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Hinrich’s Version of the Story


Here's how Kirk Hinrich described his little skirmish with Rajon Rondo:

"I was just boxing him out and he tried to throw me to the
side," Hinrich said. "I pushed him, so I guess they looked at it and
gave him a flagrant and gave me a technical. I just shoved him."

said Rondo didn't punch him, but it will be another busy day at the
league office sorting out this incident. No suspensions are expected,
largely because both players stopped their aggression after the initial
collision and took no escalating action.

"It’s playoff
basketball and you're going to have run-ins like that and it happens,"
Hinrich said. "… I kind of shoved him and then I don’t know who
stepped between us. I'd have to look at it. It kind of happened real
fast. I don’t think he threw a punch at me. It’s one of those things
where you get caught up in the moment and you try to catch yourself and
bring yourself back down."

My favorite line is "I was just boxing him out." Really Kirk? All the way to the sideline? Even after the Bulls had secured the ball? That's one helluva thorough box-out.

Hinrich should focus on making layups with the game on the line rather than his box-outs.

And check out this "observation" from Kevin Allen of the Chicago Sun Times:

After watching the replay, it seems obvious — this is clearly more of
an egregious display of unsportsmanlike conduct than Dwight Howard's
errant elbow the other night — the same one that sentenced him to
watching his team and
live blogging about it
instead of playing. Rondo was charged with a flagrant foul and Hinrich
was charged with a technical, but neither were ejected from the game.

Yes – he actually thinks Rondo's push is worse than Dwight Howard's elbow to Samuel Dalembert's face. The Sun Times should be embarrassed that they hired this moron.

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  • Danno

    My comments to the Sun-times site’s article, as posted:
    This article, and the complete embellishment of what ACTUALLY happens in that clip, vs. what is being exaggerated for dramatic(and blatantly false)effect is yet another example of horrendous “homerism” in regional sports journalism from the Windy City. It reads like a tossed script of the 1990’s SNL skit “Da Bears” where local sporsts pundits laud Chicago’s awful, mediocre teams – as if they could do no wrong. It’s kind of sad that this is what contemporary sports journalism has become.
    Hinrich fouled rondo by pushing him into the scorers table all the way from the foul line, LONG after the play was over, and as a reaction Rondo Grabs Hinrich’s arm to pull himself back up – and free his arm from Hinrich’s elbow lock. I notice no one here mentions that Hinrich CLEARLY had Rondo’s right arm in an illegal elbow lock while pushing him back – which explains why Rondo doesn’t just run up the court on offense – because he couldn’t, as he was being held and pushed out of bounds.
    Hinrich then reacts like a 5 year old who just had his ice cream taken away by a bully, and charges Rondo with his chest puffed out like a kitten in the face of a scary adversary. It was sadly comical. Like watching a 4th grader who doesn’t want to fight trying to show he wasn’t a wimp, and failing miserably at it.
    The refs got it right, flagrant on rondo for the toss, Tech on Hinrich for the hilarious histrionics, and complete lack of testicles. Except, for the fact that they ignored the initial foul by Hinrich on Rondo in trying to back him off the court and into the scorer’s table while holding his arm in a reverse half nelson.

  • Dissent

    Rondo threw him into an announcer’s table and then elbowed him in the face.
    That is on tape.
    And that’s what is worse than Howard’s elbow.
    If a Bulls’ player got away with the same thing you guys would be out of your gourds.

  • ComeTheEffOn

    LOL..you guys cannot be serious..You guys are the “Homerism”. Rondo literally tossed Hinrich to the scorers table. Replay even showed he tossed him. Stop being so damn biased.

  • ComeTheEffOn

    Your a complete Idiot. Stop trying to deny it when its caught on Tape.

  • WestCoastCelt

    It was the only way Rondo could release himself from Hinrich holding him. How is that not obvious? Morons.

  • Danno

    Looks liek I got the scared Chi-town poussaiz panties in a bunch Kevin Allen actualy responed to me asking em If I thought rondo should be ejected.
    Here’s my reply:
    My answer would be to look back into the NBA archives for playoffs games and suspect fouls/altercations that didn’t garner ejections or suspensions that were far more egregious than anything that took place in this series, before writing such an infantile and obviously biased article. It reads much like Hinrich’s little pantywaist show boating last night. All fluff and no substance.
    Admit it – you wrote this to get the teeming unwashed masses of Chicago fans all riled up over the fact that your team is losing to the Celtic’s bench, and you’re begging for another Celtics starter to be lost so you might have a chance to win.
    Think about that for a minute.
    But I’m sure your rantings here are generating lots of click-though counts and advertising revenues for your parent companies, so good for you for selling your journalistic integrity over to the man, and writing like a scared lapdog.

