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Rafer vs Eddie

Chuck - Red's Army May 7, 2009 Uncategorized 16 Comments on Rafer vs Eddie

Another look at Rafer Alston slapping Eddie House. In my opinion, anything less than a suspension is complete BS. But as I read over the league rules, there appears to be a loophole.

According to the rule book, a technical foul shall be assessed for unsportsmanlike tactics such as:

  • A deliberately-thrown elbow or any attempted physical act with no contact

The slap is clearly a physical act. But when referencing a suspension, the rule book only refers to punches or elbows:

  • Any player who throws a punch, whether it connects or not, has committed
    an unsportsmanlike act. He will be ejected immediately and suspended for a minimum
    of one game.

Will the head slap be considered a punch? I hope so. If not, guys will be bitch-slapping one another like there's no tomorrow. The NBA writers at SI.com offered their opinions and most believe Alston will be suspended.

I'm also waiting for ESPN to report on this the same way they did the Rondo/Hinrich incident – incessant replays, online polls and irresponsible speculation. I'm sure it's coming any minute now.

Here's Eddie's post-game interview on TNT. It's now one of my all-time favorite quotes (scroll ahead to the 50 second mark):

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  • I dont see any video evidence that eddie tried to elbow him, Raefer must be suspended you cant let that kind of stuff go in the NBA

  • DRJ

    There’s no elbow. Some incidental contact, and as Eddie said, Rafer was mostly reacting to Eddie bustin his ass with his shooting. The league absolutely MUST fine this guy… or the bitch slapping will run rampant. But doubt they’ll suspend the Magic’s only PG in a playoff game for that. Too bad, he deserves it.

  • Jordan

    I’m sorry, but to say that Alston deserves it after claiming that Rajon did not when he smacked Miller is completely and utterly hypocritical.
    I agree he should be suspended but the question comes down to whether the NBA is going for consistency or following the rulebook to a ‘t’.

  • baron

    Its an irrelevant love tap, but the way the NBA handles stuff, probably a suspension…lol

  • Danno

    I don’t know about irrelevant.
    When you watch the slo-mo replay, you can see his headband spin around and change position on his head by a good 4-5 inches.
    That takes more than a love tap to do, otherwise these guy’s headband would be falling off all the time.

  • Danno

    Jordan – cut the shit, serouisly. Your team lost. Go watch baseball or something.
    Rondo fouled Miller while making a play on the ball and attempting to prevent him from hitting a shot. Noah did the same thing to Rondo in the next game when he grabbed Rondo by the neck and threw him to the floor, and wasn’t suspended either.
    Alston smacked House in the back of the head on his way by, AFTER he already hit the shot and was headed up the court – simply because Alston was frustrated that his team was getting their ass beat like a rented mule.

  • Those two incidents are totally different; rondo slapped miller during a play and there was no clear indication that Rondo intended to slap him in the face; rondo was clearly going for the ball or the arm at the very least and happened to slap miller in the face
    raefer on the other hand looks at eddie AFTER a play and slaps him on the head on purpose; the intent was clear and alston admits to doing it and made up a bogus reason why he did it
    totally different incidents the only thing that connects them is that somebody got slapped in the head/face other than that there is no similarities in them

  • DRJ

    And one more dastardly aspect: he hit him in the head… from behind.
    Eddie’s way too smart to fight, which is why Rafer allowed himself to do it. If this were playground, he would never do it. Pussy.

  • Atomic Man

    You Celtics fans are rediculous. Why is the Rondo slap okay but Alston deserves to be suspended and kicked out of the league. What a joke you people are.
    Stop licking the balls of every Celtics player and get with it. This Celtics love fest, we can do no wrong attitude is sickening.
    Bulls should have won that series.
    Go Orlando

  • Danno

    Rondo fouled Miller making a BASKETBALL PLAY to prevent a score.
    Alston slapped House in the back of the head out of frustration.
    It’s really not that hard to figure out, unless you’re a moron.

  • Danno

    And it’s spelled “ridiculous”.
    Go buy a goddamn dictionary, or finish grammar school – dummy.

  • The joke’s on you because you read this site

  • Jordan

    Danno –
    You didn’t seem to read that I’m all for suspending Alston. I don’t think that crap like that should be tolerated in the league at all. I’m merely pointing out the huge amount of hypocrisy that is rampant here.
    Is Alston’s foul more of a cheap shot than Rondo’s? Definitely yes. Did Rondo commit a flagrant? Yes, the NBA was just to cowardly to admit it. I don’t care whether the Bulls won or lost. I don’t care who wins or loses this series. I’m just pointing out the pharasaism that is circumstance with this incident.
    I also find it highly amusing that the Celtics fans who were so adamant in defending Rondo are now equally thirsty for Alston’s suspension.

  • Danno

    I can only say it so many times.
    Rondo’s foul was a BASKETBALL PLAY. He made a play on the ball, and fouled a man going to the hoop for a layup. The contact with Miller was incidental, not intentionally harmful. If anything they could have upgraded it to a Flagrant one, which still isn’t a suspendable offense.
    Alston’s was nothing but frustration and aggression. He hit a man in the head from behind in anger while his OWN team was inbounding the ball.
    One is part of the game, one is not. One is a suspendable offense, one is not. It’s actually pretty cut and dried.
    But with a username like Jordan, I find it pretty laughable taht you think we don’t realize you’re a Bulls fan here trying to get back at us mean Celtics fans.
    Seriously – your season is over. Root for another team, or go watch Hockey or Baseball. Stop crying over spilt milk.

  • Nora

    Huge amount of ignorance for those that seem to think what Rondo did is the same as what Alston did. Watch the incidents before commenting because they are so obviously different.

  • DRJ

    Just a btw…
    Rafer is the same guy who squared off against Rondo last year, around March 08, when Rafer was still with Houston. The two got tangled up prior to an inbound, Rafer got all bent out of shape and pushy… and before you know it, Rondo’s standing there with his fist clenched ready to deck the guy. Great moment. You knew then Rondo was nobody’s patsy.
    Guess the Cs have a way of getting under Rafer’s skin. Either that, or his skin is real thin.