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You’re Not Enjoying This?


I'll start by quoting the worst coach/GM in the history of the Boston Celtics – "All the negativity in this town sucks."

I am truly disturbed with the negative attitudes of many of our readers. The Celtics and Bulls are about to finish off the greatest playoff series in the history of the NBA and all I hear/read are:

Yes. I'm still furious. the Celtics had this game, and quit

It's dumb vs dumber.

It should not have come to this. Friggin game 7 at home where all the pressure is on us. 

The fault, dear fan, is not in KG, but in ourselves. That we have sucked.

And that's just a small sample of the comments we've received. During last night's live blog, we got flooded with "this game is over" comments anytime the C's fell behind by four points in the 4th and/or OTs.

Please take a peak outside, you'll realize the rest of the work is marveling at what an incredibly dramatic playoff series this has been.

Yes the Celtics are the better, more experienced team. But you gotta put aside your hopes that this series was going to end in 4 or 5. Upsets happen. Underdogs sometimes challenge the favorite. It's what makes us sports fans. We love this shit.

If the Celtics blow this series, then you can get all pissed off. But by doing so now, you're only missing out on some damn good basketball.

UPDATE: The Celtics will not practice today.

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  • “Kevin Garnett isnt walking through that door. James Posey is not walking through that door either.”
    I feel all this hate stems from the fact that we are all still mad about this entire KG situation. We are taking all the anger of that injury on the fact that this series isnt over yet.
    Fact is, we were up 8 on the road with 5 minutes left in Game 6.
    Fact also is, we were down 11 at home with 9 minutes left in Game 5.
    When you have an all-time great series like the one were going through now, the great moments will feel spectacular while the low moments make u wanna give up on the team.
    We were in this exact same scenario last year in Round 1 and won the game by 30. I have no doubt that this team WILL show up in Game 7. Chicago, bring your A game.

  • I peeped the live chat a couple of times (don’t have a laptop) and I think I saw the “this game is over” cries in the first quarter!

  • Best basketball I’ve seen in all my life. At different points last night, I was laughing, swearing and kneeling on the floor. What a series. Who can you really blame? Who….? Game 7 should be alot of fun. And remember, last year’s title run started off with a 7-game series….

  • Danno

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Chuck. This has been the most entertaining NBA playoff series I think I’ve ever seen.
    So much anger around here lately. So much crybaby entitlement. It almost makes some of the comments on that “KG is the worst person in the world” article about Celtics fans ring kind of true.
    At any rate, I’m trying to prepare my self for my Weekend at TD Bank Garden. I will be there tonight for the B’s and Tomorrow night for Game 7. hopefully I won’t have a heart attack before sunday.

  • Thank you KWAPT
    I’m gonna be at the game tomorrow and am hoping to see some more amazing basketball!!
    (and a celts win of course)
    (hopefully in regulation, I dont need a heart attack at the Garden)

  • I have to keep reminding myself that we went to 7 games last year at this time too. So we aren’t behind at all if you think about it. Right on track for #18. If people looked at it that way they’d stop bitching.

  • and also.. for everyone who is worried about a slumping pierce, just remember he has the most points through six games in this series with 142… even with Jesus’ amazing performance last night
    also where are you gonna be danno?

  • Remember the Patriots/Giants? Wade Boggs? You don’t have to yell at Pierce for missing a free throw. Larry Bird missed some game losing shots. Entitlement is the right word for some of us who are lately spoiled by all the Boston teams. If they lose will you love them less? Well, yes, some of us will. Some marriages don’t last, either. I’ve been a fan since Russell’s Celtics against Wilt’s 76ers, and believe me, this is great stuff. Treasure it, because we will be bad again someday. It hurts to be a real fan, but that how, when anything’s possible, the high is so incredible. Hang in there.

  • Lakerhater

    Great post Bigmck! I said it two days ago and I’ll say it again, I LOVE THESE CELTICS! They are playing with next to no bench, everyone (including some of the posers on this site) keeps counting them out but they just keep battling. This team has heart and if you cant love and respect that your a douche. Two years ago I would give my left nut to see the c’s in the playoffs and now they are defending champions.
    And just for history’s sake, there was a HUGE pile of d-bags saying we wouldn’t survive Atlanta last year. After that we couldn’t move on because it took the c’s seven games to kill the hawks. How did it finish out last year? I guess some have forgotten.
    If nothing else, those of you lucky enough to live in Boston should love these guys for taking all of these series out to seven games. Think of the games and memories you would have missed if the swept their way through.

