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Good Riddance

Chuck - Red's Army May 2, 2009 Uncategorized 50 Comments on Good Riddance


The Celtics finally put away the Chicago Bulls in Game 7, 109-99. The reason? Eddie House (16 pts, 4-4 3FG, 3 steals) and the bench showed up.

After a fantastic 2nd quarter, I thought this was going to be an easy night. Not the case. Rather than put their foot down on the Bulls throat in the 3rd quarter,
the Celtics gave up 33 points in the quarter and let Chicago shave 7
points off the lead. The Bulls got as close as 4 in the 4th but the C's held on.

Let's revisit that 2nd quarter: The C's surged ahead to a 14 point halftime lead thanks to a 22-2 run. Scal (8 pts) and Eddie were banging 3s. Even Mikki Moore (4 pts, one charge) got into the act.

Despite my prayers that Ben Gordon (33 pts despite 7-23 FG) would be the goat, those horns were worn by John Salmons who shot just 3-for-12.

Perk's shoulder better be ok. I can't take watching Mikki Moore and Scalabrine trying to guard Dwight Howard.

The refs were atrocious. From the Hinrich trips-over-his-feet call on Pierce, to the technical foul on Eddie House after he got an earful from the Bulls bench to the technical foul on Perkins after he did absolutely nothing but grab his shoulder after getting hammered by Brad Miller – they were awful.

Box Score | Recap

Game 1  |  with the Magic is Monday at 8pm.

Tony Allen allegedly got into an argument with the Globe's Marc Spears. Click here to read Scott Souza's take on the situation.

More pics from the game…after the jump.




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  • Celtics Need Refs to Win


  • pierce34

    What was up with Pierce at the end of the game..walking out without talking to the other team or anyone for that matter? STRANGE! I wonder what is up with that…

  • Right now I feel good. The only thing I worry about is the NBA might review the tape and give the Bulls 11 points. Could the officiating had been more obvious? Horse shit technical fouls, giving the Bulls a point 75 minutes after the fact it was a ll a joke. And yet somehow The C’s overcame. Champions always do.

  • Enjoy the off-season you fool.

  • Put the crack pipe down Kobe. You obviously didn’t watch this game.

  • Oh and caps lock is the button in between tab and shift.

  • ShooterMcGavin

    sweet win..all the missed free throws were making me pull my hair out
    this series is over in 4 if powe and garnett are healthy

  • Bullshit from the refs

    yea, keep cheering on you petulant tapeworms. In your sea of green bullshit. Yeah, celtics are the shit. Needing game 7 to defeat a 41 team inexperinced bulls team WITHOUT luol deng. You parasites that post shit like, All i want to punch in the face list. You cocky, pathetic, excuse for human beings.
    You wanna know what clearly shows that David stern and the NBA wanted boston to win? Why suspend howard for an elbow but not suspend rondo for a CLEAR flagrant. We all know you sack of shits get special privileges because your team is the favorite team of a pathetic excuse for an NBA commish.
    Watch out for orlando you tarts.

  • Can someone explain to me why Perk and Miller got that double technical? I saw nothing other than a foul and Perk walking away in a little pain. It was the same guy that called that foul on Pierce when he was 6 feet away from the guy.
    And the bitter Bulls fan, there were horrible calls both ways… You should be happy you got to watch the best playoff series ever. Hell, your team won the best 2 games of it.

  • DRJ

    Paul finally played his game through all 4 quarters. Whew. I knew Eddie would explode sometime. Hard to understand why they didn’t get him more shots… he shot 100%.
    Seemed like the refs were trying hard to blow this game for the Cs:
    – that double tech on Perk and Miller… WTF did Perk do? Nuttin, that’s what.
    – Rondo gets THROWN to the ground by Noah, no flagrant. I would like somebody to explain to me how that is ANY different from the flagrant Rondo got for throwing Hinrich into the table.
    – Have you ever even SEEN a tech called for taunting THE FRIGGIN BENCH???!!?? Wow… that was just mind-blowing.
    – And of course, the tripping foul on Paul when he never touched the guy… (ok, that one I can understand as a typical I-didn’t-see-shit-so-I’ll-make-something-up call.)
    I think we can blow through the Magic, if we want to. Cleveland is NOT gonna have an easy time with Miami, if Wade makes it. And maybe, who knows, the Cs will reach some kind of peak for the ECF.
    Good riddance is right.
    The dream lives on.

