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Kobe vs. Artest: Proof Artest Will Kill Your Team

It's just more proof you can't ride the crazy train to a title.  

We know the scenario.  Ron Artest and Kobe Bryant are going at it under the basket.  Artest is getting low and pushing Kobe out of the way.  Kobe throws an elbow back, and Artest gets the foul call.

Ok, the foul call was borderline but I can see how it gets called.  Artest disagrees and makes a scene of it with the refs.  Technical foul.  Easy call.  At that point, a player needs to back off and shut up.  You've already hurt your team by getting the technical foul.  

But does Ron Artest do that?  Nope.  He has to keep going.  Yes, he got hit in the throat with an elbow.  The refs either missed it or refused to call it.  That doesn't matter.  What matters is that at the point where Ron Artest needed to back off, he stepped on the gas.  He ran over to Kobe saying "hit me in the throat again… hit me in the throat again."  Then he made what looked to be a throat-slash gesture (he swears he was motioning more about the elbow to his throat) and he gets run.  Even when he's tossed, he still doesn't leave the floor.  

It's a 10 point game with 7 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.  Ron Artest is a key to Houston's success.  Unfortunately, Ron is so caught up in Ron, that he'll hurt his own team's comeback chances to make whatever point he was trying to make.  

I get that he was pissed that he got the foul.  I get that he was pissed that Kobe hit him in the throat with an elbow.  But the Rockets are learning at a very bad time that hitching your wagon to Ron Artest could take you to places you didn't want to go, and at the worst possible time.  It's easy to be seduced by his ability.  If his head was on straight, he'd be a superstar.  He does everything well.  But there's a reason he's not.  And we saw it last night.

By the way, if the league followed the letter of the law, Kobe should have been tossed.  Here's the rule:

EXCEPTION: Rule 12A–Section V–l(5)
l. A player, coach or trainer must be ejected for:

(3) An elbow foul which makes contact above shoulder level

Trainer?  Really?  Were trainers really tossing 'bows to people's temples or something?

Anyway, the league will have to take another look at that.  It's possible Kobe could be suspended.  I'm not saying he should or shouldn't.  I'm just saying that it's definitely possible.

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  • baron

    are you kidding me? ive questioned artest in the past, but I loved this from him last night, absolutely loved it….also I dont think you can say anything but good things about him, hes playing good and smart team basketball, and got the rockets out of the first round his first year there, something McGrady could never do.
    I loved that he got into kobes grill…who else does that? other then maybe rondo…i hate when players play scared or tenative against kobe and will just let him do whatever he wants

  • Ron could end Kobe

  • baron

    Yeah, and this just isnt proof that you cant win with artest….I mean where are they? in the 2nd round tied 1-1 with everyones title favorite…where have they been the last 10 years without him? losing in the first round. they have already accomplished more in his one year then they have in 10!!!!!!

  • And I don’t think he should be suspended, but the letter of that rule certainly looks like he should be.

  • You like him running up to Kobe? Sorry Baron, that might fly in the playground, but not in the NBA. Just because you keep your cool doesn’t mean you’re playing scared.
    And they are doing well now, but their goal isn’t to be 1-1 after two games. If he gets suspended, this could cost them big.

  • baron

    I dont see why it would get him suspended. Yes, it wasnt the smartest play in the world, but it wasnt anything bad like the media or blogosphere make it out to be, I like that he stuck up for himself and his team right in kobe bryants face. yeah I like that. he isnt perfect, but hes been playing good basketball and has been great for the rockets as opposed to melon head mcgrady

  • baaron

    Oh, and if we were to play LA, the first 2 games in LA…yeah the relistic goal would be coming home 1-1….so i disagree there as well

  • well, TMAC is a different story.
    There are better ways to get back at Kobe. I just don’t think you can trust
    Artest at all. I’d rather not have him.

  • barom

    we will see how the rockets react…in years past they have been missing that artest like toughness…IMO its been working well for them

  • Sal

    Artest is much more likely to blow up if he’s adequately provoked. Other than that, he’s been a great teammate who’s a huge part of the Rockets’ success, despite his excessive gambling on defense and at times unconscionable shooting decisions. Sheed in 2004 showed me that a “bad apple” can do just fine on a big part of a title team. I wouldn’t be surprised if this incident wakes him up and he stays disciplined for the rest of the series.

  • What I meant was their goal is to win the title, not play well against LA in
    the Conf. Semi’s.

  • looks like artest got kobe off of his game too. it’s too bad that the refs would lick the poop off of kobe’s azz before they would call a flagrant on him.

  • The problem was Artest getting ejected wasnt even the biggest way he hurt his team last night, did you see all the bad shots he took and turnovers he committed? sometimes ron has a tendency to try to play the hero and do it all by himself offensively – that hurts the rockets the most and the main reason they have more turnovers than assists in this series
    and there was no way the call should have been on artest in that situation even the announcers were surprised when they called it on him
    but going straight up to kobe and getting in his face right after what had happened was the stupidest thing he could have done
    But all in all i dont mind the whole thing if im a rockets fan, the lakers werer playing dirty taking a bunch of cheap shots and getting away with it all night; at some point enough is enough

  • DRJ

    It was a tough call for the refs, because they were pushing each other around a lot under the basket. (That’s why they should use video more… since the ONLY people on the planet who did NOT see the elbow to the throat… were the refs. How ridiculous is that?!) And you’re right, Ron should have better control of himself.
    But I love Ron Artest. Love that he let Kobe know he’s not going to take it. As Chuck (Barkley) said, he’s a foxhole kind of guy… the kind you wanna go to war with. All that emotion and fire… cannot be bad for the Rockets. A little more self-control is all he needs.

  • it could be bad for the rockets if artest tries to take kobe on all by himself, which he’s tried to do in the past and could try to do again

  • I don’t think he got the first T with the refs. It didn’t look like it there. I think he just got tossed for going up to Kobe and for the gesture. I’m not sure, but that’s what it looked like.
    Don’t really mind this from Artest.
    Cheap move by Kobe

  • who da guy

    if lebron james got elbowed in the throat, you can bet your ass he runs up to the guy like that, and does not got a tech, or an ejection, he gets the refs to review the play and the elbower gets a tech. Artest got tossed because of the mailce in the palace, and i think it was very un fair. Kobe same thing, if this were reversed, it would still be ron ron getting tossed.

  • brain dead

    i would love ron ron in green playing with KG… can you imagine the PURE INSANITY? ron is a free agent at the end of the year :p …

  • DRJ

    Interesting piece on Ron Artest. (And yes, Ron + KG = Insanity… that would be SO much fun)

  • Ajay

    you guys are really something on here take a look at the angle ESPN gave Kobe clearly elbow Artest in the chest

  • Chuck

    What a bunch of hypocrites! Did you guys forget about what Rondo did? He should have been suspended for both games.

  • celt

    Don’t assume shit when you don’t know shit, because at the end it makes YOU look like an ass…

  • muhammed_dibba@hotmail.com

    What did all you Kobe haters say about Rondo smashing Miller in the face and tossing Heinrich to the scorer’s table. He was never suspended, neither given a flagrant foul. Please quit it.