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Paul Pierce Has A Sense of Humor

At least he can laugh about his foul trouble

"That was the game plan — hack away at Paul and let Eddie House come
in and score 30," Pierce said jokingly after a short practice today.
"Great game plan. I always like to be out there playing, but, hey, the
way we played and the way we won, it's good to see my teamates step up
and me just sit and watch. It's been a while since I played 15 minutes
in a game and it was great to watch."

Meanwhile, Doc thinks Rafer Alston should be suspended… just not now.

“Obviously, you can’t go around slapping people. … All the players
would just going around and slap people if they say you can get away
with it.

“I don’t know about suspensions, though. I wish everyone just got
fined and then got suspended in the regular season. I really don’t like
guys getting suspended during the playoffs.

Still waiting for an update on any suspensions from the league

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  • DRJ

    I think it’s fair to say… we got a classy coach.

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  • Hrvoje

    turn on html code

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  • Papa Irish

    pti reported fisher and alston got suspended and kobe’s foul got upgraded to a flagrant 1 and he got fined but not suspended

  • Hrvoje

    too bad