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Can This Man Keep Up with Rondo?


Meet 34-year old Anthony Johnson, Magic starting point guard for tonight's pivotal Game 3. I think it's safe to say Rajon Rondo poses a major match-up problem.

Rondo is coming off an 18 assist performance in which he got into the paint at will with Rafer Alston covering him. What are the chances Johnson can stay in front of Rondo?

On defense, Rondo should harass Johnson the moment he takes the ball. Make those 34-year old legs work every possession.

Please Rajon, no spicy food before tonight's game. You have the chance to have a(nother) career night.

It looks as though Courtney Lee (fractured sinus cavity) will return for the Magic. Why is this a good thing? Because he'll take minutes from J.J. Redick who has played damn well on both sides of the ball in this series.

Steve Bulpett examines the Dwight Howard vs Kendrick Perkins matchup:

If you want to get personal, Howard is averaging 14 points and 17
rebounds and shooting 44 percent. Perkins is averaging 11 points and
12.5 rebounds and is hitting 52.6 percent from the floor. And if the
board discrepancy bugs you, know that the Celts have 14 more in the
series (seven each game).

Also, it should be pointed out that the NBA’s regular-season leader
in blocked shots has three swats in the series. Perkins has five.

Marc Spears writes about Adam Jones, a kid who fell on tough times and found a new life with Doc Rivers' family.

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  • I see RR running circles around this guy. The only thing I see that could be a minor concern is Johnson having his way w/Rondo offensively-Johnson’s a bit bigger and stronger, has 20 pounds on Rajon. Even though it’s only Game 3, I really think it’s important to not let up tonight. I really hope the C’s don’t try and mail this one in. They need to continue to be aggressive and not Orlando get a shred of confidence back. Atack the rim on “O” and don’t give up any layups/dunks on “D” and make DHoward earn his points from the charity stripe.

  • rcry

    please no chick-fil-A’s either.

  • baron

    Dont expect anthony johnson to defend rondo, if he does, then the magic are idiots.
    courtney lee will more then likely defend him.

  • I don’t know who’s more stupid, Rick Pitino or the Sacramento Kings.

  • CB

    Rondo has *got* to take advantage of this. And if they put Courtney Lee on him, get it to whoever Johnson is guarding.

  • Can paul pierce stay on the floor, and actually breathe at the same time without being called for a ridicoulous foul?
    Meanwhile, lebron hasnt been called for a foul in his series

  • true, but ive seen derek fisher guard ray allen effectively with kobe playing rondo and daring him to shoot…expect a scheme like that…if ray cant take advantage of it…. yikes

  • BigMck

    Then Ray Allen will run AJ ragged off screens….he’ll drop 40.

  • G4L

    What do you mean.. lebron is perfect, I mean look at all the “hard” fouls he takes. I mean he never bleeds even though he checks for blood about 10 times a game. He would never foul anyone.. thats just absurd. (Insert Sarcasam)

  • hefe

    truth -be-told Johnson is a better, more physical, and craftier defender than Alston. Alston plays matador defense at best.
    Also Tryon Lue is a speedier tenacious defender in spot duty. And if Courtney Lee is back- he is also a solid defender ( especially for a rookie)
    I think the magic lose some offense with Alston out- but they don’t actually lose defense

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