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Exclusive Investigation: Superman Is A Douche

We all know full well that Dwight Howard thinks he's Superman.  But who is Superman, really?  Superman isn't the wholesome figure he pretends to be.  In an exclusive investigation, Red's Army has found Superman is really a gigantic douchebag.  Here is exhibit A:

Super man
Is this the type of role model that is appropriate for our youngsters?  Clearly not.  Using your heat vision to crush the spirit of your adopted son is a dick move.  And by idolizing Superman, Dwight Howard clearly endorses this kind of behavior.

For shame, Dwight Howard.  For shame.  Americans simply cannot back this type of behavior.  You must back the Boston Celtics in this series, or else kids everywhere will use their heat vision for douchy behavior.   

More examples of Superman's dickishness here

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  • That bathrobe looks PIMP. I can’t believe superman would ever do such a thing. 🙂

  • I’m disappointed-I thought maybe you had some actual dirt. You know like how he claims to be all Christian and stuff but has a few different kids and baby’s mamas floating around out there…

  • damn! after further research, it looks like he may only have 1 kid…oh well..

  • Orb

    We should take a page out of KG’s book and just call him “Dwight” all series.

  • < may only have 1 kid...oh well>
    LOL .. maybe heat vision issues made for impotence (except for that 1 ) Which of course, was a medical accident. bleah !