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It Was a Good Win, But….


The Celtics played extremely well last night. Great defensive intensity. Crisp ball movement (34 assists on 41 baskets). Pounded the paint (40 points, and one fantastic effort by Perk). And most importantly, they never let up. They didn't allow Orlando to creep back and take one morsel of optimism from this game. All this with minimal output from the Captain.

But this was a must-win game for the C's. So all those green pom-pom waving fans (I couldn't believe the over-reaction by callers and hosts on WEEI this morning) need to keep their enthusiasm in check. Dwight Howard will be better in Games 3 and 4. The Magic will shoot better at home. Odds are, this series will be tied 2-2 coming into Game 5 (tickets on sale today).

I remain adamant that Rafer Alston should be suspended for slapping Eddie House. Here's Alston's explanation:

"Eddie made the shot," Alston said. "I'm standing out of bounds, letting him run by, he runs by, shoots an elbow at me. "It was just a natural reaction. I tried to get to him, grab him before he ran back down the court."

I never saw House's "elbow." But the Globe's Julian Benbow says it's "visible in replays, but the intent is debatable." Losing Alston would be a major blow to the Magic. Anthony Johnson cannot check Rajon Rondo for 30+ minutes.

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  • ShaqAttack

    As my sweet girlfriend said every time TNT went to a shot of Stan Van Gundy: “That guy looks like a child molester”

  • Yeah the ladies have no love for SVG. My girl thought he was Ron Jeremy…but greasier.
    That game was just what the doctor ordered though. Yet another game where I thought, damn, Orlando really blows. This time however,the C’s didn’t play down to them.

  • baron

    Overreaction? no it was the best game the celtics played all season with paul pierce on the bench.
    paul pierce is now due to explode in orlando.
    this was a pivotal game, and one that flipped the series momentum almost completly in our favor…yes we lost at home in game 1, but we are a different team this year, one that is plenty capable of playing its best game on the road, and I dont think orlando is that tough a place to play.

  • DRJ

    Benbow must be hallucinating. I watched all the replays carefully. As Eddie runs up, there is some minimal incidental contact. The slap was COMPLETELY unprovoked, ridiculous and stupid. His excuse-making makes it worse.
    The league MUST do something, or we’re going to have players slapping each other all over the place. But a fine is much more likely than the suspension he deserves, just because it’s the playoffs.

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