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Chuck - Red's Army May 4, 2009 Uncategorized 22 Comments on Torture


I'd rather get waterboarded then watch another game like that.

The Celtics fell behind by 28 points after a couple of horrible stretches in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. But because Orlando is a poorly coached team that continues to seek out three point shots even when holding a big lead, the C's made this a game.

But as the Celtics whittled the lead down to single digits in the 4th, they had several agonizing stretches of turnovers and poor shots.

The comeback essentially ended when – down 4 – a Ray Allen three-pointer rimmed out.

The bad:

  • Rajon Rondo: 2-12 FG, 7 TOs
  • Ray Allen: 2-12 FG

The good:

  • Scal: 10 pts, +22 +/-
  • Marbury: 8 pts, 4-6 FG (all in 2nd quarter)

Steph regained some swagger in this game but hitting his first four shots, but Doc did not go back to him much in the 2nd half. It was a questionable move since Rondo was so inconsistent.

Despite this loss, I'm more confident the Celtics will win this series.

Box Score | Recap

"If I'm a Celtics player right now, I have no fear of the Magic." – Tommy Heinsohn after the game.

Photos from the game (including BBD's block on Howard)…after the jump.




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  • Baron

    Not impressed by either team…but even less impressed with the celtics, theres an excuse to let down once youre up 28…but theres no excuse to come out and play like its the preseason and fall behind 28
    I dont think the comeback is to our advantage at all, its one game in the books for orlando, we lost…simple as that
    I dont think anyone played well…Perk was probably our best player…pierce was aggressive but it was more like out of control.
    If we win this series, its gonna take 7, we already lost homecourt, which clearly means nothing without KG anyways, we are a dominant home team with kevin, but might actually be better on the road without him weirdly enough
    This is actually the 5th time out of 8 we have played the magic (going back to last season) that we have fell down big, only to make a comeback and fall short.

  • i think dwight howard should be the invisible man rather than superman for his knack for not getting any fouls called on him

  • JD

    So much for Ray and Rondo destroying Alston and Reddick. I don’t have nearly as much confidence now, even with the comeback. The Celtics can’t dig themselves into holes like this, in a game and in a series. The winner of Game 1 goes onto win the series 80% of the time. I know the Celtics lost game 1 in the last series, but its going to be another tough series, you can already tell.

  • Baron

    Also, during this game, there were instances where Ray, Rondo and Pierce came up limping…so add another minor tweak to the collective lists…wear and tear baby.
    anyone got an answer for why ray and pierce rarely have a good game together?
    they are stuggling so much right now, they despertely need rest, sometimes I think they just keep themslves in the game and give themselves a chance solely based off heart

  • baron

    Yeah, that was an unnacceptable performance by the backcourt….but yet again its a game 1 and the celtics arent looking to ray enough…its their own fault…pierce being aggressive can sometimes hurt team ball movement, especially when hes not even looking for ray.
    rondo was just eratic…embarrassed himself at time and was asleep for the entire 1st half

  • delusionz

    Oh, and with all the negatives (just about everything) we still should have won this game. the magic begged us too. I believe we got it to 3 with 2 minutes to go and then gave up a rafer alston layup…that steal that turned into a pietrus 3…ray allens 3 that was half way down…yeah we had our oppurtunities and should have won this game, but now we are in a whole against a team we dont matchup with almost at all, we just gotta hope they miss, because there shots were all still wide open in that 2nd half

  • DRJ

    Both Doc and Van Gundy said that Rondo was “great” toward the end. Doc said that’s why he didn’t put Marbury back in, because Rondo “got it going”. Huh? Ok, he was more aggressive on D, got a few steals, and was driving more. But what about all those TOs? What about all those missed shots? How does he stay in when he’s playing SO badly, and Steph seems to have it going? I do think Doc is a seriously flawed coach. Nuts, sometimes.
    Doc did notice that Scal learned how to guard Lewis by the 2nd half. We might have our answer now… Scal on Lewis. Expect Scal and BBD to split the 4 spot going forward.
    You’re right, both teams played badly. BUT… big But here… we can expect/hope that the Cs will not fall asleep for a whole half again… it is the playoffs, right? On the other hand, the Magic just plain stink in the end of ballgames. They get no respect from me. I think we take this series, and it won’t even be very hard.

  • Danno

    Big Baby played the entire first quarter, and most of the second, and got into foul trouble really quick.
    In that time – Rashard Lewis scored 17 points.
    Doc finally put in Scal when Baby got his 4th foul with 4 seconds left before the half.
    Scal Played Lewis basically the rest of the game.
    Rashard Lewis had exactly 1 point for the rest of the night.
    Start Scal in Game 2. Let Baby bother Gortat and Johnson.

  • JD

    BTW, is there a more entertaining/frustrating team in the league. They come all the way back, and just come up short. One moment Rondo’s practically dunking over Dwight Howard, the next he’s airballing a freebie. Pierce drains one of those fadeaway jumpers where you think he’s going to get on a roll, and than he turns the ball over. I love the rollercoaster ride, but Danny’s heart doesn’t.

