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That’s More Like It

Chuck - Red's Army May 6, 2009 Uncategorized 18 Comments on That’s More Like It


If I had told you Paul Pierce was going to score 3 points in just 15 minutes, yet the Celtics would destroy Orlando 112 – 94, you'd have thought I'd gone Paula Abdul crazy.

Eddie House was Megan Fox hot tonight: 31 pts, 11-14 FG, 4-4 3FG. He hit some unbelievable shots in this game. He embarrassed Rafer Alston so badly, that Alston snapped and slapped House in the head after one make. Of course the refs missed the incident and assessed double technical fouls (kudos to House for keeping his cool). But the replay was crystal clear. The league MUST suspend Alston for one game. 

Eddie has a great line when asked about the incident during TNT's postgame interview:

That's what happens when you start busting somebody's ass, they get upset and resort to bush league tactics.

Rondo (15 pts, 11 reb, 18 assists) had that extra gear going in this game. He pushed the ball up the court relentlessly and repeatedly found the open man. Except the time he drove the lane and threw down a vicious dunk in the 3rd quarter. As a team the Celtics interior passing was superb.

Perk was a beast. 16 pts, 9 reb and one tremendous job defending Dwight Howard.

The Celtics worked hard to get Ray Allen (22 pts, 7-15 FG) some looks. He made some baskets early courtesy of some difficult drives to the hoop. His threes didn't start falling until the 4th quarter.

That Reggie Miller paparazzi skit may have been the lamest thing I've ever seen on TV. I cannot believe TNT wasted 30 seconds of my life with that crap.

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In honor of Eddie's Megan Fox hot shooting night…some pics you'll all enjoy after the jump.




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  • great game MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Megan, Good night all

  • baron

    Best game by the celtics season all friggin season, and KG and paul pierce were on the bench, best game ever. not only did we win, but PP played like crap and is bound to go off in orlando . best game of the season.

  • DRJ

    So is Rafer Alston completely OUT OF HIS MIND, or what? The refs missing that hit might be the worst thing that could happen to Orlando, if the league decides to suspend him for game 3.
    It’s very clear: If the Cs play their game, they can beat this Magic team with or without Paul Pierce. In fact, give Paul a vacation. Won’t matter.
    Something else is also clear: We absolutely, positively CANNOT beat the Cavs without Paul giving his all. Not gonna happen. So Paul, listen up: A lot of your teammates are playing their hearts out. The fans are with you. Now it’s up to you. Are you gonna quit, or are you going to step up? Because the Cavs are the only thing standing between us and #18. We can beat LA or Houston, no problem. Even Denver, the toughest matchup in the West, will be toast when we get to them. The challenge is in Cleveland, and we need you for that. Be the man we believed in. Be the Man, man.
    – Notice the great rapport between Steph and Eddie? Every time Eddie hits a shot, Steph’s up and jumping off the bench cheering. Great stuff.
    – Don’t you just love the interviews our guys give? Most NBA players are sooo boring… not our guys… Rondo and Eddie talk so fast you have to kinda replay each sentence for a moment in your head to make sense of it. Perk is just so FUNNY, and wise, when he talks… and Ray of course, Mr. President someday. Such a pleasure.
    – Refs seemed to be a bit on our side tonight. Thanks for nothin guys. Where are you when we really need you?

  • G4L

    Thank you!!

  • clumsy

    Eddie House was Eddie Mansion tonight!!!
    Thats the Rondo that i like tonight..That dunk he made should be in the NBA ad where amazing happens!

  • btw, Great Megan pics !!!


  • Weird Beard

    DRJ no offense but how can you even question PP’s heart. The man is a warrior and a true celtic.

  • DRJ

    Not lately. But… hope you’re right. Hope I’m completely, absolutely, dead wrong. Or if not that, then hope he at least comes back.

  • DRJ I don’t know where that BS about Paul PIerce is coming from.
    That really gets me mad.
    It’s like you’re trying to look for something negative.
    I was watching Pierce’s reactions tonight on the bench and he was going crazy every time Eddie and Ray hit a shot.
    You’re comments are not only off-base, they are unfair to a man that has given his heart to this team for 11 years.

  • What a great night. We had McLovin’ sitting in front of us and he absolutely LOVES the Celts! What a cool dude. EHouse needed to break out soon, and man has he the last few games. What is wrong with Paul…? He must be exhausted-or hurt…?? Things just don’t add up. Hope punk-assed Rafer gets skip-to-suspended. Gnite RedsArmy. GO GREEN……!

  • DRJ

    I hope you’re right.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    We’re getting ateast one game in Orlando, taking back homecourt and the series. Rafer has to get a game off for that shiot. Jackie Moon played well too.

  • I bleed green in L.A.


  • celt r pathetic

    are u stupid ! ? CELTICS BEAT LA ! ? who got swept beetch ?

  • If we continue to play like this, i have no doubt in my mind we can win the whole thing again…and we need to..i wanna go to ANOTHER ring ceremony on opening night…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Don’t underestimate the Champs! The intensity needed when we beat the Bulls was on display tonight and you know what?!? The Magic cannot match it!!
    BTW how awful is Howard 5 or more feet away from the basket. He’s a physical specimen and super athletic but he’s still VERY raw. Baby and especially Perk will man him up all series.
    The Magic are hopeless. Poor shot selection plus poor free throw % will always allow us to climb back in a game SHOULD we get down. Add no energy and I cannot fathom Celtics not taking this.

  • DRJ

    Actually, on further reflection, I do not hope the objectors to my Paul-has-lost-heart theory are right. Think about it. If it’s true that Paul just threw in the towel in some recent games, well, there’s a good chance he’ll step in the ring and pick it up again. Especially in 3rd round, when he sees his teammates fighting as they are.
    But the alternative explanation could be much, much worse. Is he injured? Sick? Getting old? There are a whole bunch of explanations for his recent play that we do NOT want to hear.
    Reminds me of when I postulated that KG was sitting out as part of some grand scheme by the Cs. Turned out that was wishful thinking, because the real story was much, much, much worse.
    Hey, it’s all good. Got a feeling Paul’s coming back soon. And anyway, we proved today that we really can win without him. This should also help Doc is some of those endgame situations.