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Is This Just The Year of LeBron?

Seriously… this guy can do no wrong.  A step-back, fade-away from just over half court?  Are you kidding me?

This is just shaping up to be his year.  MVP… injury riddled Celtics… preferential treatment… it all just feels like this is his year. 

Then again, I'm Greek, and we're known for our tragedies.  Maybe this post is just the karmic set up for his soul-crushing fall.

"Even Boston fans seemed resigned to LeBron carrying his team to a championship… until……… "

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  • that’s funny. We might use that someday.

  • scott

    that’s great–he’s getting reallllly cocky lately

  • Double P Reppin the B

    holy shit what a shot. how can you not be cocky? I’d be cocky as hell if i were lebron

  • Still can’t hit a free throw. Implement the hack-a-lebron gameplan and this is the year he blows it at the line.

  • dont think so, if they make it to the finals, they lose in the finals
    and um, lebron is a decent free throw shooter, you could use the same hack- a- routine on a number of our players, including pierce who has a knack of missing clutch ones
    Oh and if stan van gundy isnt fined for publically questioning the league office on whether or not rondo should be suspended, that wouldnt make any sense, also hes an idiot for not being able to tell the difference in the plays

  • yeah he can hit some but he’s borderline 70% and that’s with no pressure. Inexcusable for a guy with his skillset, work ethic and approach to the game.
    And it’s his ONLY weakness. What else you gonna rag on?