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Chuck - Red's Army May 8, 2009 Uncategorized 110 Comments on Embarrassing


The Celtics porous defense has turned Anthony Johnson into Chris Paul. They cannot hit a jump shot. Ray Allen is playing worse than Tony Allen. Paul Pierce looks like J.R. Giddens.

Anyone else fed up with this team's jekyll-and-hyde performances?

The Celtics are down 19 in the 3rd quarter. I refuse to watch this garbage any longer. Time to hand the remote to the wife and watch HGTV.

Box Score

Dwight Howard leveled Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo with moving picks and the refs ignored the call both times. He's a moving pick machine…

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  • Wow Chuck… you sound like a guy with one foot off the bandwagon. A couple of made layups by Big Baby and ONE more jumper, and this is a different game.

  • I’m furious with this team.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Definitely fed up. You know what’s really embarrassing? The officiating as usual.
    Complete horseshit so far. Howard’s committed 4 fouls and a goaltend, only been called for one foul (throwing Scal to the ground). They also called Scal for a foul when Howard shouldered Rondo to the ground on one of his numerous illegal screens which they never call on him for some reason. Steph goes into the lane, guy moving, offensive foul. Either Hedo or Lewis knocks Rondo to the ground as he’s dribnling, no foul. Rondo somehow still dribbling gets up, AJ holds him, 2 seconds later they finally call a foul. Gortat walks, they call BBD for the foul. Scal blocks Lewis, foul. Rondo gets a rebound, Lewis fist full of jersey, they call Rondo out of bounds. Redick grabs Perks’s arm, foul on Perk (ok, he gave him a little something). Scal bodying a banging Lewis, foul on Scal. Celts are scared to go near Howard and why not, he’s allowed to do whatever he wants on D without ANY fear of a foul call. Lewis flops, offensive foul. Scal swats away an alley oop THEN gets the arm, foul. Lee rakes Ray and the falls down, foul on Ray. Tyrone Lue clothes line Rondo, nothing. Ticky-tack grab called on Pierce.
    Absolutely embarrassing.
    Add only House for some reason can hit an outside shot, Rondo’s not Rondo (thought he was NEVER going to let that happen again. Yeah, sure.), AJ is the leading scorer and it’s real ugly and infuriating.
    BTW, SVG screaming, not one player looking at him. Ha.

  • CheesdogsRUs

    word motha fuckas

  • zauer

    Hard to watch… But situation is not that bad at all. We play awfull but not fading away

  • the Gang Green episode with red’s army is not hard to watch. Plus there is still a half to play…

  • This worse then the time i was in a turkish prison good thing I’m hammerred
    doc pull the starters

  • we will make a run though

  • RAY quit shooting

  • no hussell bring in the bench

  • WestCoastCelt

    When the fuck are they going to get their fucking heads into this fucking game? Or playoffs for that matter?

  • these guy calling the game suck

  • i mean barry and the other they no nothing

  • the bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G4L

    8-0 Run to end the 4th!! WOoooh!!

  • Christ Jester..I thought I fired off alot of posts…Stay calm CelticNation. The best is yet to come. As usual, the Magic are caving in like Oprah Winfrey on a diet…

  • drinking makes me type more and anger

  • disgusting….sorry guys…but I want to punch a celtics player in the face….they showd up to this game overconfident and played stupid basketball from the tip, and had yet another major let down after a big win…hello, what the fuck? have you FUCKING LEARNED ANYTHING GOD DAMNIT

  • Boston Man

    When I played NBA JAM and my guy was on fire, I gave him the ball. When he doesnt shoot for a while, the fire goes away. WHY WASNT HOUSE GIVEN THE BALL ON EVERY PLAY?!

  • 95 points given up in 3 Quarters. Inexcusable. Series far from over though.

  • Dwight Howard committed an NBA record setting 58 fouls tonight…. only got called for 5 of them, the NBA where amazing happens

  • Hopefully Perk isnt suspended for the next game, it would be total bullshit because he pretty much did the same thing as kobe but it wouldnt surprise me a bit if he was

  • Paul pierce is playing like a dipshit…he finally, finally, finally gets it going late in the 3rd/early 4th and gets the celtics to within 7…um doc then takes him out of the game for no specific reason to go to a freezing cold ray allen, and the lead balloons right back up for the magic….huh? speaking of ray allen? what in fucking gods name is mother fucking going on, dipshit…MOTHER FUCKING JJ REDDICK?
    This is a dumb, very very dumb basketball team…who gets overconfident every time they win a game in the playoffs…UHHH DRRRRRRRR…they asrent winning this series…game 4 is a must win, and they forgot how hard it can be to win on the road in the playoffs…no they dug themself as huge hole by losing game 1 and not even showing up tonight…fucking assholes

  • zauer

    Both Ray and Pierce have to play well finally in must-win game 4. Still a lot of lucky shots made by howard and johnson, don’t think we will see a lot of like these next game. Pierce looked pissed sitting on the bench late in forth so stay positive, he won’t let us loose.