  • rvr

    i won’t love them less if they lose the series. and i give them a ton of credit for playing hard, especially given all the injuries they’ve dealt with, and the struggle to integrate new bench players. i am so happy with glen davis i can’t even say. and rondo, can’t say enough good about rondo. so there’s a lot of good here.
    that said, i won’t be a yes man here, either. the series has been frustrating. the bulls are playing up to the level of the competition, and the celtics seem to be playing down at times. my biggest issue is the defense. i just don’t like the lapses on defense. not closing out shooters who have been killing us, not guarding the paint well against guys like miller. very frustrating when the difference between a win and a loss is a couple of stops.
    on the offensive side, i got so pissed at them not feeding ray, and not moving the ball. they were stagnating and playing the score when they should have been pushing the ball and going to the rim.
    that’s my take. i’m probably wrong, and just frustrated they lost. i’ve never played in the nba, coached in the nba, or anything close. so i don’t know crap. the series has been thrilling and incredible, but i don’t love it.
    finally, it can’t be the best series ever, because it’s a first-round series. i would be very happy if this were the finals, or even the ecfs. but i don’t think a first-round series can ever be the best. so there you go.

  • Lindsay

    Honestly, yes im having a hard time enjoying the bulls make circus shots, there entire team play collectively out of their minds, best basketball of their careers, and the celtics play so many minutes that its ridicoulous. I do not enjoy watching the celtics have no bench production or losing close OT games. or in last nights case 3 overtimes when they had an 8 pt lead with 3 minutes to go, BBD is eating them alive, and doc puts in tony allen for him . I dont enjoy watching mikki moore, stephon marbury, eddie house struggle, and I dont enjoy watching powe and KG on the bench.
    I do enjoy the heart of the current starting 5. the 3 young guys getting better, rondo perk and baby and ray and pierce playing like true celtics. but i dont enjoy it still not being enough

  • WestCoastCelt

    It’s KG. It’s Thibodeau’s scheme, but KG makes the D dominant. The impact of his absence can’t be overstated. I didn’t think it was possible that one guy could hold an entire defensive scheme together himself, but he does. They were elite with him. Without him, they’re nothing special, I would hesitate to even call them average. Even if he’s not the most storied 1-on-1 lockdown defender, he’s easily the most valuable defensive player in the league.

  • DRJ

    Look, nobody can accuse me of not having sufficient faith in our decimated team when this all started. It’s in the record. Here is my case for why this is NOT a great series, a “classic”, etc.
    It is true that the games themselves have been extremely entertaining, with amazing action, as everyone says. But “classic”, for me, is defined as when two


    teams clash AND you have games like we’ve seen. Chicago is not great, far from it… they’ve been playing out of their minds, making one impossible miracle shot after another (amazing, really, how that keeps happening). The Cs, sadly, are also far from great at this point. First because we’re decimated, of course. But I thought, still think, we should be able to rise to the occasion. Alas, that has not happened. And no one has been more disappointing than Paul Pierce. And Doc.
    Yesterday I blamed Doc for taking that last timeout, thus assuring the loss. But if memory serves, it was Paul who actually called it. Either way, both have performed well below expectations. Paul, for reasons unknown, has had too many mental and physical lapses, usually at the very worst possible times. You can lay ALL THREE losses at his feet. Missing critical free throws. Hogging the ball at THE critical moment, taking highly contested shots vs. 2-3 defenders instead of finding the (wide, WIDE) open man. Etc. And Doc… simply lacks imagination, always has. So much so that he cannot imagine that hey, maybe we should give the last shot to Ray this time, since Ray after all, is SUPER HOT. But no… another Paul iso.
    I suppose the team that deserves to win will win. I can no longer say that we “deserve” to win. The Bulls are the ones who stepped up their game, big time. We stepped down.
    If the Bulls by some miracle go on to win it all, THEN at least one town can consider this a classic series.
    But the truth is, whichever team wins will not get out of the East. The Bulls because they’re not good enough (yet). The Celtics because Paul has stepped down too far. And because Doc is only a great players’ coach, with glaring deficiencies in the rest of his game. In any event, paraphrasing my favorite human of all time: the world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here. And it will surely forget what they did here.
    But… hope abides. We’ve been down this road before, a 7-game series in the first round, glory thereafter. It’s still possible. I still believe… just less than I used to.

  • DRJ

    Wow… using

      tags caused that line break for the word “great”. O well.
  • DRJ

    And AGAIN. Lol. That was the “ul” tag. Don’t use it.

  • SydneyCeltic

    Thank you! I’m so glad someone finally said it!