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Ainge Says Forget About KG

Marc Spears asked Danny about KG playing in Game 7:

Kevin Garnett will not only not be available tomorrow but is done
for the season, according to Celtics president Danny Ainge. Ainge said
in a text message early this morning that the injured All-Star will not
be returning for the rest of the playoffs.

"I'm not planning on him the rest of the season," said Ainge.

Nothing like some piss in your morning coffee.

Even if KG is unavailable, why not lie and create a distraction for the Bulls? You could go so far as to dress Garnett for the game. As long as the Celtics players know it's a ploy I don't see the harm. I know Red would do it.

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  • baron

    I already have forgotten about him…why anyone assumed he would come back is clearly lost.
    Anyways. all im hearing on ESPN is, Karma came back to bite the celtics, rondo attackted hinrich, rondo goaltended hinrich, the baby bulls have grown up and are shocking the defending champions, etc etc.
    still forgetting we have only 5 contributing players, 3 of which fouled out last night, 2 of which are hurt, and the team is completly depleted.
    the bulls, on paper, are just as good or better then us right now. im sick of hearing about how theyre shocking the world.

  • DRJ

    If KG were still playing unhurt, and Paul and Doc were playing as they have been, we would still have lost. If not to the Bulls, then to the next team, or the next.
    The fault, dear fan, is not in KG, but in ourselves. That we have sucked.

  • I thought there might have been a slight chance he might come back later in the playoffs IF we could make it. But we still have not done that yet.
    Hopefully the home crowd can put a spark under these guys and we can come away with a win. With all the injuries and BS we have been through it would be amazing. I still believe.

  • or we could be even more devious and say hes not playing til he shows up in that suit and then all of a sudden BAM hes on the court ready to go…or not…

  • NineSevenEight

    Agreed. It’s insanity the way no one is giving the Celtics any credit for playing with basically 5 guys. Without their main rebound guy in Powe (who’s also a threat to put up major offense) and HOFer in KG is ridiculous. And then comparing it to the Bulls losing Deng is laughable. All I hear is how the Bulls are taking the defending world champs to task when technically-physically even-the defending champs are missing key members of what won them the title. You can’t overlook that and unfortunately it is. The Bulls have caught a serious break considering the wins we had over them in the regular season WITH KG were in the double digits.
    The bench has been invisible and Eddie House has been exposed for his one-dimensional play, I’m afraid. I expected him to be the C’s biggest threat off the bench with Leon out and on the rare occassion that he does get an open look, he mostly misses. But you can’t blame the guy when he’s on the bench 99% of the time. He just can’t drive or create his own shot which has made it easy for Chicago to cover him.