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RedsArmyAdmin May 5, 2009 Uncategorized 23 Comments on Start Scal

Scal hedo

I swear I started this post at 7 AM with the intent on finishing it later in the morning and posting it for the lunch time web surfers.  Imagine my dismay at 9:30 when I checked in on Celtics blog with the same headline and the same picture.  Oh well… I'll chalk it up to great minds thinking alike.

Here we are, down 1-0 (fyi, just like the Lakers), looking for a good adjustment to make to even up this series, and the best option here is moving Brian Scalabrine into the starting lineup.  Amazing how far Brian Scalabrine has come, huh?

Scal did a great job in game one.  He was the most consistent Celtic on the floor.  He hit his open shots.  He made smart plays.  And most importantly, he played great defense on Rashard Lewis.  Time and time again, Scal was up on Lewis on the catch, and Rashard did nothing.  

Putting Scal in the starting lineup creates better defensive matchups.  It also allows Scal to benefit from the attention paid to everyone else on the floor.  He's good enough to hit some open shots, he's good enough to make the right rotations and keep the ball moving.  And it allows Big Baby, who's been playing great, to come off the bench and maybe boost that second unit.  Baby's a better matchup on Dwight Howard anyway, so he can spell Perk even when Dwight's in the game.  I know he's not tall, but he's strong enough to keep Dwight at bay.  That low center of gravity, along with his strength, can actually help him when it's time to box out.  Coaches always tell players "get your butt into his leg" to box a guy out.  Well… that's where Baby's butt is.  So he can just use his strength and be more successful than you might expect.

It's a minor tweak, but one that I think helps in the overall matchups.  I don't think it's going to affect anyone's minutes and it might actually help space the floor a little better.  Scal was starting a lot in KG's absence before the concussions.  I think last night proved he can get back in there.   


So loyal reader Danno said this last night too.  So I'm doubly late to the "Start Scal" party. 

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  • Danno

    I said this last night after I got home from the game.

  • Agreed but I think the smart plays he makes on both ends of the floor outweigh his defensive capabilities.

  • Danno

    he held Rashard Lewis to 1 point.

  • I have to say, and most of you who frequent this site know this, that I have absolutely HATED on Scal since he got here…
    But as I watched the game last night I realized he is totally winning me back. He was just playing with straight up hustle. Every time Lewis has the ball, Scal was up in his grill. What we call STIFLING D. Loved seeing that last night. He was truly the only one who gave more than 80 % I felt.
    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree Reds…..
    …START SCAL!!!!!!!

  • this especially makes sense when you look at how easily scal has transitioned into the starting lineup in the past, and how effective he has been in that role
    i also love the boost that baby would give the bench, one that would be different than scal’s because energy is much more visible than smart play from the bench; scal needs more extended minutes to have his impact felt than baby does
    also, it has looked at the end of some recent games that baby was increasingly gassed towards the end of games, this would be effectinve in not only keeping baby fresh but also monitering the fouls of the two guys we have to guard dwight

  • baronq

    Ya know what I just realized? our guys could have gotten extended rest at the end of the regular season in hindsight, because we just lost homecourt in both series we were gonna to have it….

  • Start Marbury!
    (J/K. His first shot last night looked like something out of the Derrick Rose school of circus shots though…with similar results shockingly)

  • baron

    what does pierce have to do to get a call nowadays? its ridicoulous. how many damn times did we see BEN GORDON jump into a defender and just flop to the floor for an immedieate whistle… come when pierce does it, he never gets the call so far in these playoffs? i am tottally infuriated with the way we have been officated all season long. we get called for ticky tack, other team gets away with same thing.
    As bad as we played, we blew more then a handful of chances to win the game, a pierce missed layup, a ray allen 3 pointer that was half way down. thats tied right there. rondo air ball, we win………just frustrating as hell, that first half was about as non spirited ive ever seen this celtics team, including preseason

  • Baron

    Oh and when youre arguing to start scalabrine in the 2nd round of the playoffs…the writing is on the wall. not that he isnt playing well or antyhing, but cmon
    Scalabrine was in Gabe Pruitt land when we had a championship team

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Is this how desperate we are? Scal to be a playoff starter? I like his toughness and spirit, but his athletisim is lacking to hang with Lewis or Turk. I say stay with the starters and go deeper in the rotation, Scal gets minutes but maybe Marbury, Moore and Walker should too.
    I’m saying it again though, Rondo NEEDS a jumpshot. If he can’t keep his defender honest, it’s tougher to get to the rim AND his teamates can’t get as open for their shots either. I think he is amazing and will be our starting PG for years to come, but he needs a 15-18ft jumper, jumpshot, fadeaway, turnaround, leaner, bankshot, rainbow or setshot to take his game to the next level. Hope it comes in year 4.

