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Why Ray Allen Can Do What He Does

Ray allen shoots
Ray Allen was awesome last night.  Unreal.  If I was going to list all the people responsible for losing that game, Ray Allen would not be on that list.

But Ray is awesome for a reason.  On a night where he shot 18 of 32, and 50% from 3, he had this to say after the game.

"As an individual I do everything I
can to be ready for whatever play comes my way or whatever I can do to
help this team win," Allen said. "The ball stopped moving. The bigs
started setting screens. And the shots were there. When I was sitting
in the shower I was thinking about all the plays that I missed, all the
shots that I missed that didn't end up falling.

you're on the losing end, you just think about all the great
opportunities we had to win, all the bad plays that we made. It was
reminiscent of games in this series past where we couldn't close it

He scored 51 and hit every big shot… and he's killing himself after the game.  He's such a perfectionist, other perfectionists
look up to him.  He wants… no, needs… everything to go just right.  He's deriving motivation from one of the best scoring nights in playoff history. 

Every Hall of Famer has a quality that is impossibly out of whack, but is the sole reason he can drive himself to be better than everyone else.  KG has his intensity.  Ray's got an overwhelming desire for perfection.  Any hint of failure is a total failure.  It's amazing to watch.

Just a side note, which reiterates something I said in the live blog:  I've never seen a series in which almost every big shot that needed to be made by either team, was mas made.  It's amazing to watch… even though I can't enjoy it

I've also never seen so many individuals on one team collectively raise their games quite like the Bulls players have.  John Salmons is a good player… but he was channeling Michael Jordan last night.  I can keep going down the list, but it's too long.  Every player on the Bulls is playing WAAAY out of his mind right now. 

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  • How does ray allen score 51 points in a loss?
    a. you stop giving him the ball. fucking DUHHH. im infuriated with ball hog, turnover pierce. hes played like tony allen in this series.
    Yes. Im still furious. the celtics had this game, and quit, self admittedly sat there and tried to run the clock down in a series where no lead has been safe and there have been circus shot after circus shot to send it into overtime, and because of that idiotic, metally insane approach they could now lose this series. WHAT OTHER TEAM DOES THAT? this team has nothing but heart left, because they arent very bright, doc is offically an idiot (as much as I like him)
    The only guy im happy with is ray allen, is he really the only one who wanted this series over with and realized how important a game it was?
    Paul, I hate to say this, but you have lost basketball respect from me…wake the fuck up. couldnt have played any more moronic last night. you deserve to lose the series because of it. kudos

  • Oh and I no longer think this is the greatest playoff series ever
    its dumb vs dumber.
    the bulls are a joke. i dont care. they have played completly out of their minds in this series, every single god damn player is playing the best basketball of there FUCKING CAREERS.. and the celtics are being really stupid acrodd the board/
    still happy KG cussed the bulls off the court in game 3, or yelled choke to brad miller in game 5? these things are more then clearly motivating the bulls
    we could have won every game. EVERY DAMN GAME WAS OURS TO WIN. and we have now choked or just plain had a brain fart in 3 of the games

  • After trying to sleep off this terrible loss, three things jump out at me as major factors that we lost this game down the stretch.
    1. Tony Allen: he had a GIMME under the basket that could have sealed it. It was barely contested and he CHOKED.
    2. Rondo missing TWO big free throws.
    3. And of course the Pierce foul on Noah.
    Fuck, it should not have come to this. Friggin game 7 at home where all the pressure is on us.

  • yup, rondo missing 2 free throws was indicative of his night…he was terrible scoring the ball and his jumpshot was wayyyy off last night. he was, unfortuantely intimidated by the bulls crowd and by all the threats the bulls made in the media, and all the conspiracies that he would get decked to the floor if he went to the hole
    Tony allen being in the game period
    and losing to an inexperienced bulls team when youre up 8 with 3 to go is inexcusable, especially in the fashion they did it. it was pathetic

  • Yes sir. My thoughts exactly. That game was OURS. Doc lost a little if me last night as well.
    I don’t give a flying F?CK about Tony Allen and his “defense”. He is a liability and should NOT have been on the floor at ALL down the stretch.

  • Just saw that article “will rondo finally get suspended” and I am offically disgusted…suspended for what, why IN GODS NAME WOULD HE HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED IN THE FIRST PLACE, PRICK.
    I am stunned at what hate the national media and blogs have for the celtics. and theyre jumping with glee right now.
    rondo shouldnt be suspended, and yet agian the media is going to make something OUT OF NOTHING..
    its so ludicrous, that kirk hinrich throws a punch and all the national media can talk about is a nonexistent rondo elbow….
    is it becoming painfully obvious that they are doing anything to take away from how great hes played? and now someone left a comment on that blog “i know rondo and am not suprised he went after 2 white guys”
    seriously? blows my mind

  • BigMck

    ToTheRuins – I have some great meds for you.

  • BigMck

    Wow…that Fanhouse article is obscene. Comparing Rondo to Horry and his hipcheck on Steve Nash? Did you watch the same game?
    I will say this until my head explodes:
    HINRICH STARTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yup, I hate this series honestly.
    Rondo finally gets noticed nationally and starts getting a ton of credit, only for the people who have had it out for him all along to ruin his reputation a few days later…hes dirty, he threw an elbow at hinrich, blah blah blah…
    Um Hinrich started it. Hinrich hit rondo in the the throat. Hinrichs a saint. rondo devil

  • Oh, yes ive even heard theoris rondo is rascist, because miller and hinrick are both white (this is what KG gets alot)
    So, what were his altercations with rafer alston, mario chalmers and kobe bryant???
    theyre white too?

  • It’s hard to imagine either one of these teams having much left after this series of 40 quarters of tough basketball

  • Atomic Man

    Oh Yeah boys and girls Game 7 and the Bulls are going to wipe the asses of your beloved Celtics.
    Brad Miller took over that game, how ironic isn’t it losers.
    I think the best part of that game was Noah dunking on PP. He made him look like a little girl.
    I can’t wait for Saturday when we finish you fuckers off.
    Go Bulls

  • “I think the best part of that game was Noah dunking on PP. He made him look like a little girl”
    Speaking of irony….

  • AMP

    As much as I loved Ray’s performance last night, I don’t think 1 player scoring 40% of the points is a good indication of a strong team. If he scored that much because he was shooting 100%, that would be a different story. I am still positive we will win this. And we’ll bode better against a better team…even if we ultimately lose.
    By the way, though I feel guilty about it, I am done with TA. It is as if he learned nothing from last year’s playoff run. I find him to have poor judgment, play as if he’s inexperienced, and not even that fun to watch. I used to think he was the most entertaining Celtic! Now I cringe.

  • DRJ

    Dumb vs. dumber. Good one. Accurate.

  • lmao… best response ever