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“Flat…Not Tired.”

Chuck - Red's Army May 5, 2009 Uncategorized 8 Comments on “Flat…Not Tired.”


Those are Doc Rivers' words assessing his team's performance in last night's 95-90 loss to the Magic. Quite frankly, I think Doc was rather kind with his description. The Celtics brought pre-season intensity into Game 1 of a playoff series. Inexcusable.

What is wrong with Rondo? He looked severely disjointed in the first 3 quarters of the game. Nearly every shot hit the front of the rim and he even air-mailed a free throw. He also had this weird look on his face. It was as if he was involved in a bad Jean Claude Van Damme movie: his kid sister was being held hostage in a luxury box and she'd be killed if Rondo didn't throw the game.

J.J. Redick (12 pts, 2-4 3FG) outplayed Ray Allen (9 pts, 1-7 3FG). I was also impressed with Redick's work on the defensive end. He worked his ass off following Allen around screens. It's a good thing we didn't poke fun at JJ before the game, or we'd feel pretty stupid right now.

Ray is a combined 3-for-24 in Game 1s of this postseason.

Some insight by reader ThatGuyOverTheOcean:

It's the
THIRD game in a row we lose to them after falling behind by a mile and
a half, and I don't like it a bit, I fear Stan Van Gundy found a strategy to kill
us. I wouldn't be so confident if I was one of the players or Doc."

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  • Baron

    Yeah,way to jinx us with that whole JJ reddick thing, brrilliant.
    Also, no mention that this is the 3rd game in a row(maybe more) now rondo came limping pretty bad? theres more going on there that meets the eyes.
    eats something spicy before game 7 and plays bad (that could have been a costly meal there rondo)
    Now he just shows up late and sleeps through the first half? face it, we were down 28 because the kid didnt have any urgency at all, this team goes as he goes and he was sleeping

  • baron

    Oh, Ive never seen a more unpredeictable team in the 2nd round of the playoffs, and ive never seen such a nonchalant attitude in game 1 at home in the 2nd round either…never.
    right now I think we are playing the worst basketball out of all the remaining teams, and definetly the least urgent. whats up with barely trying ?

  • Reef

    What about paul pierce? he looks like a geezer running in mud who barely knows how to dribble when he goes to the basket right now. something isnt right with him, and its getting on my nerves. what made it even more evident is watching the Rockets/Lakers game afterwards, Paul Pierce is a better player then ron artest, but right now you would never know it, first of all rons legs are fresh and hes moving well, and hes actually making smarter team plays and decisions then pierce?wowzers. this is unheard of. Pierce is gassed

  • DR

    Chris webber can suck my left nut
    He called rondo a bad defender “because of what rose did to him”
    Why are people still saying shit like this? rondo OUTPLAYED ROSE IN THE SERIES, and just because you get scored on means nothing, what you never got scored on webber? everyone in the league gets scored on buddy. what about rose letting rondo average a triple double? no mention of his matador defense? oh no, because hes a bonafide superstar and people are still trying to find reasons why rondos a fraud and only good because of his surrounding (Lol)

  • baron

    Also chris webber and others saying we dont match up with Hedo Turkoglu…..ummm…huh? there isnt a team in the league other then the lebrons that matches up better with turkoglu then us. that matchup is an advantage to us actually. hedo can not guard pierce.HELLLOOOO. this was beyong pissing me off, if we dont matchup with hedo turkoglu, then pierce isnt even a star nevermind a superstar.
    its rashard lewis we dont match up with…at all…he doesnt post up against any other team in the league, and can post up our team at will, and also shoot over the top of anyone on our team

  • Looks like Chris Webber should have called a timeout before making those comments. Suprising that he didn’t though, since he’s always been so good at sensing when to call one.

  • When you say Rondo looked sluggish for the first three-quarters… don’t you mean all four quarters?
    He made some horrendous decisions in the fourth that cost the Celts a chance to complete the comeback. Letting the ball roll, the pass off Ray’s foot on the fast break… ugh. Rondo hasn’t played that bad since high school probably.

  • He may have made some poor decisions in the 4th quarter…but he was not sluggish. He was finally running around like his pants were on fire.