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Oooh… I’m ascared

Orlando shirt
Orlando shirt 2

Someone in the NBA T-shirt department needs to step up their game.  Is that really the best you can do?  These are official shirts.  I can make better shirts (proof here… and only $19.99!). 

Lame.  Which I guess is fitting.

(via Celtics Blog and TQC)

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  • Originality is not their forte

  • LOL. So WEAK.

  • Providence

    Really??? T-shirts for the 2nd round?? We came out with the Beat LA T-shirts when we were in the FINALS. They seem content with just making it this far.

  • How original. F’in dumbasses. Glad we brought up the shirt topic. Don’t you think it’s time for Eddie House to get his own RedsArmy store t-shirt? Oh yeah…it’s time.