win this game then if yao never got hurt. the rockets are rallying, and the lakers let up a bit because of this. happens all the time.
    by the way, I like the rockets, they gotta alot of talent I would love to have on our team….How would Pierce/Allen look against Battier/Artest, when they have been getting hounded by the Likes of kirk hinrich , john salmons and JJ reddick

  • lol…the lakers actually came out like we did the other night in orlando…hopefully the roles are reversed today and we come out with some urgency tonight..

  • nice new you can now draw a cast on Yao ming, wow lakers look bad Celtics by 14 bet the house on this one boyz

  • we live bloggin’ tonight or what!?

  • we should def. be live blogging tonight…