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I Don’t Understand Why LeBron Would Leave This

I mean, Cleveland has SOOOO much to offer.  I don't get why he's as good as gone in 2010

Blatant antagonism of Cleveland fans courtesy of The Internet Is Terrible.  NSFW lyrics

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  • THANK YOU! That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. After a week of incredible games, a bad cold and a mean boss, that was just the laugh I needed. Sooo excited for tomorrow night-can’t wait.

  • Rvr

    I’m going to the game tomorrow with mates from work. Anyone else here going? Where’s the best place to park?

  • baron

    why is it that everywhere I go I have to see something ‘derrick rose: a superstar is born’
    Im getting tired of it. Rondo has soundly outplayed him in the series, and dont make him out to be some great defender becasuse he blocked rondos shot please, it was more of a dumb play by rondo then anything else. rondo is averaging a triple double and much less turnovers then rose. sorry media.

  • baron

    Oh and I dont find that video funny whatsoever.
    Why would I hate cleveland, a part of my country? because they have a good basketball team? makes no sense, I realize most sports fans despise opposing players and cities, but thats just not part of my being a sports fan, because I simply dont get it. I despise when people from other cities alientate and hate on boston just because its boston and we have good sports teams. thats pathetic, no?

  • My in laws are in Cleveland so I go there a couple of times of year. This video is so true. They all love the vid as well, so there’s no hating, just having a sense of humor about a sub par city.
    The good thing about Cleveland is that I live in New York, so when I go out there, I feel like P. Diddy in the bars because everything so cheap compared to here

  • Rvr-Park at Mass.General Hospital. It’s a 7 minute walk to the Garden, and if you say you’re visiting a patient, it’s only 10 bucks. Or, you can park on Causeway St, pay $25, and wait 30 minutes to get out. lol….