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  • ssshady35

    That was just NASTY!!!

  • DRJ

    Look at the elevation… he’s so far up he almost overshot the hoop. Wow.

  • You have to love the NBA. They just tossed Ron Artest for getting his throat in the way of Moesha Bryant’s elbow.

  • Sal

    Better yet, they tossed him for daring to get upset about it. The initial foul call on Artest was especially horrendous.


    This whole site SUCKS!!! LOL at the Alston slapping House!!!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Go away Troll.


    Hey HAHAHAH, They really tossed Artest because they were afraid that he might pull out another W in LA and the Lakers might not make it to the finals.God forbid they can’t win a game with out the assistance of the NBA. Now that’s funny!!! You F-IN TROLL

  • Sal

    This is like troll-on-troll crime. NBA would probably have more money to make off a Yao/Lebron final anyway.


    Orlando cant hang with the Celtics, this game proves that the torch is being passed from the truth to the Freak (Rondo) Rondo need to understand now and I think he does that this is his team so show us what ya got young fella, dunk on superman if ya wanna!!! Be aggressive all day everyday these other PG cant hang with you!!


    Rondo aka Freak aka big hands aka behind the back fake aka triple dub aka Celtic future aka #18 #19 #20

  • larry

    hhmm…who do you think has a better chance of getting suspended, fisher or kobe.?stern has a bigger problem.!!

  • Orb

    Was that the defensive player of the year you just flew over?

  • Hrvoje

    Rondo…. I don’t know where to start
    He is right now, some time now to be exact, going for individual numbers. He is fighting for rebounds too much. Last game collided one time with Perk, and 2 times with Scal trying to reach it when there was no need to. Throwing crazy passes… I saw Ray got into little verbal fight with him last game when RR throw him the ball into his legs for the second time that game…
    I don’t know.
    Those forced pullup jumpshots of his are killing me. He wants to be a hero, you can see that.
    He often complaints that he had stomach problems because he ate something not long before the game?? 3rd year pro? That takes me to his freethrows. Sometimes its just about a hard work. That FT airball other night probably the worst I’ve seen in my life – too left and also too short. No excuse for that. Also he takes chances too much when trying to steal the ball and doesn’t stay in front of the player in the situations where he probably should. The team like Celtics sometimes need his PG to slow down and adjust to a style of play that suits the team. He is ignoring that unlike last year. I see Pierce is getting frustrated by him a bit now. This tempo doesn’t not suit him.
    Did I mention he is too cocky and acts like hes injured all the time?
    His numbers are sky-high lately but that are just numbers for now.
    If he keeps being like this next year, especially when KG returns (hopefully) there will be no longer Ubuntu, or what is left of it anyway…

  • Wow… an anti-Rondo rant? Holy shit.
    Ok, he had a bad game on Monday. That’s not debatable. But to say all he’s doing is going for numbers is way off base. This guy is carrying the team. Do you think the Celtics would have beat the Bulls without Rondo averaging a triple double? And he had 18 assists last night. 18!
    His numbers are sky high right now… and they’re more than just numbers. He’s leading this team. When he rebounds, he pushes the ball.
    If you’re looking for a place to direct some anger, I don’t think it should go to Rondo at all.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Hrvoje said…something unbefuckinlievable…take a tums, dude.
    Rondo’s dunk…over Howard…Holy Shit…Rondo was pumpin his legs like he was riding a bike.
    Should have been a “and 1” as well…Howard visibly pushed Rondo when he was above the rim. But, oh well, the refs were likely as impressed as everyone else at the flying Rondo, swallowed their whistles as they gasped.

  • Hrvoje

    they dont sell that here 🙁

  • DRJ

    Agree completely.
    He takes his jumpers usually when he’s wide open and nothing else is available. Like all players, sometimes his jumpers (and FTs) don’t fall. The pass to Ray’s legs was part of what was an overall horrible game for Rondo. It happens. But he’s this team’s engine. I.e., there IS no team without Rondo. And since he still has room for improvement, imagine how good he’s going to be.

  • Providence

    Rondo will be the best PG in the NBA. HI HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!