  • Oh, and to all you dipshits that made any deal whatsoever about rafer alston being out, and how that might hurt them….why oh why? RAFER ALSTON SUCKS. I cant believe people saying “now noone can guard rondo”….um ALSTON CANT GUARD HIM, he also is a worse shooter then rondo.
    johnson is much stonger then rondo as well
    celtics are morons

  • CheesdogsRUs

    you just got to tip your hat to the orlando magic that game they shot the piss out of the ball in the 4th quarter

  • WestCoastCelt

    I think you’ve summed it up precisely. And elegantly I might add.

  • Hrvoje

    don’t hate on the captain. he does not deserve it.
    rondo gets too, way too much credit. all the hype of late like usual nba
    Davis is loosing up mentally
    Bench, you see they want to play and have will to do best they can
    Perk could do better
    Ray will be ok

  • Um, no…the magic are soft and pathetic, and have no balls.
    the celtics came out…like morons….and let their guard down and never played any defense…all on them….they had the momentum, but literally dont know how to do anything with it, getting off to a terrible start and not playing any defense and taking all jumpers isnt gonna help

  • Huh? pierce has been awful, plain dreadful in this posteason…AWFUL…slow, making bad decisons, bad passing, turnig it over, couldnt guard turkoglu at all..
    blame rondo? hahahahahahah!!!! the guy thats been averaging a triple double, isnt an all star or future hall of famer and is 23?
    you got it all wrong

  • zauer

    dont overreact dude, calm down, it’s not the end of the world.

  • Okay…I gotta calm down…sorry everyone
    anyone else think rihanna is really hot? go check out egotastic.com for some stress relief

  • I AM gonna give credit to Orlando for coming out aggressive in this game. In the first half, they weren’t relying on the 3. They were taking it to the basket, posting Lewis on Davis. Good job by Orlando.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Why are you apologizing? Why do you need to calm down? Their performance tonight (and most of the playoffs) demands outrage, not Polyanna excusing.

  • Hey, the celtics being overconfident just boggles my mind, there not showing up one game boggles my mind, them winning 20 with pierces ass parked on the bench, and losing 20 with him in the game is pissing me off…but im all good… im calmmmming down….quite frankly I know this team isnt winning it all, so I dont know why im so mad….i just expect some consitent effort…I guess im gonna have to expect the opposite

  • Yeah, but terrible play by the celtics cant be ignored….just nothing on the defesnive end…nothing. they were funneling people to the rim with noone their to contest…hmmmm
    that and im sick of pierce and ray not playing consitent basketball….can anyone remember when these 2 both played good in the same game? wake up already hall of famers…for crying out loud….Pierce first play of the game, trys to draw a foul, doesnt, complains and it just goes downhill from there…just not what youre looking for.
    Also, im not giving them much credit period, i think this loss is solely on us for not even showing up with some consitent effort

  • WestCoastCelt

    I’m sick of watching them not show up. I’m sick of hearing posters say “don’t worry, they’ll show up eventually (or when it matters).” Huh? How the fuck does that make sense? They all matter. The first 82 games were prelude to these games that matter. If you’re going to show up eventually, why not just fucking do it now?
    Don’t calm down. Get more angry. Everyone get more angry.

  • Getting testy with other posters, I really cant handle people putting losses on rondo, when we would be on vacation already without him, meanwhile our 2 hall of famers are giving us next to nothing…not even any composure…and people try to blame mr triple double….no he didnt play great tonight, but neither did anyone else, as a matter of fact, he was sadly probably our best player tonight

  • hahaha

    Complaining about moving picks? you should look at KG last year…He is god of moving pick that prick.

  • NineSevenEight

    To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised of they suspend Perk. That was one of the MANY dumb fouls Perkins committed tonight. That was Derek Fisher-Scola dumb. For a team without any depth at big men, you’d think he would play smarter than he did.
    I’m also getting irritated with Rondo “walking the dog” up the court to keep the clock from moving. It was EXTREMELY early in the game and ONCE again, he almost got burned by it tonight by Anthony Johnson. Just pure laziness to not even glance at the ball or keep an eye on your defender. Rondo had his back to the rolling ball and the defender. Inexcusible. It’s plays like that that can change a game.

  • exactly…ugh the celtics are reminding me of the pistons…’if it aint rough it aint right’ they dont even come to play unless the pressures on them, but they are failing to realize they arent good enough to be doing it…just friggin boggles my mind…they are pretty stupid.. every damn possesion should be life or death, and then maybe we could get past a series in less then 7….quite frankly im kinda ready for this season to end, but to lose to the disney magic is embarrsing…there entire team and franchise is a joke

  • JD

    I have two questions after this game:
    A) When is Rondo going to take the step from being great one night and average the next, to being consistently great? The time has come where we need to stop saying “Well, he’s only 23.” We need him to be great now, and if he truly is in the Chris Paul-Deron Williams discussion, than he will never have another lack luster game like this for the rest of the playoffs. He needs to be aggressive at all times.
    B) Will Paul Pierce and Ray Allen ever have a good game together? Are they that selfish that they need to be the focal point of the offense in order to score points? Because we need them BOTH to be great, all star players from here on out.
    Rajon, Paul, and Ray need to quit screwing around and put this team on their shoulders night in and night out. I know they are missing KG’s intensity, but there is no excuse for the lack of effort in the first halves of Games 1 and 3. Game 4 is a must win in my book, and our three best players better come ready to play. It starts with them.

