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RedsArmyAdmin May 3, 2009 Uncategorized 28 Comments on Caption This

Kg in suit
KG's got a message for someone.  What is it?  Best caption wins a week of Shiatsu massages from Chuck.  I hear he's quite good.

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  • “Hey Joakim: I’ve got something down here that you don’t got.”

  • Best pic for a Deez Nuts joke.

  • from sg

    kg : ‘this is MY house!’
    house : ‘ erm, yeah yeah. ‘ (claps)

  • LOL

  • “Just imagine if this knee wasn’t hurt”

  • NineSevenEight

    Hey Joakim!
    You should be kissing this knee for not making you invisible in this series.

  • Joakim, whats the difference between you and a mallet with a cold? one’s a sick duck…. i cant remember the rest but your mother’s a whore

  • Al

    KG “Mmmmmmmmmm I tink dat’s 4…… to ……..3”

  • B-Trane

    KG @ Noah – This is the NBA…what are you even doing here, the WNBA season starts in June?!

  • WestCoastCelt


  • Ok guys so the Heat took a beating today. Let’s hope ATL can give Cleveland some trouble so they don’t look so damn invincible. I suppose they’re not but I figures Detroit would win at least a game or two.

  • Matt Moore

    “Scal, you forgot to shine my shoes during halftime.”

  • Gofishboston

    “i got no balls. Wanna look?”

  • This is our (E.) House.

  • Ben

    “Suck my Brotherhood”
    Ben from Medway, MA

  • Is that matt moore Qb of the panthers? lol

  • who da guy

    “Suck on this bull!”

  • you mess with the bull you get the horn, you mess with the truth and we take you the f’ck out mother f’kcer that f’cking right f’ck yea ‘fck f’ck f’ck f’ck f’ck bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  • lol

    Mikki Moore: When is this game over fuck
    Tony Allen: Fuck people gonna be sending me more notes now.
    House: This how fuckin run the Garden
    KG: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My House My Team

  • He was talking to Lindsey Hunter btw. Hunter was running his mouth all night. “Hey Lindsey, these shoes will be on your Mom’s bedroom floor tonight while I’m banging her from behind…”

  • Yeah he was going at Hunter all series long. One of the best trash-talking battles I’ve ever witnessed in a playoff series. I wanted to punch Hunter in the face even though I couldn’t hear a word he was saying.
    As for his mom, shes probably in her 60’s by now so….

  • Sal

    Hey Gordon! You wanna try grabbing a real man’s nutsack?

  • Atomic Man

    KG “I’m a dumb mother fucker and a pussy for not playing this entire series”
    “I think I’ll try and suck my own cock if I can find it.”
    “you waana know how you can help”
    I really want that massage

  • My sister and I were sitting pretty close and clearly saw the last comment that KG made: “F’in aholes..”

  • I think you’ve got the wrong site Atomic Dickhead. You must be looking for

  • Atomic Man

    Ah, yeah I guess I made a mistake.
    So, how do you know Kobe wears a purple thong, you must be sucking his cock pretty hard.
    Now let me get back to banging your mother. Oh Yeah pussy- I said it
    Bring it Biatch

  • nate

    “Time to pay up Hunter.. right ‘her would be just fine, I even got Mikki’s knee pads for you.. Yes, in front of my teammates even. muh’fucker, muh’fucker, muh’fucker”
    @Atomic Man
    yeah.. bring it.. in a blog comment forum. awesome, you rule. I remember when I got my first computer, too.

  • Jeff

    KG: Hoffa is under the parquet (and ice). Noah, you won’t be so lucky.