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Rondo, Hinrich Not Punished

People WAAAAAAY overreacted to this Rondo/Hinrich tussle.  In my opinion, the refs pretty much got the call right.  Maybe the punishments should have been equal, considering Hinrich's push… but whatever… I can see why they made this call.

But idiots were calling for suspensions.  Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for us, there won't be any.  The Celtics would have been toast without Rondo.  Losing Hinrich would have hurt the Bulls too… but not to the extent a Rondo loss would have hurt the C's. 

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  • baron

    You know the most ireelevant thing that happened in that game? the rondo and hinrich skirmish. easy.
    ESPN tried to make it the most relevant thing, theyre trying to paint rondo as a dirty player and rose as a superstar, forgetting rondo has outplayed pimple face and averaged a triple double. they dont care, they just try to play NBA front office and suspend rondo for nothing…I mean the loud mouth losers are calling his foul on brad miller a flagrant still….hey talking heads, the NBA ruled it was not…shut up

  • rcry

    it’s ridiculous how 2 plays (and the media) have trashed Rondo’s reputation…