  • Jester is the epitome of Celtics fans I have no intention of associating with, who possibly started following the team last year and use wikipedia to search the roster. Put in scal, walker and mikki moore? That’s possibly the stupidest opinion I’ve ever heard in my entire 23 years of life. That would be essentially throwing up the white flag and Doc asking to get fired. And asking Ray to stop shooting? What do shooters do? They shoot, in case you didn’t know the answer to that one. I’m sure you were singing his praises with all the big shots he made vs. Chicago, and now you want him to stop shooting? That’s nothing short of absurb. I agree the Celtics played with little emotion and without Garnett, seem to lack playoff intensity, but Joker, you need to learn a thing or two about basketball before spouting off with ridiculous opinions that make us Boston fans live up the the stereotype: unknowledgeable bandwagoners.

  • typical moron….its only bad if KG sets an illegeal…perfectly fine that every other team in the league does the same thing…HATE KG, HATE KG, HATE KG
    We couldnt get away with a moving screen if our lives depended on it, and yes the NBA are morons for letting specific players get away with it, and not others…its a joke, we can both agree to that?

  • NineSevenEight

    I wouldn’t even classify it as “getting it going.” More than half of Paul’s points were from the free throw line. His shot was far from falling….anywhere. And I’vegiven up on expecting him to have a breakout game anytime soon.
    Just once. JUST ONCE, I’d like to see Ray and Paul have a good night….ON THE SAME NIGHT. If Paul scores over 20, Ray negates it by scoring under ten and vice versa. I guess it’s just hoping for too much.
    I know the Celtics are tired and they’re down bodies, but it’s the playoffs-everyone’s tired. Guys are hurt. Sometimes it just looks like there’s absolutely no effort given and other times the Celtics look unstoppable.
    The thing I don’t see is a consistent effort on every play. The Celtics aren’t playing like each play could be their last and it’s starting to look like their last is coming quickly.

  • My question to people that constantly whine about rondos consitensy is, who the fuck has been more consitent then him on our team? HUH? 2 FUTURE HALL OF FAMERS HAVE BEEN LESS CONSISTENT THEN HIM THIS ENTIRE PLAYOFF. sorry, I also just dont get it…. a triple double is alot to live up to…noone (maybe outside of lebron) keeps that up every night…god damit that pisses me off…. let me know what player in the league plays great every night

  • Can we leave KG out of this? I find this annoying too…I want him completly out of my sight,…..by the way, why the hell does he trash talk the other team from the bench, not to mention down 20 with 5 minute to go? ummmmm dude….just stop…it isnt helping anything
    Oh, and we went 7 in our first 2 series last year with a deeper roster and KG, and refused to show up on the road……What was going on then?

  • Ya see what the lakers are doing right now? they jumped out to a great start on the road, and are playing with a TON OF URGENCY, they realize its a big game….whether they win or not, at least they can say they gave a good effort, unlike the overconfident mind-boggling stupid celtics

  • Oh and back to the rondo is inconsitent, hes not in chris paul or deron williams class
    Um, since when do they play great every night? actually they dont, as a matter of fact, out of 5 playoff game, chris paul was terrible in 4 of them…seriously, I am so sick of this reasoning

  • Jester is not a bandwagoner. End of story.
    What he is, is frustrated… like the rest of us. So let’s not attack each other, ok?

  • rondo and perk have played out of their minds the entire playoffs, I put no blame on them whatsoever…the two future hall of famers would be on vacation right now if it wasnt for our young guys…at some point they are both gonna have to show up…its infuriating

  • WestCoastCelt

    Been saying, uh screaming, that Rondo needs to show up more consistently for awhile now.
    I think the suggestion about putting in the subs was to prove a point about effort to the others, not a claim that they were better players.
    Fuck you fucking troll. KG, Perk and BBD’s screens are fucking fine. Howard decked (actually on the floor decked) with shoulders to Rondo once and Pierce THREE times (that I can recall) and the refs swallowed their whis … Howard’s cock.
    Perk’s been more consistent. Rondo next. Pierce and Ray are supposed to be the veteran, All-star, HOF, experience yada yada and they’re the least consistent. And it’s not just the missed shots, it’s the poor decisions and inconsistent effort. It’s frustrating seeing Ray’s shot not go down. It’s absolutely infuriating seeing Pierce not contain Hedo or to settle for another brick elbow jumper. That’s where the outrage mostly comes from, for me at least.

