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Series Shift to Orlando For Game 3

1 @ 1
Friday, May 8, 2009
7:00 pm ET
Amway Arena (Orlando, FL)

Knotted at 1-1, the series has left Boston and made its way to Amway
Arena in Orlando. The Magic were able to make things more interesting
than the Celtics had expected, as they were able to steal Game 1 along
with homecourt advantage. Boston can take back what's theirs tonight,
but it won't be an easy task.

Orlando is a very tough team at home, as made evident by the
eighth-best home record throughout the regular season (32-9). In
addition, rookie wing Courtney Lee is set to make his series debut
tonight, after sitting out the first two games with sinus issues. In
case you're unfamiliar with Lee, he will be the one with the face mask.
"The masked man" can really make a big impact on the game, however. Not
only is he unquestionably Orlando's best perimeter defender, giving
them another option to throw at Ray Allen, but he also adds a new
dimension to their offense with his ability to create his own offense
off the dribble.

Unfortunately for Orlando, it'll be addition by subtraction. Rafer
Alston was suspended for tonight's game for his open-hand slap on the
head of Eddie House in the fourth quarter of Game 2. The 34-year-old
Anthony Johnson is expected to start in his place, which must give
Rajon Rondo an extra incentive to remain aggressive.

With a win tonight, the Celtics could regain control of the homecourt
advantage they earned throughout the regular season and put additional
pressure on the Magic to come out victorious in Game 4 on Sunday night.

Go get 'em, Cs.

Regular Season Record: 62-20
Eastern Conference Seed: 2
Conference Quarterfinals Result: BOS 4, CHI 3

Projected Starters

Series Leaders
PPG: Eddie House (18.5)
RPG: Kendrick Perkins (12.5)
APG: Rajon Rondo (13.0)
SPG: Rajon Rondo (2.5)
BPG: Kendrick Perkins (2.5)

Regular Season Record: 59-23
Eastern Conference Seed: 3
Conference Quarterfinals Result: ORL 4, PHI 2

Projected Starters

Series Leaders
PPG: Rashard Lewis (17.5)
RPG: Dwight Howard (17.0)
APG: Rafer Alston (6.0)
SPG: Rashard Lewis (2.0)
BPG: Dwight Howard/Mickael Pietrus (1.5)

Injury Report
Kevin Garnett (right knee – out)
Leon Powe (torn ACL – out)
Jameer Nelson (torn right labrum – out)

Keys to Victory

  • Attack, Attack, Attack
  • Get Back On Defense After Missed Shots
  • Control the Defensive Glass
  • Take Care of the Ball
  • Avoid Foul Trouble

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  • WestCoastCelt

    Complete horseshit game so far. Howard’s committed 4 fouls and a goaltend, only been called for one foul (throwing Scal to the ground). They also called Scal for a foul when Howard shouldered Rondo to the ground on one of his numerous illegal screens which they never call on him for some reason. Steph goes into the lane, guy moving, offensive foul. Either Hedo or Lewis knocks Rondo to the ground as he’s dribnling, no foul. Rondo somehow still dribbling gets up, AJ holds him, 2 seconds later they finally call a foul. Gortat walks, they call BBD for the foul. Scal blocks Lewis, foul. Rondo gets a rebound, Lewis fist full of jersey, they call Rondo out of bounds. Redick grabs Perks’s arm, foul on Perk (ok, he gave him a little something). Scal bodying a banging Lewis, foul on Scal. Celts are scared to go near Howard and why not, he’s allowed to do whatever he wants on D without ANY fear of a foul call. Lewis flops, offensive foul. Scal swats away an alley oop THEN gets the arm, foul. Lee rakes Ray and the falls down, foul on Ray. Tyrone Lue clothes line Rondo, nothing. Ticky-tack grab called on Pierce. Absolutely embarrassing officiating.
    Add only House for some reason can hit an outside shot, Rondo’s not Rondo (thought he was NEVER going to let that happen again. Yeah, sure.), AJ is the leading scorer and it’s real ugly and infuriating.
    BTW, SVG screaming, not one player looking at him. Ha.

  • This has been the worst reffed have ever. without a question

  • Thanks for putting into logical words all of the things I’ve been screaming at my TV for the last two quarters. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Hrvoje