  • The officials were in the pockets of the Bulls.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Bulls only made 25% of their prayer shots tonight instead of 75%. That was a big difference.
    The refs were on the Celts side? Are you serious? Gordon pump fakes, dribbles, pump fakes, dribbles and hits a 3 as the shot clock expires. Clear as freaking day. Perk got a whole bunch of BS fouls called on him. Thomas, Noah and Miller all hacked twice as much as they were called for.
    Bulls fan, don’t be tools. The team put up a good fight, but came up short. You have nothing better to do than bitch and moan on a Celts blog for some unknown reason? Pathetic.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Not to mention Noah two-handed shoulder take down of Rondo. No play on the ball. Not at all necessary. Definitely excessive. That’s the definition of a flagrant-2, which means Noah should have been ejected. He didn’t even get a flagrant-1.
    Very next possession Miller goes through Rondo’s head to get the ball. Again, nothing but a 2-shot foul.

  • WestCoastCelt said…
    Bulls only made 25% of their prayer shots tonight instead of 75%. That was a big difference.
    Excellent analysis. So true, so true.
    I think I am going to leave these comments by the Bulls trolls…too funny to delete.

  • Reminds me of last season, first the Hawks fan, then the Cavs fan, then the Pistons fan. Hell, it might have been the same person for all 3 rounds, and might even be this guy. Who cares. We got at least one more round, it was a great series and both teams have a lot to be proud of.
    I’m excited to see Perk and Howard go at each other for a series. Also, as usual TNT screwed up something. They said that the only playoff meeting between the Magic and C’s was in 1992. Nope, that was the year we beat the Pacers then lost in 7 to the Cavs… That series was in 1995. How hard is that to screw up, was their Excel spreadsheet not working right. And according to them all season Doc Rivers was coach of the year last season. Byron Scott should be pissed.

  • Every Rose has its Thorn
    great game for scal and eddie

  • WestCoastCelt

    Yeah, let’s forget about the Bulls and look forward to Orlando. They’re definitely a different type of opponent. Perk has the beef to counter Howard’s strength and Baby is actually better at defending thick bigs than athletic ones. Of course, the problem is Howard’s both strong and incredibly athletic. He’s going to get some, but he can’t go off. If you body him like both Perk and Baby can, let him take all the turnarounds and hooks he wants. Much better that than dunks.
    On the one hand, Perk should have an easier time on the boards since the Magic are a one center, four wing player team, meaning Perk just has to deal with Howard, not also deal with BBD’s guy. On the other hand, with Lewis at the 4, I think this is where we’ll really miss KG. His length and hops can help low and still recover to the 3 and contest or shut down Lewis. BBD can’t come close to doing this. BDD won’t have any problems with Lewis down low, but Lewis might get very comfortable shooting over BBD. It’s going to require Rondo doing better than he did against Rose, and he certainly should.
    Turkoglu is a nice player, but he’s been hampered. Pierce should be able to limit him.
    1) Limit Dwight, which I think is possible, if not every game, most games. He doesn’t always seem to show up. 2) Limit the drive-and-kicks. Cue Rondo.
    Those two things will go a long way to shutting down the Orlando offense and give the C’s a very good chance.
    Don’t overlook Orlando’s D. It’s gotten some press, but it’s still a little underrated. The Bulls did a lot of swatting and, Howard might be licking his chops, but again he’s just one, when Chicago had two guys. The C’s should still be able to get to the paint and either 1) make, 2) kick, 3) dish or 4) be in a good position for offensive boards.
    Good riddance Chicago. Bring on Orlando.

  • Nice win, about time Doc. realized you need House to play more. Refs didn’t bother me, the better team for the most part wins a 7 game series. Being tested like this will only make the Celtics closer as a team and rely and trust the ones who are in uniform.

  • win annnnd win
    thats two for the count and 0 for the ref man

  • clumsy

    The bench showed up when it mattered! The C’s must have the Game 7 mentality all the time..
    This is a great saturday!!! Celtics won! Pacquiao destroyed Hatton!! Confettis will be raining when pacman goes home here!!

