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J.J. Redick Wants Your Best


Via Slam Online:

“I just want some creativity, that’s all I want,”
Redick said Saturday. “I haven’t heard creative things since college.
Like really, I don’t know if it’s the alcohol consumption at NBA games,
but there’s nothing remotely creative or funny ever said to me. It’s
boring. I’m so conditioned to it now.”

You heard it straight from the ass's mouth. He wants to hear something original. No more d-bag and homosexuality references.

TruthaboutDuke.com has some good stuff on Redick – for those needing ammo.

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  • I think that picture says more than enough

  • Hrvoje

    he has a point tho

  • That DOUCHE is the new Noah.

  • With a career avg of 14 mins/game, I hardly think he has any leverage for asking for anything from fans, not even insults.

  • D

    This is the same guy who cried while at Duke because he said the fans were saying thing about his sister.

  • NineSevenEight

    Hey J.J.,
    Maybe the fans don’t throw anything “creative” or witty at you because they couldn’t pick you out of a police lineup. If fans aren’t targeting you, there’s a reason.
    This guy thinks he’s worthy.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I hope Ray lights this dude up for 40 on wednesday. See how conditioned to that he is. What a damn flop, the guy has been 12th man on the bench since he got into the league.

  • baron

    He shouldnt even be relevant, and he isnt worth anyones hate or time.
    Its also just goes to show how tired ray allens legs must be if he gets outplayed by him last night, reddick has been on the bench all season, dudes a scrub…but he has fresh legs going against a team running in mud

  • He shouldn’t be worth our time….BUT he had a hand in BURYING us last night…

  • Ok this is just not true. Two of my friends had seats behind the Magic bench last year and they happened to be sitting next to a group of JJ’s family and friends. His friends the whole game were asking for JJ to give a head tap and when he finally turned around one of my friends stood up and went “JJ you turn your ass back around you F***in bitch.” JJ and his friends were silent the rest of the game.
    To add to this, my friend who said that now has swine flu. I couldnt make this up.

  • CB
  • ssshady35

    Matty S. It’s going to take a lot more to compare JJ.R to Noha, let the series get to at least the 3rd or 4th game. I can’t say that I hate him as much as Noha or that other loser from the Cavs, anderson verejon or what ever the spelling is.