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Kendrick Perkins – Key To The Series

We can expect Rajon Rondo to have his way with Rafer Alston.  And I'd think Ray Allen can have his way with JJ Redick.  Paul Pierce guard the All-Ugly Team's Hedo Turkoglu, leaving Glen Davis on Rashard Lewis… which will be tough. 

But it will be do-able… if Kendrick Perkins can hold up his end of the bargain.  His end only happens to be single covering a human freight train, Dwight Howard.  If he can do it, the Celtics will very likely win this series.  If he can't, then we're in trouble, and Perk knows it.

"Defensive Player of the Year, 20
[-point], 15 [-rebound] guy," Celtics center Kendrick Perkins said.
"I've just got my hands full. There's nothing else I can say. I've just
got to bring it every night. I've just got to go out there.

"I can't put too much pressure on myself. I've just got to go out there and play team defense."

Perk's a big, strong guy too… so it's not like it's me trying to guard Howard.  But he's going to need good footwork to keep Howard away from the rim.  If you can get your feet into a good spot as Howard makes his move, you can stop his progress and make him take shots from 5 feet away.  You might even be able to draw a charge… although I don't want to take my chances on drawing charges.  Perkins isn't going to get the benefit of the doubt from referees (which is kind of his own fault.  That photo is evidence), so I don't want him trying to get cute.

So it's up to Perk to get the job done.  Because if he goes out early, then Scal would have to come in to guard Rashard Lewis and Baby would have to shift over to Dwight.  Baby's strong, but I'd still like to avoid that.

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  • we are 1 and 0 for the series when you start things off with a pod cast just throwing that out there.
    Leon Powe

  • G4L

    If Perk can hold Howard to 20 & 10 or less a night the C’s got this in a bag

  • This is very similar to how the cavs match up with the celts in that we only have one player on our whole team that can guard their best player
    pierce on bron and perk on dwight, that doesnt bode well for the stretch run

  • Hah. I’d love to. But I’m gonna be in the car and I’ll just barely make it home in time for the opening tip.

  • Jp

    Seems every time I open my mouth about Perk, someone else tells me I am wrong.
    Perk will be huge in this series. Defensively huge. He has the daunting task of pushing Superman out on defense while still being available to protect the basket on drives. Our perimeter defense won’t work unless the guys know Perk is back there ready to help. This is a huge task for him.
    Offensively, Perk should finish the series shooting 100%. The only time he should be taking a shot is if he somehow is wide open for a dunk. We do not need him working the paint posting up Howard. Set your screens, box out for offensive rebounds and cut when it’s open. That will be enough to keep Howard busy, and hopefully little enough for Perk to save his energy for defense.
    All in my humble opinion of course.

  • A dam

    I know this series gonna be interesting, especialy when we talk about Superman’s case.
    I just can’t wait to see it.
    But thinking about C’s Big men problem and future i would like to see Marcin Gortat in Celtics roster next year.
    I know it sound crazy, but with Gotrat as a backup center…hm?
    Waiting for opinions
    Enybody has a phone number to Danny?

  • Absolutely right John.
    I have the ultimate faith in Perk though. He’s not going to let us down.
    C’s in 6.

  • A dam

    Ohhh one mor thing.
    Celtics in 6!!!

  • Ramon Ramirez

    Yes to the Pole!
    He’s tough, would be a great addition to the squad…

  • Man, one day off isn’t enough for me emotionally, never mind these guys that are doing the actual ballin’!

  • I hear you on that one! After that first round series I am nearly fried. I can’t even begin to imagine how the team feels.

  • zippittyay

    Have I got this right? Rafer is going to try and guard Rondo, JJ Redick (if i could spell it without a ‘D’, I would) is going to try and guard future-first-ballot hall of famer Ray Allen, and Heto (no ‘D’)TurkeyGlue is going to attempt to guard future all-time celtic scoring champion Paul Pierce??

  • Lakerhater

    Shard always (almost) disappears in the big game, and superman has been known to choke himself. Hedo is streaky and can be a problem, but if the C’s keep it low scoring and tight…we’re in business. They are looking at a very different BBD than the last time they saw him.
    Celtics in 5.
    Van Gundy whines himself to death in 4.

  • JD

    You’re wrong

  • Al

    One of the keys to the series will b Perk going easy setting screens. If he’s picking up those 3 fouls a game setting screens for Ray or Pierce then we’re in trouble.
    Lets face it with the guys Ray and PP have marking them they won’t need those iffy screens, set rock solid still ones, there’ll be no doubt that Red dick, Alston etc will b flopping like leaves in the wind whenever they run into Perk trying to pick up shitty little fouls….

  • Jp

    Hardee har har… har

  • Lol @ Van Gundy. That’s so true.