  • Great night tonight. Got a high-five from McLovin’ and made the Bulls broadcast team (Stacey King and some other homer) miserable. I sat directly behind them and screamed and yelled for the Celts all night. Something my sister and I witnessed that was great was Noah and KG staringh each other down towards the end of the game during a timeout. Lindsey Hunter then got involved, and KG could clearly be seen mouthing the words “f’in assholes…”. Great night.

  • CelticsUbuntu18

    great series, i dont bother commenting on refs nemore the better team will more often that not prevail at the end but it was highly competitive matchup. The celtics did not play a 7 seed they played a 3 seed i mean ne team would have a tough time defending prayer shots like the bulls made all series. However we have yet to see Celtics defense in any of the games this series and we saw a glimpse at the end of this game to close it out so this is to hoping that we start playing celtics ball and beat the pretenders, Magic.

  • baron

    You scumbag piece of shit
    The bulls took 36 free throws and the celtics took 39, most of which were shot when the bulls intentially fouled at the end. fucking moron.
    Ben Gordon shot more free throws then anyone in the game. moron. most of which were from just diving on the floor. asshole.
    Eddie house got called for a tech for talking to the bulls bench, after thye taunted him on the 3 pt attempt
    Perkins got called for a tech for grabbing his shoulder
    Pierce got called for a foul because hinrich tripped and fell out of bounds
    The league changed a shot ben gordon took in the first half to a 3 in the 4th quarter, in which he traveled, and the refs already had make up calls from the bulls complaining
    have a good off-season fucking moron. I hasve plenty of respect for the bulls, but not for a dipshit fan like yourself

  • I dont think Orlando’s as good as the bulls, well not as good as the bulls played this series
    they dont have the depth at the four and five positions that chicago does
    alston is not near the point that rose is
    c lee is hurt and im not as afraid of the lee, lewis, hedu, peitrus, and jj tandem than i was of the gordon, hinrich, salmons, and thomas
    the keys to the series will be to limit turnovers, box out, and keep the pressure on orlando by driving to the lane and keeping howard in foul trouble

  • Dead on.

  • DRJ

    Two things to add:
    – That “great” Rose block of Scal’s dunk. It was a foul. Just saw the slow-mo replay. He clearly hit him on the forearm.
    – They just showed Noah sitting alone in the locker room, looking very upset, talking to himself. I officially like this guy, a lot. He plays extremely hard, with his whole heart… and you cannot hate a guy who puts his soul into the game like that.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Just watched the highlights and had to mention it here. It goes
    1) BG 3 (after he double-dibbled, though they don’t mention that part) that they only called a 3 90 minutes after it went in.
    2) Rose blocking Scal’s breakaway from behind
    3) Rose floater in the lane
    4) BG 3
    5) House 3
    6) Hinrich 3
    7) Ray breakaway layup and the foul
    C’s win, but 5 of the 7 highlights are Bulls highlights. For all those thinking everyone (NBA, networks, refs) have the C’s back because they are the defending champs, think again. These 7 highlights aren’t proof of anything either way, but looking at this, it’s a much more interesting story to anoint the baby Bulls (Rose and BG in particular) who lost than it is to “stroke” Boston who won. Interesting (and a little annoying actually).

  • JD

    A) You’re retarded, just thought that I’d establish that first.
    B) The Celtics were missing KG and Leon Powe, of course the Bulls are going to do well, especially when they were better than their regular season record because of the Salmons-Brad Miller trade.
    C) The Bulls got every single call in that game; it looked as if the refs were looking to give CHicago the game.
    D) Rondo did not deserve an suspension for slapping Brad Miller in the face; he didn’t wind up, he didn’t do a follow through, Brad Miller’s just a pussy who laughs when things are going his way and practically cries when things go awry.

  • Thank you sir.

  • AMP

    I like Noah too…I feel like I witnessed his dream shattered. He’ll have another chance though. He showed a lot to me. Loved it, and hated it.

