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Vote Early, Vote Often

Chuck - Red's Army April 30, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Vote Early, Vote Often


Actually – we don't want you to vote for boobs… and you can't really vote often.  But we want you to vote for Red's Army as the Best Celtics blog in New England.

Click here to vote. Only one valid email address per vote.

If we win, we might giveaway a bunch of T-shirts.

The final results will be announced Tuesday, May 12 at McGreevy's in Boston.

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  • Done and done. Its unfortunate you guys didn’t get the nom for “Best New England Sports Blog”. Wish there was a “write-in” spot.
    Tonight we finish the Bulls. I can smell the blood in the water. I can feel it, Pierce will “play” the “whole game” and we will hopefully get a few days of needed rest before the Philly/Orlando series is done.

  • And a question. I’m seeing a NESN logo on that Rondo banner? Did you guys kiss and make up???

  • Yes we did. Its all good.

  • DRJ

    In this lull before the storm, here are some more notes on the site which you may or may not find interesting:
    – Nice new banner graphic. Big improvement (like the glow too). Note: It’s customary to make the banner clickable as a link to the home page. Very easy, and it’s useful when you’re bouncing from one thread to another.
    – Personally, I think Rondo has become more important than any of the Big 3. Maybe you can find a way to add him, and probably Perk as well, to that banner? No big deal tho…
    – You used to have the comment count appear inside each thread too. Good idea. Especially in light of…
    – The ideal is when threads self-update with any new posts. That’s very complicated (java, etc.), so the next best thing is the ability to update a thread by clicking page refresh. In this new site, that doesn’t seem to work. (At least not in Firefox). So if you could arrange for a page refresh to actually refresh all comments, as well as the comment count, that would be cool.

  • Good to hear.

  • You guys got my vote-I also posted it to my Facebook and encouraged people to also vote for RedsArmy. Hope you guys win.

  • awesome! Thanks

  • Aingelives


  • Hey that’s true. The header should be clickeable to homepage, it’s a common practice and very useful…
    Go Celtics, from Argentina!!!

  • WestCoastCelt

    Who’s the chick?