  • agreed, its all about effort, and I agree on pierce….hes my favorite player, but hes completly and utterly pissing me off…he got it going cause the refs finally decided to give him some calls….also agree on ray and paul never having a good game together…mind boggling

  • Hey I don’t enjoy attacking people but that opinion infuriated me, and I also have to agree with ToTheRuins. Chris Paul scores four points in a 58 point home playoff loss to Denver, so he immediately leaves the class of point guards that are somehow considered WAY ahead of Rondo.

  • Um, sure he will, hes been a big reason we have lost 5 games in the playoffs so far…and we were saying this after the last game, ya know the one he couldnt stay on the court because of foul trouble and we played our best basketball of the season?

  • I dont understand quesitong rondos consitency, when he is 23 and has been our most consistent player in the playoffs…..pierce has been consistently bad…thats about it
    ray allen has been consitently unconsitent

  • People act like overrated chris paul never plays bad…yet he played terrible in 4 out of his 5 playoff games this season…awful..
    they whine and whint endlessly about rondo not being in his class because of it, yet rondo has been our most consitent player and the best PG in the playoffs

  • JD

    No I love Rondo and he clearly has been the best player in the playoffs. But when he’s going up against Anthony Johnson, he can’t let himself be outplayed in the first half. There are games where Rondo is more aggressive, and then there are games like today, where Rondo wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t as good as we need him to be. I just want to see him play aggressive every night. I’m holding him up to higher standards than most players in the league, but the fact of the matter is, we need him to be great. I’m not insulting him, I’m just wondering when he’s going to acquire that star mindset of carrying his team night in and night out. This loss was more defense and Ray Allen’s fault than Rondo’s, but he needs to be in attack mode for the Celtics to win.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Oh, and regarding Perk’s potential suspension. Nothing the league does would surprise me, but personally, I think they got the call right and it should be done. Perk’s elbow wasn’t high for him because he’s 6’10” but it did catch the upper chest and neck area. Apparently intent is not supposed to matter, but it looked like Perk was just blocking off some space, he wasn’t swinging/striking/extending to hit Pietrus. And let’s not forget it didn’t look that hard. Perk is very strong, so I bet it wasn’t a tap, but Pietrus flopped and sold that.
    Bottom line, I don’t think it warrants a suspension, but it’s within the realm of possibility.

  • If Perk gets suspended it’s a travesty because Kobe’s elbow had way more “intent” as the NBA likes to define it.

  • gotcha….I would love if rondo could play perfect every game…but that isnt realistic…I also dont realize the criticsm on him and not the other guys…its somewhat crazy….The captain of this basketball team is playing like a moron, ray allen is invisible, the bigs werent contesing any shots…noone played good, there way no urgecny, or intensity…nothing…and how can rondo push the ball when the magic shoot 60 DAMN PERCENT…cant….

  • Seriously. Chuck, Paul Pierce looks like JR Giddens???
    Pierce got to the line 14 times tonight. Did you watch the game??
    Oh wait, you didn’t, you watched HGTV.
    You are right about consistency though…. It starts with Rondo in my opinion.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Saying he’s been the 2nd most consistent isn’t condemning his consistency. Yet, it’s not an endorsement either. My main beef about Rondo is that when he’s at full speed and attacking/probing he’s at an elite ELITE level. IMO, he should NEVER not be at full speed and yet he often is. And all his bad games correspond with him not being at full speed most of the game.
    That’s it. Fifth gear 100% of the time Rondo. But he doesn’t. That’s what drives me nuts and that’s why he still has some inconsistent games.

  • Right on about Howard…
    Howard literally committed 18 fouls in the first quarter alone… I counted. Seriously.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Well put.

  • That was one of the worst announcing jobs I’ve ever seen.
    And camera jobs.

  • Oh, after the best game of the season, the celtics play there worst defensive game in 2 seasons….maybe that shouldnt suprise me…
    Paul pierce cant play like this if we want to win another game in this series…what the hell is going on with him? sit on bench, win by 20, play minutes, lose by 20? whats this guys problem right now…the one goddamn game he got off to a good star it was a blowout in chicago in game 3…he hasnt done it since, and hes playing a terrible game for 3 quarters of every game
    is slow, (very slow, I mean just old looking slow) isnt making good decisions at all, turning the ball over, missing a ton of makeable layups and and 1s…not playing with any urgency or intensity..until we are down 20 and he acts like hes gonna try and play

  • Typical over-reaction by fans.
    Pisses me off.