  • AMP

    While I may be a Celtics fan, I recognize when I feel lucky that calls have gone our way. I never felt lucky tonight.
    Great game. Good to see Eddie House. I love when he’s on…as entertaining as any legend. Unfortunately, we don’t see it enough. And, like other players, I don’t see any emotional reasons why he’s so on or off. I don’t buy the argument that he hits his first shot, and then has crazy confidence for the rest of the game. I don’t think that is a characteristic of a pro, needing to hit a nice 3 to play. He’s on or off. Simple as that. I think Doc needs to spend off season time with him and Marbury if he stays.
    Overall, liked a lot of what I saw tonight. Pierce was better. Ray performed. Perk gains points with me each playoff game. I think he is shining despite the shoulder. And, Rondo is Rondo. BBD is looking more athletic each day. And I think Mikki is getting momentum and could be critical. Oh…I am so looking forward to this next series!

  • Noticed that too…. kinda weird.

  • Obviously a great win. Great series.
    You know its a classic series when
    A) You arrive at the game and your hands are still sore from the last game and you still have no voice before the game even starts.
    B) You are just as happy to see the opposing team lose as you are to see your team win.
    But to clarify about the refs…. Pierce and Hinrich did hit each others feet on that one play. And House deserved a tech for yelling at the Bulls bench. Only problem is that happens a lot and is not called consistently. Perk-Miller double tech was absolutely awful, but didn’t hurt either team really.

  • Jon

    I have to disagree. He plays with all his heart but every time he uses his head he proves to be a moron. Only Tony Allen makes more ill-advised fouls. He almost goaltended a last second full court heave trying to do the Garnett block-the-shot-after-the-whistle, only it wasn’t after the whistle. He runs up the court in Boston with his finger to his lips to quiet the crowd. Who does he think he is? I think winning in college has inflated his ego and it seems he doesn’t realize he hasn’t done anything to get the benefit of the doubt with NBA refs, players, or fans. His parents are rich and he won titles in college. I’m playing amateur psychiatrist and saying he has entitlement issues. For these reasons, whether they’re true or just perceived, I don’t like him.

  • WestCoastCelt

    (Note: When I started this post, I only intended to ask “What can we expect from Rondo next year?” but I got carried away in a lot of numbers and analysis and, well, you can see what it turned into. Hope it’s worth the read.)
    After 5 games, Rondo was averaging 25/10/10. He missed averaging a triple-double for the series by 5 boards total and ended up with 19/9/12 (and 3 steals and 2 TOs) for the series after two uneven games (well, not in assists).
    We all know his offseason mandate should be to take a million jump shots and free throws. I would add he needs to somehow learn to be full speed all the time. (Why is he ever NOT going full speed? That just kills me.)
    Anyway, this season he was 12/5/8, up from 11/4/5 the year before. For an example of what he can do over an extended stretch, in February this year, playing a bunch of road games no less, he averaged 14/10/7 for the entire month and we know what he just did for seven games against a playoff team.
    So, the question is, what do we expect from Rondo next season? However good of a rebounding PG he is, he’s not going to double his rebounding numbers, so we can dispense with any thought of an Oscar Robertson season right now. He averaged 4.2 last year and then 5.3 this year. Getting to 6.5 seems like a reasonable goal. (Note Jason Kidd averaged 6.1 this season, has had many seasons in the 7s and one season in the 8s.) As for points and assists, it seems he can pile up whichever he wants when he wants to. If he feels the team needs to be set up, he’ll get 15 assists. If the team needs points, he can put up 25, but obviously he’s not going to be doing both every night. I can easily see him bumping his assists up again next season and averaging 10, maybe 11. The points are tough to figure. I’m looking through this year’s game logs and there are many games in the high teens and higher, but there are so many in the single digits, too. The jumper was looking steadier and steadier throughout the year plus the first part of this series, but he lost it the last two games. Obviously, if he can work on it in the offseason, he doesn’t have to make it deadly, just dependable, and it would go a long way to preventing many of those single digit games, plus open up more drives and more assists. Assuming that happens (and since I believe he’s got both a high b-ball IQ and a strong work ethic, I am. Actually, I would assume he improves on a number fronts 1) jump shots (including 3s), 2) finishing drives (as much as he makes a lot of English shots, he seems to miss some he shouldn’t too) and 3) floaters in the lane)), I can easily see his points taking a major jump instead of just an incremental one, say from 12 to 17 points, maybe even more. So, from 12/5/8 to 17/6/10. I think that’s very reasonable and could even reach 20/7/11 if he makes a major leap (and doesn’t break an ankle).
    (Note, for comparison, Chris Paul just averaged 23/5.5/11 playing FIVE AND A HALF MORE minutes per game than Rondo this year. Incidentally, if you prorated Rondo’s numbers to Paul’s minutes, his numbers go from 12/5/8 to 14/6/10. Pretty nifty. And remember the differences in supporting cast; Paul HAS to do as much as he does, whereas Rondo has other who can create on their own.)
    Other notable 2008-2009 PG stats for comparison:
    Williams: 19/3/11 (even more minutes than Paul!)
    Parker: 22/3/7
    Nash: 16/3/10
    Harris: 21/3/7
    Billups: 18/3/6
    Kidd: 9/6/9
    Rose: 17/4/6 (very impressive for a 20 year old rookie)
    First, we know defensively Rondo’s got the edge on all of them, except maybe Paul. Second, only Kidd comes close to Rondo’s rebounds. Third, most are stronger scorers than pure facilitating type PGs (Parker, Harris, Rose, Billups). Williams, Paul and Nash (used to be) are the only three that are both big scorers AND big facilitators and we know Nash is fading and is an awful defender, leaving Williams and Paul as the clear top two PGs in the NBA. And that’s always the debate, right? Paul/Williams, Williams/Paul. For record, I prefer Williams. If Rondo improves to 17/6/10, he’ll be the clear #3 PG in the league behind those two. If he makes the leap to 20/7/11, though, it’ll be a three PG debate.

