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Stan Van Gundy Won’t Shut Up, Part II


Back in March, Big Stan popped off about all the attention given to the Celtics injuries. And now that his starting point guard has been suspended one game for foolishly slapping Eddie House in the head, Big Stan is opening his fat trap yet again.

Turns out, he's the only one still thinking about Rajon Rondo's foul on Brad Miller in Game 5 of the Bulls series. Here's Big Stan's response to the league's decision to suspend Rafer Alston:

"I think it's clear in the rulebook that that's what is called for,"
Van Gundy said about Alston's suspension. "The question everybody has
is, 'Why when Brad Miller is going to the hoop, can you just take a
swing?' You know, the only ones I think that agree that he didn't wind
up and follow through were Stu Jackson and David Stern. I think
everybody else, including Boston fans, know he wound up and followed

Wow. It's not often a head coach acts like a whiny bitch.

Unlike Alston or Dwight Howard (elbow to Samuel Dalembert's head), Rondo was attempting to make a play on the ball. Anyone unable to see the difference is a moron.

One other note, Courtney Lee will play tonight in Game 3. He will come off the bench.

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  • NineSevenEight

    For a coach and a team that preaches on soap boxes about “NO EXCUSES,” they sure make a lot of excuses. Alston did not make a play on the basketball, unless a slap to Eddie’s head as he’s running the floor to get back on defense after making a shot is a play on the basketball….
    It’s pretty absurd how the Magic come out of this looking squeeky clean by deflecting the attention away from their own series and the actions of Rafer Alston. Alston could suit up for Game 3 for all I care, he hasn’t proved much of anything thus far.
    You’d think a guy with a STREET ball background, where burning your opponent with your skills and trying to make them look the absolute worst, would be able to keep his cool and get back up the court without incident instead of deflecting it onto Eddie House and that mysterious elbow he threw.
    What’s even sadder is that the Magic are making a bigger issue out of said incident instead of placing the blame where it really belongs, on themselves for the poor exhibit of basketball they’ve displayed for the last six quarters. At least the Celtics admitted their poor performance after the Game 1 loss. Hopefully Orlando will continue to distract themselves with Alston’s lack of playoff composure and use it to their advantage.
    Orlando won’t be happy until all of the Celtics are suspended so that they can waltz to the ECF. You’d think without having to face KG, Powe, Ray (poor shooting) in Game 1, Pierce (foul trouble) in Game 2, that they’d hit the lotto. Guess they’re waiting for Rondo to join the list, just to make the Magic’s job even easier. They’d rather face their biggest competition at as little full strength as possible. Noble opponent.

  • NineSevenEight


  • ah the hallmark of a good leader: “but….but…he did it too!”

  • That’s gonna cost him some money. You don’t call out the commish by name and get away with it.

  • DRJ

    SVG is not stupid, so can’t ascribe his comments to that. Must be frustration. He knows better than anyone that his team is not very good without Nelson and with Howard not yet at his prime, and that they’re outmatched. So he’s venting. (“wound up and followed through” is just ridiculous… he can’t be serious) If we just play our game, and they don’t get ridiculously hot from the 3, this series could be over in 5.

  • NineSevenEight

    I guess SVG just lost his compusure like Alston did with Eddie House. Not surprising. SVG also shouldn’t speak on behalf of opposing team’s fans and decide what their opinions are.

  • Isn’t this the same guy that mocked Tony Delio for “lobbying” for calls, way to be a hypocrite

  • WestCoastCelt

    When Perk gets a bunch of touch fouls and sits a lot and when a rough call or two gets blown out of proportion to Orlando’s benefit, which then leads to a narrow Magic win, tomorrow’s headlines will be about SVG being a super-duper genius for these comments and how it helped the Magic gain a 2-1 edge in the series.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Incidentally, SVG’s hypocrisy makes me so sick, I actually empathize with Shaq, which is saying A LOT. I can’t believe he became such a hatable coach so effortlessly.