  • anyone watching the lakers? hello celtics, why are the lakers smarter then you?
    They decided, hey its game 3 on the road, series 1-1, we better come out here and play with some serious energy and with alot of urgency to win a huge series-changing game. theyre playing hard. I am very dissapointed in the attitude, demeanor and consitency of the celtics. effort please. damnit
    Kobe braynt just blocked yao ming right at the basket…wow yao…cmon now, finish strong, jesus

  • NineSevenEight

    I’m overreacting? I’m as calm as can be, actually. I’m stating the obvious…as a fan…Paul Pierce waits too long to get incorporated in the offense. He missed some early jumpers and disappeared until the second half. That’s been the trend. He opened the game with a turnover. Have Paul and Ray had a good game together yet? Save for Game 2, I’ve seen a tired team play sloppy basketball at some points and play crisp basketball at other points.
    The Celtics have played consistently inconsistent in this series. Say what you want but they cannot continue to dig out of holes with the depth issues they have. Has anyone else noticed the trend for the Magic to get up by at least 20 and for the Celtics to claw back to within single digits, only to lose? That’s happened FIVE of the last SIX times the Celtics have played the Magic. They aren’t doing themselves any favors. No moral victories in the playoffs.
    The Celtics moving on to the next round isn’t life or death for me. I’m more impressed that they’re still playing given the injuries the team has sustained.

  • Actually, chuck is right. sorry . pierce played awful, he got to the line 14 times when the game was already over, he has to be more consistent, and play with more urgency from the start of the game, not once youre down 20
    starts with rondo, but if ray and pierce arent doing anything, bigs are missing layups and playing matador defense, the magic are shooting 60% forcing rondo to play in the half court…sorry but its gonna be up to more then just him

  • again….look what the lakers are doing. I dont want them to win, but Im shocked at the disparity in how smart they came out played and how flat out ignorant and overconfident we were…did we honestly think we did just had to show up?

  • jester00

    thanks john not a banfwagoner by no way but angey non the less ray does not shoot his way out of a slump. to drunk to argue a pod cast i can debate no sweat

  • NineSevenEight

    I think they’ll drop the hammer down on Perk. I mean, the refs treat him like a fouling machine during the regular season as it is. This time, I think it’s warranted. It was just a bone-headed move and I’ll be shocked if he’s allowed to suit up….as a Celtics fan.

  • JD

    I see what you’re saying, maybe because he’s my favorite player, I hold him to TOO high of standards. But he has the ability to change the game that nobody in this series as, because he can dominate on both ends of the floor. We saw a little bit of this in Game 1 and a lot in Game 2. I’m just wondering when he’s going to take his game to the level where he is aggressive every night. I think the offense we run with Paul pierce is part of the problem. With KG out, we’ve gone to the Paul Pierce-post up-stand around offense WAY too much. We need to put the ball in Rondo’s hands for the first 3.5 quarters, and if we need a couple clutch baskets at the end of the game, thats where the Pierce iso comes in.
    And I think we’re seeing that age is finally catching up to Pierce and Allen; with the huge numbers they have been playing, they have been wildly inconsistent. Pierce looks like he’s tired sometimes, and with Ray, it looks as if he’s going to make every shot on game and the next game, he can’t hit the broad side of the barn. That is why I am calling on Rondo to take over this team (and Im calling on Doc to let him do that). Rajon has the youth, energy, and ability to take over this series.

  • Was replying to the whole stretch of posts, not just yours.
    Mostly To the Ruins…. this guy is pissin me off.
    Hope you break an arm while jumping off the bandwagon.

  • hahaha

    this i agree with…finally someone here in this site i agree..

  • and then when you factor in all the goaltending violations it starts getting a little ridiculous
    i like doc not harping on the refs though, it doesnt get you anywhere and it gives your players and excuse when they didnt play good defense and got into no offensive rhythm whatsoever

  • NineSevenEight

    Ok. I know it’s a stressful time to be a Celtics fan. Despite the inconsistency from the C’s this series. I’m happy as a fan to be lucky enough to still be watching my team in the playoffs.