  • DRJ

    They showed the replay of the Pierce/Hinrich “tripping foul”, and there was no contact visible at all on that replay. Didn’t matter much, of course. And I don’t think anybody should get a tech for saying ANYTHING to the BENCH of the other side… they’re not even in the game ferkrissakes. Plus they taunted him first, which you can readily see on the replay. Again, didn’t matter at all… but it could have. We lost game 6 by 1 point.

  • DRJ

    An interesting side note/question:
    It’s arguable that FOR THIS TEAM, Rondo is better than any PG in the league. Paul would be the only one that might argue the point… but boy, did he fall apart against the Nuggets.

  • WestCoastCelt

    I went to Blog-a-Bull just to see what they were saying. Were they proud of their team as they should be or bitter and spiteful? Guess.
    Anyway, two things of note from my perusal. First, there’s one Celtic fan over there antagonizing them just for fun. Normally, I wouldn’t condone this at all, but he’s really not doing anything. He’s not being vulgar at all. It’s funny because it’s so obvious he’s just saying little things to push their buttons and it’s working. Instead of ignoring him, they’re playing right into his hands. It’s just so stupid of them.
    Second, yes, they’re bitter. “Congrats, you beat a 7 seed.” and “KG and all the Celts have no class/lost our respect.” and “You don’t stand a chance against Orlando.” The whole thing is ridiculous. I mean, it’s clearly not a traditional 2/7 matchup. It’s not a 62-win team versus a 41-win team. The Celts are more like a 53-win team without KG and Powe. The Bulls are more like a 49 or more win team since the trade. That’s very even, not to mention matchups also matter and the Bulls were a tough matchup, hence the tough series. And even if it really was “supposed” to be a blowout, how does it make sense to wail “Enjoy losing in the next round.”? At least our team is going to the next round! Good logic there guys.
    KG and the Celts lost your respect? Celtics fans have no class? This is such a standard complaint in every forum. Every team has the perfect, upstanding players and civil, intelligent fans and all other teams have bastard players and d-bag fans. You’re right, there isn’t one d-bag fan in any of Chicago’s forums and there isn’t one fan in any Boston forums who is NOT a d-bag. Dumbasses.
    Don’t stand a chance against Orlando? Again just ignorant, bitter wailing into the abyss. Not only are the Celts a better team, they also matchup better. The Bulls had 4 good to excellent guards/wing players who could all shoot, slash and dish. Orlando doesn’t have that and will be better controlled. Orlando has Howard, but the Celts have been able to control him before and can again.
    Overall, grow up Bulls’ fans. In your current state, you’re not adding anything to the discussion, just pissing and moaning.

  • DRJ

    I got a question. How come Eddie House, after 2 full seasons with the Cs, only JUST came to the realization that if he plays hard on defense, that’s GOOD for the team, and good for his longevity on the court? How weird is that?