  • Way to go Danno! Fight the good fight.
    Not sure why all these Bulls fans refuse to watch the incident from the very beginning, i.e. the boxout which started it all. They only see Rondo’s r-e-t-a-l-i-a-t-i-o-n.

  • I ask again:
    When did Chicago become such a soft town? What happened to the tough guys like Ditka, Jordan, Payton who were rightfully praised for being tough competitors. Now all the Chicago media and internet commentators are pouting about a tough playoff altercation??? Come on Chi-town, you used to be intimidating!?! Now you’re looking like a bunch of crybabies.

  • Dissent

    Boxing out a player is a basketball play.
    Throwing someone into the stands is not.

  • Lakerhater

    Rondo was justified, Heinrich had it coming and at least he didn’t cry like a little bitch like Brad Miller. I LOVE OUR POINT GUARD! Big basketball skills and tough without being a thug.

  • Danno

    Here’s the best part – after I called him a sellout lapdog, he made a veiled gay joke about me being a “Rent” cast member, and when I tried to post another comment calling him on it – he refused to allow my reply, and went back and edited his comment.
    What a fucking pussy. LOL.
    Dude, you just got owned.

  • CometheEffOn

    When was hinrich holding him Idiot? Hinrich boxed out rondo and got tossed..If you look at the replay and open your damn eyes you might actually see it

  • CometheEffOn

    How was Rondo “tough” tossing someone who was off balance to the scorers table? Then backing off…Idiot

  • haha

    When did Celtics become a bunch of crybabies? After every loss they blame it on the refs. Oh yea thats right, they always were cry babies LMAO

  • Lakerhater

    Maybe your right. He should have continued on and beat the piss out of heinrich, got ejected, got suspended…yeah that makes total sense..I see your point.
    Stop huffing red spray paint moron.

  • Did you really “Laugh your ass off” at your own comment? High comedy, must have been over my head.
    Also funny: I haven’t seen one person blame the refs for last night’s loss. I only see the Mid West up in arms that Rondo isn’t in jail for shaking some funboy off of him who was trying to box him out 25 feet from the basket after the rebound was pulled down

  • Danno – can you give me the exact line he used? I want this tool exposed.

  • CometheEffOn

    I never said he should have fought. I said he should at least be in his face about it. Not back peddling. Idiots…

  • Danno

    Kevin Replies: A scared lapdog? What are you, a cast member from Rent?

  • Yawn

  • rvr

    let’s be honest, here. it’s *very* hard to tell who was holding who from that video. it looks like maybe hinrich started out pushing rondo back, but rondo ended up holding his arm in frustration, and then pulling him towards the sideline. anyway, i wouldn’t be confident enough either way to make the kind of statements you guys are making. rondo was frustrated for some reason, and he reacted. then hinrich reacted to that. that’s pretty much all we can tell.

  • Who cares, nothing is going to happen to either player..

  • DRJ

    What I saw was the heini grapped Rondo, Rondo responded by tossing him into the table… which was a stupid thing to do of course. He should have just flopped. Then the heini goes OUT OF CONTROL, charging at Rondo to start a fight. At this point, Rondo realizes he’s in an NBA game, and refuses to fight. (Believe me, Rondo would fight anybody, and he would have decked the heini. But not in a game, of course.)
    Not sure it’s a flagrant on Rondo. No wind-up, no follow-through, which the Referee Guide specifically mentions in their guidelines for flagrants. But that same Referee Guide specifies that for “fighting”, a player must be immediately ejected. Heini charging Rondo was a clear attempt to fight. Had nobody stepped in, the heini gets ejected for sure. As it happened, he still deserved an ejection for picking the fight.
    The league will probably not suspend anybody. Not for a game 7 in what some are calling a “classic” series.

  • Lakerhater

    They have a Referee Guide? I was convinced the refs just made this sh*t up depending on circumstances. But your analogy is right, Heinrich is pissed and wants to fight, Rondo is aware the schoolyard monitor is watching and restrains himself.
    Tale of the tape:
    Reach – Rondo
    Height – Rondo
    Weight – Heinrich
    Speed – Rondo
    Prediction: Rondo wins via TKO in the first round.

  • ChicagoLoser

    Youre a moron
    rondo elbowed him in the face?
    Grow up

  • moron

    Actually the celtics never blamed the refs for a loss, that was chicago