  • DRJ

    I come here after the game and there are already 70 posts. Frustration makes fingers fly, eh?
    We need to take a step back and try to understand why the Cs look great one day, then so terrible the next.
    (1) First, clearly Paul is off his game. Whether it’s age/infirmity (hope not), or failure of will/heart, I don’t know, though I suspect the latter. Ray is Ray, always giving 100%… he’s just having some bad games, which happens with shooters.
    But the key is Rondo. He’s the real Captain of this team. Part of the problem is that Paul doesn’t recognize/admit that yet, even though it’s obvious. The thing I noticed is how often either Paul or Ray are BRINGING UP THE BALL. And how the ball gets sticky in those possessions. When you have one of the league’s best playmakers on the court, HE needs to bring up the ball. EVERY TIME. By taking the initiative away from Rondo early in the game, Paul, and to some extent Ray, are emasculating Rondo… taking him off his game. His energy level remains relatively low as a result, and all of a sudden, RONDO’S walking the ball up. And the offensive game goes down the toilet.
    So it all starts with Rajon. He is the leader, and he needs to be ALLOWED to be the leader, by Paul and Ray especially.
    (2) DEFENSE. As Doc (and Paul) said, it starts on the D end. For some reason, they lost that focus tonight. Part of that was because the Magic had a great, clever plan. Doc expected them to feed Howard all night, but instead they drove right in, time and time again. And Doc is NOTORIOUSLY slow at making on-the-fly adjustments. By the 2nd half, adjustments were finally made… and THEN THE MAGIC WENT NUTS FROM OUTSIDE. So… SVG completely out-thought and outplayed Doc tonight.
    (3) DOC Rivers can be pretty damn stupid sometimes. He certainly was tonight. (a) He was totally outfoxed by SVG, per #2 above. (b) With House on friggin FIRE for the past 2 games, and shooting 3 for 3 in this game, what does Doc do? He TAKES HIM OUT OF THE GAME, in favor of Bricklayers Pierce and/or Ray. WTF?? Obviously, they should have been feeding House like mad! And he should have had many more minutes (twice the 21 he had). (c) Doc said after the game that he “doesn’t like” that Eddie being white-hot is how they win games. Got that? He “doesn’t like it”. So, in his fevered, sick brain, Doc figured it’s better TO LOSE THE GAME!!! Idiot. (Sorry, Doc lovers, but it is what it is.)
    So the keys going forward, to avoid these horrible games, is:
    (1) Make sure Paul understands who’s boss on the court. It’s Rajon Rondo, NOT Paul Pierce. He must get that, or (gasp) he must sit down. (Maybe then we’ll have another game-2-like great game.)
    (2) Same for Ray… but there will be no problem there, for sure.
    (3) Focus on defense, of course.
    (4) Get Doc a new brain. Ok, kidding of course… but Doc needs to learn his lessons from today’s game. The Magic should not be able to pull off these stunts again. We must be ready to MAKE IMMEDIATE ADJUSTMENTS, as the game unfolds.
    (5) Hope to get better refs going forward. They were horrible… but they did not cost us this game. We did that to ourselves.
    (6) But after all is said and done, above all, the Cs must WANT TO WIN. I have been having my doubts about Paul in that regard. I hope I’m wrong. Rajon will get it together… just don’t let Paul, and to a lesser extent Ray, slow him down AT ALL.
    As for the Perk flagrant… whoever said intent doesn’t matter is dead wrong. Intent not only matters, it’s practically the ONLY thing that matters. Since Perk wasn’t even looking at Pietrus at the time, and just raised his arm to make space, and since it was Pietrus who basically walked into his elbow, there will absolutely NOT be a suspension. This was even LESS egregious than Kobe’s elbow foul on Artest.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Over reaction would be to one small stretch. This has been going on and going on and going on, to end the season, in the first round, in this round. And we’ve been giving the Champs the benefit of the doubt and writing off some off performances and some low effort.
    Your reaction pisses me off. Back the team, be positive, sure those are good things, but this isn’t an overreaction. This team should be doing better and you can’t argue otherwise. They could be trying harder. You can possibly defend tonight’s stink bomb.
    You’re entitled to be fine with your team going through the motions. If you’re satisfied with last year’s title and expect nothing more, that’s your right.
    It’s also everyone else right to be pissed when they put up substandard performances in half their playoff games. In two of three games against the Magic they’ve been down by 20 points. Are you really “pissed” that others are speaking out against such performances? Seriously, that’s where you’re taking your stand?

  • I agree that rondo is now the leader of this team, but not the captain and its not like offical, but its pretty clear
    But rondo cant play his game. rondo has to push the ball. he cant do that when the magic shoot 60% and hes stuck playing half court basketball with a bunch of guys missing shots..
    Pierce is pissing me off, he has been for a while, I in no way think its because hes lost his desire or heart…that just wouldnt make any sense after playing with heart almost every night of the regular season…I think somethings in his head at this point,also just tired and possibly age, he does look extremly slow phsycally and mentally out there….its friggin weird

  • WestCoastCelt

    Read the rule book. There’s nothing about intent. You’re – what was your term? – dead wrong.
    That doesn’t mean Czar Stu Jackson doesn’t make things up on the fly and perhaps take intent into account, but intent is not supposed to matter. Having elbow’s flying above the shoulder is considered dangerous whether you intend to hit someone or not. That’s how the rules were written and intended to be enforced to discourage all those elbows, the intentional and the non-intentional. Everyone (and it’s a lot, many people don’t understand the rulebook) who goes around making casing about fouls and their arguments center around intent are ignorant of the rules.

  • Problem is that those things DIDN’T happen. Lots of things DIDN’T happen tonight. No offensive rhythm, no consistent transition defense, we too stupid shots in front of Dwight Howard (goal tends??), we got into foul trouble, we never once looked confident. Also, where can our offensive come from if Pierce and Ray are cold? Rondo can’t be counted on to give 20+ each night.

  • Out of frustration, Perk did make one big mistake that could really put this series in jeopardy: with 10:15 to go in the 4th, Perk threw an elbow at Michael Pietrus’ throat/chest. This immediately drew a flagrant 1, but after looking at the play again… there is a chance the folks doling out 1-game suspensions might want to hand one to Perk, too. If Perk is suspended for game 4, who on earth is going to guard Dwight Howard?
    By the way, all 12 players had a negative +/- rating tonight: Perk and Rondo were both -20. Ouch. There wasn’t any consistent offensive production (except maybe Eddie: 6-7 FG). Ray Allen: what the hell is going on? 3-13 FG? 0-5 3pt? Paul Pierce: His bright spot tonight was being aggressive enough to penetrate and draw fouls: 14-14 from the stripe. 6-15 from the field otherwise… Where can we get the bulk of our scoring if not here?