  • I bleed green in L.A.


  • Baron

    rondo does have a jumpshot…just hasnt been fallling last couple of games….and no he never needs to be a great jumpshooter….that debate is tired, hes not a shooter, hes everything else and a true point guard.

  • CB

    Baron, Pierce needs to fall down *everytime* he shoots the ball if he wants the same calls that Gordon got. Gordon put in quite an acting performance.

  • Orb

    Starting or not, I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed seeing Scal in these games. He’s the least athletically talented guy on the floor at all times, but he does what he’s supposed to do. And Perk and BBD could take lessons from him on what a “smart foul” is. And how about his PP-tribute jump-in foul for a (almost) three pointer (almost)?

  • Danno

    Baron – you need a vacation buddy. You’re a miserable fuck.

  • baron

    Hows that, Buddy?
    Oh, and this game was lost in the 4th quarter in chicago, I dont know why I didnt think of it before, but if we just close out chicago up 8 with 3 minutes to go, we dont have to play another 7 quarters to get past the bulls and complete exhaust our players, also a couple extra days of rest for preparation.
    hopefully theyre actually ready in game 2
    Oh and Danno, how exactly am I miserable? im just frustrated with the celtics losing game 1, miserable? no… get over it

  • b

    “We weren’t there mentally,” Perkins said. “Our focus wasn’t there. We knew it as a whole. I think we get too comfortable after we get a little success, have a win. We got through the [Chicago] series and we dropped our guard a little bit.”
    Perk, while youre right. this is exactly why im frustrated. theres no room for that in the playoffs…cant think of another team in NBA history who drops their guard in game 1 of the second round, especially after going through a greuling series against a much worse team then orlando.
    they yet again came in underestimating there opponent

  • Lakerhater

    Finally, Its more than myself and Jesteroo that see the greatness of Scaly. I knew you guys would come around.
    Nothing better than hearing “Scalbrine from downtown!”, the shot drops, the crowd goes ape sh*t, and Reggie Miller sits in silence realizing Scal just made him look like a dipsh*t for hating on him constantly.
    TNT – where Celtic hating happens.

  • Hey, I’m not gonna get caught up on whether we’re fucked by merely calling for Scal to start. To borrow the cliche… it is what it is. If he can help the C’s win, then go for it.

  • NineSevenEight

    Even Skip Bayless…SKIP BAYLESS!…agreed with you on First and Ten today. He called out the refs for the last drive Pierce took where Howard was late stepping in and bumped Pierce off the shot. I think it was a 4 point game with under a minute by then. But that’s neither here nor there when you’re down by 28 and scratching to get back I guess. Dwight got the hometown call….in Boston.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    No he doesn’t, he never has and he may never get one. Defenders dare him to shoot it, if he starts hitting than they move in closer. Point guards need a jumper, or atleast the confidence to know they can hit it when needed. Rondo is a fine PG, but to break into the Elite-CP3, Deron Williams, Parker, Baron Davis, Nash, Billups and even Devin Harris, he needs to add it to his game. The Celts don’t even work the Pick’n’roll with Rondo because he won’t shoot over the top, it would just add so much to his game and the Celts offense.

  • DRJ

    It’s not just the Lewis only scored 1 point once Scal started really homing in on him. You could actually see Scal doing a great job, stopping him wherever he was. Another good thing is that Scal also showed us some driving moves last night, not just 3-point isos.
    But: how many minutes can Scal really give us? And will he continue to shoot well from the outside? Answer: doesn’t matter, because like KG, even if he’s off offensively he can always deliver on D. The next But: can he control his fouls? He gets a lot of them… often on purpose, but still.
    And yes, we are in sad shape. Imagine you are back in last year… would you have EVER believed that our beautiful championship team would be reduced to depending/needing both Scal and Big Baby to start? In the playoffs? I would not have.
    How the mighty have fallen in the midst of the battle.
    But don’t shout it in the streets, lest the Philistines rejoice. What we know is that if we can still prevail in THESE ridiculous circumstances, the achievement would be monumental.
    The thing that’s most disturbing though is that the Cs lost heart last night. It was a failure of will. Ok, it happens to the best of us. But there’s no more room for that shit. Come to play and win, or lose and go home.

  • zippittyay

    Besides all that was said that I agree with, anyone who is an amazing +22 on your +/- stat has to be considered for getting a nod.