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No Suspension For Perk

Cue the people who think the Celtics get preferential treatment… Kendrick Perkins won't be suspended for his flagrant 1 against Mickael Pietrus.  Of course, we C's fans never thought it should be a consideration.

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  • Just gives the magic something to rally around….and if he did get suspended maybe our team would actually step up, ya know? I mean thats what the magic have been doing ….
    Its also annoying, like you said, because people will be whining endlessly about how he shouldve been suspended….I thought all along that there was no way he meant to do it, I saw no intent in it whatsoever…but hey

  • Hrvoje

    hardly even a flagrant

  • yeah, you watch it again, and perkins literally doesnt know hes hitting someones face, and if he did, hes pretty good at hiding it…he was going through the motions, like all the celtics were and just happened to hit pietrus in the face, I think it even caught perk by suprise

  • NineSevenEight

    Count me as one of the few C’s fans who actually thought there was a chance, only because of the outrage from people about Rondo and Eddie House, SVG included. I think it looks worse in slow motion than it does in real time. Pietrus definitely did his best to sell that call. The way the NBA has been handing out suspensions and teams have been grandstanding, was a little nervous.

  • I think Pietrus flopped. That wasn’t a very hard shot at all.

  • CFH

    I really thought he’d be suspended to “make up for” not suspending Rondo and the ensuing over-the-top whining.
    It’s the right call, since it obviously wasn’t intentional. If Perk was going to hit someone on purpose, there wouldn’t be any doubt. Perk has many talents, but subtlety, acting ability, and smoothness aren’t really among them.

  • I agree with ya. The refs got it right yea!

  • I think that all the suspensions and flagrant controversies in such a short time have created sort of a fatigue among fans to the whole issue, everybody kind of wants to just get back to playing basketball with ALL the guys on the floor
    also, im sad to see yao suffer yet another season ending injury, that destroys what little chances the rockets had of beating the lakers; and if im houston i have to look at only playing him half a season from this point on in his career. the guys body doesnt seem to be able to hold up for a full season

  • what a flop. It looks bad in super slo-mo but in real time, Pietrus flops like flounder out of water.

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