  • I pray that if the NBA ever gets a competent commissioner again that he gets rid of this flagrant one and two bullshit.

  • What bandwagon?
    Seriously, Homers are annoying…state the obvious, things such as pierce is playing bad, when hes playing bad…and now im a bandwagon fan

  • Why did the celtics come out and play nonchalant tonight? why were they overconfident and play with no intensity, defensive effort or poise? are you kidding me? I guess they forgot that the magic actually stole home court, and that they did all they had to do in boston and get 1 game..the pressure was essentially on the celtics, and definetly on them now, for a dreaful sunday game on the road, oh boy.
    I am impressed by the lakers tonight, if only because what they did is exactly what you wanted to see the celtics do tonight going on the road 1-1…play intense, hard, and smart for 48 minutes…nope we decided to just show up

  • DRJ

    The rule book does not SAY “intent”, but intent is stamped all over the Referee Guide book, and it is clearly the most important factor in the league’s determinations… as it should be. The various specific factors mentioned in the book, like wind-up and follow-through, are all designed to help the referees determine intent. For the DFish foul on Scola, they actually CALLED each player in order to determine what happened PRIOR to the foul… in order to determine intent. It is always about intent. Of course.
    FYI… here is the Referee Guidebook for this season. I think you’ll find it useful: http://www.nba.com/media/2008-09-RefereeGuide.pdf
    (Before using words like “ignorant”, it’s good to first be armed with actual information… you know, to avoid backfire.)

  • DRJ

    No chance Perk gets a suspension. Reference: Kobe, + prior post.

  • DRJ

    Yeah, you gotta wonder how much they really want it. Sigh.

  • DRJ

    Don’t worry. There will be no suspension. It was actually an accident… you can see Perk wasn’t even looking in Pietrus’ direction at the time. Pietrus kinda walked into Perk’s elbow. Fuggetaboutit.

  • NineSevenEight

    This is Kobe v. Perk though. Definitely not a level playing field. Perk made a seriously bone-headed move that didn’t need to happen. Clearly he wasn’t thinking about the possible consequences of his actions and the effect on the team. Regardless, the C’s will have to play through it. 48 minutes of small ball.
    Suspensions seem to be the theme of this year’s playoffs. Teams and fans want opposing players suspended for what really comes down to playoff basketball. Tame playoff basketball compared to a couple decades ago. You never want to go up against a shorthanded team even as a fan because there will always be “what if’s.” What I’m more shocked at is the way everyone wants to sit anyone and everyone for physical basketball. These guys are playing for all the marbles. The passive players are the ones who don’t want it so why should we expect to see clean, polite basketball? That’s what I don’t get.

  • johnny

    where you think the celtics going for vacation?

  • ShooterMcGavin

    for a man who proclaimed himself the best player in the world..paul pierce has been an embarrasment
    i know this is a mirage and they’ll win sunday
    but to THINK THIS WAS A TEAM THAT WON 19 GAMES IN A ROW at one point is pathetic..what the hell are the DEFENDING CHAMPIONS doing?

  • DRJ

    Prob Vegas… my least favorite city. Especially in summer… hell on earth. Oh wait, that was my living room for 2 hours a little while ago….

  • WestCoastCelt

    This isn’t about the refs and flagrants, this is about the league and suspensions. There’s a difference.

  • DRJ

    Yes, you are right. And they will look to intent, and see none, and won’t suspend. It’s unthinkable. Especially after the Kobe incident just 2 days ago… unthinkable.
    Not that it matter very much if we continue playing like this……

  • Haha

    ummm kobes elbow was below the shoulder whereas perks was above the should near the throat. Replays show kobes elbow hit above the Rockets “R” sign. Don’t be saying its the samething. and yes your ignorant. heres the link for kobes video

  • Al

    C’s were horrible! Orlando smashed us in transition and secondary transition with lots of 3’s – only reason that happens is because of lack of effort…….
    As crap as the refs were u get that when you’re being lazy on D and lordy knows there was plenty of that…..
    Dwight had a ‘get out moving picks for free’ card tonight

  • Jp

    Just a poorly played and coached game. They happen, more often than I would like, but they happen.
    Defense, awful. We let Orlando get everything they wanted early, and then came the three’s.
    Offense, awful. Seemed as though no one was aware of anyone else on the floor.
    Coaching, awful. Or so it seemed to me.
    Orlando, wasn’t great, but they played, adapted and succeeded.
    We got out played from the get go. Funny how things change in 48 hours. Can’t wait till Sunday night to see what that game brings.

