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Anything Left in the Tank?


I have my worries about Game 1 against the Magic on Monday night. There's a good chance the Celtics will be hungover. It's a textbook "letdown" game.

Despite the seven game series and all the OTs, Pierce insists he's not fatigued:

“I ain’t tired,” Pierce said as he slumped against the wall in the
Garden hallway. “I sleep all day and play basketball at night. How can
I be tired?”

I sent a text message to John last night in the 1st quarter saying Rondo looks gassed. Turns out Rondo had gas. Yup, he said an extra-spicy pre-game meal caused an upset stomach. What is it with this kid's pre-game eating habits? Remember the Chick-Fil-A incident against the Hawks? Stick with basic chicken and pasta, please.

The Celtics went 2-2 against the Magic this year, winning the first two with KG and losing the final two without him (actually he played a limited 16 minutes in the last game). One of the losses was that Sunday afternoon (March 8) game where they cut a 22-point deficit down to 3.

I like the Celtics in 6 in this series. But they need to defend like they did in the regular season (even without KG), not the way they defended against the Bulls. Orlando isn't as physical as Chicago. If we hold Howard in check (and by check I mean 25 pts, 15 reb), and just contest their three-point shots, we'll be ok.

On the injury front, the Magic will be without their starting shooting guard Courtney Lee (fractured sinus cavitiy) for the first few games. The C's injury situation remains the same. After the game Perk said his shoulder "spazzed up" but it's fine. Oops…I forgot Orlando's fat blowhard coach Stan Van Gundy doesn't like to talk about injuries.

Cool move by Doc; he had the game plan for the Magic put in the guy's cars after they arrived at the Garden for last night's game. Had they lost, you probably would have found several of the binders along the side of the Pike.

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After the jump – crazy Bill Murray, our favorite Celtics dancer and Rondo getting floored by Noah.




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  • And they just called a normal foul on the picture… when did the NBA turn into the WWE?

  • I think I believe Pierce. Its the freakin PLAYOFFS. No one will use “I’m tired” as an excuse here.
    Now my next question:
    What game will Garnett come back this series??? 🙂
    Who wants to put money on this lol???

  • PS – That picture of Bill Murray is AWESOME haha.

  • baron

    I dont know, it could go one way or another. they should learn from this series. dont lose game 1 on your homecourt, or its gonna be a long series. that and they have respect for the magic, coming into the chicago series I dont think they had any for the bulls.
    Im just glad to be done with the bulls, they played phenomanal, Its gonna be hard for the magic to play that ridicoulous…gonna be another great series though, because we are a very beatable team, just have great heart to make it entertaining

  • Yes, Monday could be a tough one stamina-wise. We’ll see. I think the resilance these guys have shown so far proves alot. Pierce definitely looks tired. Ray Allen, I’m not so sure. That guy is in phenomenal shape. He is constantly practicing his shot, working out etc. I think Monday could still be a “W” for us if Perk, Baby and Mikki Moore do a decent job on DHoward. You’re not going to “stop” him, so you have to let him know there will be no easy ones down low, and make him earn his points at the free-throw line. BTW, Lindsey Hunter was running his mouth all night last night. At EHouse at KG at some fans. What a punk…. Bill Murray sat behind a friend of mine. Here’s the pic:

  • Is there anybody that thinks the magic will be as tough for us matchup wise?
    i sure dont, all they do is jack up threes, and excuse me if im not as scared of hedu, rashard lee, redick, and peitrus shooting threes as i was ben the microwave gordon, hinrich, salmons, and miller
    pierce owns everyone they try to match him up with, ie hedu and rashard, whereas he had a hell of a time with salmons and hinrich
    Rondo put up those kind of numbers against arguably the most athletic point guard in the league, what is he going to do against skip to my lou? i guarantee it will be fun to watch rondo eat his lunch
    perk, as long as he can stay out of foul trouble and thats a big IF, can guard howard straight up as good as anyone in the league; this will be key if perk stays out of foul trouble this series is done in five
    our posts will have the advantage…inside- i know this sounds crazy since they have superman and all but they have superman and no other posts that should be playing in the playoffs, they thrive off a 2 guard 2 wing system playing most of the game with only one post, and while defensively this might give big baby a little trouble trying to guard rashard, i don’t think it will play in to their hands all that much, rashard doesn’t drive to much so he wont be utilizing his quickness on baby, and lets face it how many times did baby get stuck on a guard last series through a switch and come up with a defensive stop… too many to count, he did great on that and im confident in his ability to handle lewis
    keys to the series will be: BOX OUT, perk staying out of foul trouble, and ball movement other than that i see a series that the C’s should win in 5 but im going to predict C’s in 6

  • DRJ

    The key matchup problem for us Lewis. 6’10” top-flight outside shooter. He’s KG’s job, and we have nobody else to shut him down. Don’t think Baby can do it, though he’ll sure try. And if Perk is sitting and Baby’s covering Howard… well, it’s gonna be tough.
    But other than that, we match up pretty well. If we can control (limit) their success from the outside, we’ll be good. Keep driving at Howard… he’ll cooperate by accumulating fouls.

  • The biggest thing in this series is Perk’s foul trouble/shoulder. Same with Baby and Scal. Those are the only guys I feel comfortable at the 4 or 5. Foul trouble is going to be so key in a series where depth at big man is already so depleted, going up against one of the best centers in the league.

  • i dont think baby will have all that much trouble with rashard, because as you said he is a top notch outside shooter
    thats just what he is a jump shooter, he doesnt take the ball to the hoop very often so what trouble is baby really gonna have
    lewis is not a gordon jump shooter, he needs space to feel comfortable shooting, yea he is 6’10 so technically he can get his shot off at will, but there is a difference between getting your shot off and making shots , and lewis is not a in traffic shooter, he is a in space shooter, so essentially all baby will have to do is get a hand up to bother his shot

  • zippittyay

    They should make those celtic dancer outfits available for sale. Or maybe even ebay them after game wearing… yumm.. I keep promising my gf one of those teddy bear green bareback lingerie outfits they wear..