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Win Autographed Garnett Stuff

Kg gear
The Sporting News is giving away free things signed by Kevin Garnett (and other Adidas guys).  It's the stuff they had in their March Madness campaign.  All you've got to do is go to their site, tell them which rookies you hope follow in the current crop of Adidas guys' footsteps, and you'll be entered to win.

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  • Sorry, this is off topic. It actually fits with the previous “hate” post. Someone has actually started an online petition to suspend Rondo. No, I am NOT kidding. I wish I could take the time to research and see who this clown is, but I’m at work. Maybe someone else can. See this ridiculousness here:

  • So lame. Let’s close this fucking series out tonight so we can be done with those guys

  • Nora

    Lame. It really is the only way Bulls could pull off this series is to get Rondo out of the game imo. They can’t stop him, lol.
    It is so ridiculous is this. Brad Miller is how big and Rondo is how big again?