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Manny Pacquiao Smokes Hatton


The best pound-for-pound fighter in the world… and huge Celtics fan… Manny Pacquiao smoked Ricky Hatton in the 2nd round tonight.  Overall, good night for C's fans.  If you listened to the postgame, this is the fight Pierce alluded to at the podium.  He didn't make it home in time to see it.  The fight was over that quickly.

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  • I saw the fight on Youtube that was freakin brutal. I think this fight was a little guy Frazier/Foreman. Hatton was made to order for Pac he only knows one style and that is to come in and pressure and keep coming. Hatton’s chin is ok (if it wasn’t he wouldn’t have gotten up from the first knockdown) but it isn’t great. Couple this with the fact that little Manny hit’s like a sombitch and you a recipe for disaster for Hatton.
    Once Hatton was hurt you knew it was over he only has one gear straight ahead. Hatton is a warrior but he’s all wrong for Pac.(right now who isn’t? Juan Manuel Marquez again?)
    Pac is the man. I’d actually like to see both call it quits. Pac why he is on top and Hatton while he still can. This is not a sport to over stay your welcome.

  • Anon

    I’m pretty sure Pacquiao doesn’t even watch basketball

  • Al

    Anon – I’m pretty sure yr wrong…….
    Tough fght for me. I’m a huge Man City fan like Hatton but he got done like a dogs dinner…..

  • Best part of the fight?Mayweather Sr. not having anything more to say…Mabuhay Manny!

  • baron

    Pretty sure he likes the celtics there bud, and they love him…whether he loves the game os basketball…irrelevant.
    Go to youtube and type in ‘pacquio with celtics’ and you will see.
    By the way, hes the best boxer around right now…beast

  • domz

    Even though Im a life long Lakers fan, I appreciate how boston celtics fans love Manny. Yes Manny also loves basketball, he was a former Lakers fan like me but jumped into the celtics’s big 3 bandwaggon.

  • clumsy

    domz, you dont know what you’re talking about..manny has been a kevin garnett fan..wherever kg goes thats the team pacquiao is rooting for..see clips after the david diaz fight..
    Anon, you too dont know what youre talking about manny is a big basketball fact he built his own open court basketball in his hometown.. if u want evidence youtube this “pacquiao hatton hbo 24/7″’ll see manny play hoops and he even do a tracy mcgrady trademark move” Ü

  • Hatton never really had a shot in this fight. Manny jumped all over him early and never let up. That first knockdown was nuts where he caught Hatton with a right hooked and ducked his left at the same time.

  • OC Lady

    Manny’s favorite player is KG.
    The Big Three + some other Celtics watched Pacquiao’s fight last June. Then the Celtics visited Pacquiao in his locker room after the fight and were yelling “Manny! Manny! Manny!” Pacquiao was then interviewed and he said that he idolizes Kevin Garnett.

  • thebleeptruth

    Bring on Floyd Mayweather so he could also get his butt kicked!

  • Pilipino ang lahi ko

    Hey ANON, Basketball is the national Sport of the Philippines. Manny Watches Basketball!
    The NBA is broadcasted more 10 times a week. There’s a pro league and more minor and collegiate learues.
    Heck Manny Pacquiao Even OWNS a minor league basketball team in the Philippines. (similar to an NBDL/CBA type of league).

  • Hatton had a great nap on that fight.. 🙂