  • I really don’t think theres anything particularly new to talk about since this how all our games against the Magic have gone recently.
    In other news, that Doc or Turkoglu picture should be apart of the next caption contest.

  • SydneyCeltic

    Jesus. And you guys (commenting on this post) call yourselves fans. Have some faith! We keep snarling at people that the C’s aren’t just one player (KG) and yet, you all seem to think the idea of winning is impossible without him! Stop wishing and hoping that things were different and deal with what we’ve got. Dammit people, we’re in the second round of the playoffs, act like you support the damn team. I can have an objective, unbiased discussion with fans of other teams without resorting to bashing the guys who have played their guts out to get here.
    Now watch me get flamed for trying to be positive, rather than tearing the team down.
    Roll on, Game 2.

  • baron

    I dont agree with Heinsohns quote. the celtics have to take the magic very seriously, what I saw today is beyond dissapointing. they werent ready to play, made mistake after mistake throughout the entire game, the defense was nonexistent. we went on a run because the magic just went cold, they were still wide open, and ended up having a chance to win, probably shouldve won but dumb, careless, preseason like turnovers killed us down the stretch… Pierces missed layup, rays 3 that was 3/4 of the way down…we easily could have won. but none of that matters, we are done in the series and if we cant play 48 minutes, this could be a short painful series
    This team without Kevin Garnett is just weird, they arent a dominant home team, they dont play motivated or with alot of urgency, this whole playoff has been another journey of learning how to play in the playoffs all over again with a complelty different team then last years, everyones role is different.

  • baron

    This team came back solely because of rondo, but he also didnt play smart at all tonight, he was just somewhere else. but his aggressiveness keyed the entire comeback…its just the way it is, the celtics go as rondo goes and he literally slept through the 1st half….
    one day hes eating spicy chicken in the lockerroom and is sick for a game 7, and the next he shows up right before tip off…hes got to get it together, starting with his preparation
    He got us back in the game, but was also an achilles heel.
    As good as some thought pierce played, I thought he was just as careless as rondo, and quite frankly didnt play special…dumb turnovers, missed layups and free throws, no good passing, terrible vision and medicore defense…yes he was aggressive and has heart but dude is gassed, he looks like a really old man trying to finish at the rim

  • DRJ

    I find it hard to believe they will sleepwalk through any other half like they did this game. If they do, you’re right… it’ll be short and painful. But if they play just well… not great, just “well”… they should take it, no problem.

  • typo

    *we are down in the series* not done

  • DRJ

    Lakers just lost. They are so vulnerable to an aggressive defense. That’s why it’s pretty clear… the team coming out of the East is going to win it all this year.
    All we gotta do is come out of the East. Simple. Put these Magic away, cuz they suck anyway. Then bring it hard for the Cavs… that’s the real challenge this year, getting through Cleveland. Play like we did today and it’s syonarya akachan.

  • Thank God for small favors. The one and only plus of the night is we don’t have to listen to Loser fan mouth off.

  • DRJ

    As we said here months ago… it’s not at all clear that EITHER the Cs OR the Lakers will make it to the Finals again. Lakers have their hands full with the Rockets… and the Nuggets will be even tougher, if they even get there (cause Denver is playing even better D than Houston). And we… we still have Cleveland to look forward to, assuming we get there.

  • Uncle Leo

    “This doesn’t merit a huge debate so here is the bottom line, orlando has the big advantage in getting both the easy baskets and the 3’s, plus they’re a much, much bigger team. Rondo is going to be seeing much less of the seams that he saw against the bulls.”
    Said this would happen and its going to be like it for the rest of the series. The c’s are depleted and its going to take a heck of a series and much more energy to beat orlando, too bad they only have that much energy for half a game at best. Pierce and Ray have to take it another level, games like this in the playoffs don’t cut it for superstars.

  • We continue saying “Orlando is crap, is poorly coached, is soft as everything”, but it’s the THIRD game in a row we lose to them after falling behind by a mile and a half, and I don’t like it a bit, I fear SVG found a strategy to kill us. I wouldn’t be so confident if I was one of the players or Doc.

  • That was an awful game. The Celtics certainly play down to Orlando.
    It’s like Boxing, style’s make fights, and this is one ugly match up. Every time I watch these two teams play (and the Celtics lose) I think of how bad Orlando is.

  • Lakerhater

    The Celtics go seven games with chicago witha depleted roster, set a record for overtimes and minutes played, 48 hours later face a team that has been sitting on their rears waiting for them for DAYS and people are bitching that the C’s looked flat in the first half? Give me a f*ckin’ break, they damn near came back from 28 down. Orlando looked flat after going two quarters with our boys. Put down the kool aid and be thankful for the heart this team showed fighting back. There is a LONG list of franchises that would have layed down after falling that far behind and Orlando would be near the top of that list. What the f*ck did you expect? We were going to race out to a 62-25 half time lead? I haven’t changed my mind on this series at all, love the heart, lovin the bench improvement, and if Ray and Pauly show up next time orlando is toast.
    Celtics in 5.
    Van Gundy chokes on a chili dog in 4.