  • WestCoastCelt

    BTW, even the players that were involved in these games, these heavyweight rounds, the hard fouls and bad blood, were able to shake hands and show respect when it was over. Apparently, Bulls’ fans, from their computers, can’t even muster the slightest bit of sportsmanship. Oh well. We won’t miss them anymore than we miss the Bulls themselves.

  • WestCoastCelt

    You can’t really mean that. Eddie’s always been a willing, active defender with the Celts. Unfortunately, effort’s not 100% of the job. He simply doesn’t possess the size, strength or skills to be anything special as a defender. I heard Doc say he played better D tonight, but I didn’t see anything noteworthy. I particularly didn’t see the Bulls specifically target him defensively as they did before. Maybe that’s why he didn’t look like a liability. Still, let’s say he did play better D tonight. It’s possible he just had an above average defensive game for 22 minutes. That can happen. Also, since he didn’t miss any of his five shots, maybe that also made it easier to keep him the game. Anyway, point is Eddie’s a money bomber and that’s his only plus skill (and cheering). He’ll do everything else max effort, but what you get will be a mixed bag. Once in awhile he’ll get you 3-4 assists. Once in awhile he’ll make a steal or two. Consistently, though? No. So, when he’s not doing any of those things AND not making shots (which isn’t often), he’s practically worthless, which is exactly what happened in most of the games this series.

  • DRJ

    Ok, but go over to some of the other blogs and you’ll see similarly dumbass Celtics fans. Fans are like that, worldwide. Let’s be happy that we don’t kill each other, like they do over in Europe from time to time (over “soccer”, no less).
    I’ve seen a lot of hate on our side… our people hate Kobe for sure, hate Noah, Lebron, hate this guy or that guy. (Remember how many hated Marbury?) Me, I don’t hate anybody… that I can think of. I like Noah. I like Kobe (yeah, he’s full of himself, but (a) he’s got a right, he is great after all, and (b) he still works his ass off on the court, a real warrior.)
    The only people I sometimes (ok, often) hate in this game are the refs, for being so incompetent, and stupid, and blind, and corrupt, and assholes. Ok, and sometimes I hate TA, because he is so stupid, and, apparently, dangerous. But that’s it. I don’t hate our opponents. I see them as fellow warriors, to be respected as comrades in arms when the games are done.
    Yeah, this may come off as all holier-than-thou. Can’t help that… it’s actually how I feel.

  • DRJ

    Doc sounded like he thought Eddie did a fantastic job on D in this game. I wasn’t watching him that closely, so not sure… but in the plays I did see, he was very effective.
    But it was his post-game interview that engendered my question, in which he said that he realized that his activity on the defensive end was getting him up on the offensive end, etc. He sounded surprised at how positive the results were from his efforts on defense. I found that puzzling. I would have thought he knew that by now.

  • Good thing “Larry” House showed up. And this from a reputable sports site.
    (check the upper right portion recaps)

  • baron

    Who cares. he was exhausted.

  • baron

    he was effective last night because he was fresh and everyone else was running in mud.

    I was getting real nervous when we started to slip in the second half. Glad we pulled it out.
    I hear what some of you are saying about Noah and how he gives it his all, but I can’t stand that dude.
    Eddie House foul for talking to the Bulls bench was one of the worst of the night but thankfully it didn’t make too much of a difference in the game.
    Lets bring on Orlando and pray to the basketball gods that Perks shoulder is ok. Anyone have any news on that?

  • I think that derron williams would be just as good, if not better for this team than paul
    paul needs the ball in his hands constantly so he can create, i think that derron would be more willing to do some of the give to the big three and watch that a point on this team has to do
    also could you imagine the amount of open threes derron would have?
    wait a second, wouldnt somebody who runs an offense, is unselfish, knows how to manage an abundance of stars on one team, a can knock down open threes, be the best point for this team?
    that being said im not sure (for this year only) chauncey would not be the best option

  • Watch the replay again… Pierce and Hinrich made contact… Very slight, but they did. THey showed it at the Garden and most fans stopped complaining about it. Maybe they didn’t show that replay at home.

  • DRJ

    Yeah, Billups would be a great fit. Esp with all that extra shooting capability. But hey, Rondo’s our guy 🙂