  • GH

    I’ve been a Celts fan since the 70’s but just started reading the blogs, both the Celtics and Magic blogs, for the first time. The funny thing is that this thread is almost a carbon copy of the thread on the Orlando Blog after game 2.
    About Pierce and Allen, you know, Pierce has been carrying this team since KG went down and he’s done a fantastic job of it – but lets face it, these guys are TIRED. I really didn’t expect them to make it past that grueling Bulls series.
    If they had the whole team healthy, then there’s no question that they could beat Orlando, (Cleavland is another matter though) but as things are, I’m amazed they’re still on their feet.

  • Uncle Leo

    Like I said, they’re a depleted team. The moment you stop being so blindly arrogant and realize the celts are pretty clear underdogs here, that’ll be the time when you can actually enjoy the game instead expecting world class performances on every possession and getting angry when it doesn’t happen.
    They’re depleted and hanging on by a thread, but it’s exciting to watch. And waiting for the next game to see what happens is nerve racking but thats what the playoffs are all about.
    Little note, Anthony Johnson has been the most underrated guard in the league. He gets limited minutes because they need their young guys to develop, but all the time he gets is quality. If you noticed he didn’t put up with any of rondo’s handchecking or shoving and clearly won the mental battle, very dangerous guy.

  • who da guy

    all you guys suck. It was so obvious to me that the ref’s absolutely blew this game. Now perk might be suspended, that is not our teams fault, it is the league. They want a cleveland orlando ECF because they think it will led to better sales or some bull like that.

  • I must be honest, I gave up this game after 5 minutes into the 1st, because they were playing the complete opposite of game 2. They didn’t attack the rim like they usually do, they didn’t create space on the inside, just relying on jump shots and occasional penetrations. And defense was so awful they sunk the ball every time they got even near our paint. It was so awful I didn’t want to watch one more second of the f-ing game anymore.
    Plus after the comments I can say, why on earth did Doc pull out Eddie House after every f-ing basket he made? Guys on fire should play, guys who are not should not, regardless of whether they’re starters or not. Sometimes I wonder what would we do with another coach…
    Anyway, I hate to say it, but without KG, this is a lock for Orlando. With him, it’s easier than everything to beat them, he creates much much space while they tried to guard him, allowing us to do many easy baskets. Without him, they just force us to do awful unreliable jumpers while they lock the paint. I’m starting to think that we won’t be on ECF.

  • Jp

    Do you guys really think Perk made that foul on purpose? All I saw was a guy who always puts up that forearm in the lane on defense. The fact that the other player was just that tall isn’t his fault and really should not be discarded. I saw no malicious intent on his part, rather a player feeling for the contact inside and a fine acting job on a surprised player.

  • Why is Eddie House not playing 30-35 minutes a night? He’s been our most reliable player off the bench all year, never got hurt, and yet with all our bench problems is still only averaging 17 minutes a game this postseason.
    Overall, this team just looks satisfied with having won a title last year. If you take how this team is playing now and just add KG to the mix, we still arent winning it. You can’t have complete no shows from Pierce and Allen every other game and expect to keep winning series. Ya Allen is averaging 20 ppg in the playoffs but 4 of those games he posted 4,10,9,8 performances. These types of games from our superstars almost cost us the title last year and if nothing changes will certainly bite us in the butt this time around.
    PS: The reffing is absolutely atrocious. We’re playing terrible and I agree the C’s let the bad calls go to their head, but the way Howard was playing he shouldve fouled out around the start of the 4th quarter. And apparently since he’s “superman”, goaltending doesnt apply to him. He looked like somthing out of NBA JAM when your on fire and can block shots going towards the hoop.
    And I personally would like to thank ESPN for getting announcers who clearly miss the real aspects of the game and never called the refs out once on a bad call. Hey I don’t care about you analyzing every tick-tack foul and then proceeding to spend 2 minutes discussing whether someone should be ejected.
    In other news, me and the Undertaker won the Royal Rumble last night on the PS2. Very dramatic.

  • A) You’re name is To the Ruins
    B) I never see you around unless the team is losing.
    So maybe you aren’t a bandwagon fan, you’re just one who likes to complain when things are going bad. My fault for saying the word bandwagon.

  • Yeah because I have more faith in this team than you guys who come in here and call out Paul Pierce after every game he doesn’t carry the team to victory.
    Listen, Paul Pierce was the only one who looked like he gave a damn about winning the game in the 2nd half last night.
    It’s just ridiculous how quickly fans jump on Paul Pierce after all he’s done for this franchise.
    Believe me, I’ve been known to over-react in the past. I made close to 1,000 posts on this site calling for the Celtics to fire Doc Rivers back in the 18-game losing streak days. I’ve learned that it’s wrong to over-react like so quickly. When you have a bunch of winners on your team, they will come out on top. I know it’s frustrating but just wait. The Celtics will prevail.

  • wow-100 something posts, CelticsNation is angry…but I guess about 50 of those were that Ruins dumbass. C’s season hinges on tomorrow. This team will not beat Orlando 3 times in a row. C’mon Green-pull it together. I have faith…