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One More Round

Chuck - Red's Army April 30, 2009 Uncategorized 44 Comments on One More Round


A Game 7 is the only way to settle the greatest playoff series in the history of the NBA.

Ray Allen was simply awesome: 51 pts, 9-18 3FG and countless big shots in 59 minutes.

The Celtics went on a sick 23-3 run in the fourth quarter to take an 8 point lead with 3 minutes left, but they tightened up offensively down the stretch and let the Bulls back into the game.

The overtime periods are all a blur right now. It seemed like Chicago would go up 3-4 points early in the extra sessions and the Celtics would need ridiculous shots by Ray to even things up and/or go ahead.

I would say the play of the game came in the 3OT when Joakim Noah stole the ball from Paul Pierce, streaked down the court for the dunk and the foul – which happened to be Pierce's 6th.

Credit to Brad Miller who had 23 pts and 10 rebounds.

Rondo and Hinrich mixed it up in the 1st quarter. Hinrich sparked the incident with a ridiculously overzealous box-out that forced Rondo out of bounds. Rondo retaliated by pushing Hinrich who pushed back. For some reason, Rondo got a flagrant foul and Hinrich got a tech. The AP claims Rondo threw an elbow, but I didn't see it.

Box Score | Recap

More pictures from the game…after the jump.






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  • Besides a few glimmers, paul pierce was absolutely dreadful, I know I will get eaten alive for it, but we will lose this series now, this was a must win game imo, especially once it got into 3 overtimes and ray allen had a game of his life…
    Just dreadful


    fuck Paul Pierce claims to be the best player in the world and hasn’t shown up in this series. Celtics = 1st round exit. Lakers = Parade down Figueroa St.

  • Trav

    I know some people will say I am being reactionary, but was that the greatest game ever played?

  • celt

    rondo fight like a little girl

    Ill wake up saying that
    just ignorant execution

  • Worst. game. ever.
    Inexcusable to lose this game if youre the celtics

  • SydneyCeltic

    Credit to the Bulls for being one hell of a hungry young team. Bring it on home to Boston, boys! Make this seventh game count!

  • JD

    Last year’s Rondo was back tonight. Pierce looked sluggish on the offensive end. Credit to Ray Allen (duh) and Big Baby for keeping us in this thing. Very, Very, Very frustrating loss, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bulls won on Saturday, especially if Pierce’s and Rondo’s play carries over from today.

  • JD

    Oh and Rondo very well could get suspended. He absolutely slammed Heinrich into the media desk thing. The fact that everybody is angry about not getting a flagrant in Game 5 may push the league even more to suspend him.

  • Doc is an idiot by the way
    tony allen. really?
    Embarrasing, the only first round series to go 7. Orlando wins on the road without 2 starters, one of which is the DPOY. we cant beat the bulls. choke
    pierce was so damn terrible, i cant get over it

  • Boston Man

    Rondo ALMOST threw an elbow…. but he checked himself. You can se his elbow go out half way then come back in.

  • Boston Man

    What fight?

  • ShooterMcGavin

    can’t suspend rondo..
    i was screaming at the TV all night..this team is taking WAY too many jump shots..they refuse to attack the rim..and just give hte bulls easy fast break opportunities
    i’m confident since the we went through the same thing last year..but they really could have won this game tonight
    why is tony allen taking 2 huge shots in crunch time?..naturally he misses both

  • WestCoastCelt

    Was frustrated and angry most of this, just like most of the first five games. By the way, I was just exhausted. Do I think the Celts should have won? Absolutely. But both teams gave everything, even if there were lots of mistakes (physical, mental, you name it). Can’t not credit the Bulls. See you Game 7. Only fitting I guess. Phew, what a series.

  • WestCoastCelt

    by the *end*

  • LakerBoi

    hahahaha did u guys see glen big crybaby davis crying?

  • DRJ

    I still say Doc lost this game, by:
    – playing TA at the end of regulation, who proceeded to blow the next 2 possessions
    – wasting the last timeout of the nth OT
    – calling plays for Paul instead of Ray, when Ray was obviously the hot hand. he does that a lot. inexcusable.
    – there’s more, but I’m too exhausted from throwing up…

  • Wow great game Ray was awesome!! Hate to see it go 7 but its been a ride albeit bumpy!! Celtics 97-94

  • NineSevenEight

    I really thought the Celtics blew a perfect opportunity..ONCE close this series out. The table was set. Eight point lead. Three minutes left. They completely broke down. Main culprit was Paul Pierce…again. Ray Allen had the hot hand and kept the C’s in the game the whole night and when it matters most….51 FREAKING POINTS!!…yet, the plays down the stretch kept going through Paul who by HIS OWN admission said they were playing the clock and not moving the ball. He should have really called himself out because he was the reason the ball got sticky. His turnover to Noah was the equivalent of him missing the freethrow to win one of the earlier games. That AND 1 Noah got was the difference. Had Paul let him get the basket, we’d probably still be watching overtime. Once he fouled out…Rondo turned into Paul Pierce and dribbled the ball out and finished with another poor shot. Too many times it’s felt like Paul wanted to be “the man” again. I thought Rondo tried to do that on his last shot. They kept going away from the basket. Stopped driving to the basket. Rondo should have blown by Rose and gone to the basket. Rose wasn’t going to foul him and Rondo definitely could have beaten him. I also hated watching the Celtics stand around and not drive against Miller who PLAYED 2 or 3 OTS with FIVE FOULS!!!! The guy burned them with 3’s. It felt like the Bulls were getting great shots at the rim and the Celtics were just throwing up shots and getting lucky. Overall, Baby played great with one of the biggest shots of the night on that pullup fade away with like 2 seconds on the shot clock. Ray Allen was other-worldly. Rondo…played tentative and I thought he fed into the crowd and played with nervous energy. He had big assists but with our bench playing atrociously, he needed his usual offense. Perk played excellent, although a little more under the radar then last game. And Paul Pierce….played like he has in 5 of the last 6 games. Tried WAY too hard to hit the game wining shots in the end. His shots were horrible looking and poor choices. I don’t even know what to expect from Paul anymore but 20 points isn’t going to cut it. Nevermind the bench players are enfuriating to watch-minus Scal. But like Doc said, the Celtics have played tough being without KG and Powe. Whether the Celtics win on Saturday or not, no one can deny that.

  • NineSevenEight

    PS. I seriously think Paul takes it upon himself to try and hit the “dagger” shots to try and end the series. I think he does it because he’s the captain and he feels like it’s his duty. I know there’s been several times throughout the season where he’s made a play for someone else to take the game winning shot but for some reason this series he’s been intent on holding the ball for the final seconds on the shot clock whether he’s open or not.

  • DRJ

    Rondo was reacting to Hinrich’s grab… no wind-up, no follow-through… should have been just a hard foul, not a flagrant. Hinrich should have gotten an automatic ejection for fighting. All per the rule book. (And I can quote you chapter and verse if you want… it’s all in the Referee Guide.)

  • It was absoultey maddening watching pierce play.
    first of all, the reason the ball is sticky is 100% because of him…and the whole team is retarded for not just giving the ball to ray in those situations tonight. for sucks sakes, dont tell me he cant create his own shot, thats bullshit ive seen him do it all year.GET HIM THE BALL. nope pierce literally blew another game for us making stupid decisions, not to mention not knowing how to guard john salmons whatsoever
    ray allen was awesome, and played like he really wanted to win this game, determined, focused and aggressive. then he only took 3 shots in overtime. dont fucking tell me you cant get him the ball either, no matter what he does, he was basically playing perfect and making perfect decisions, and youre GIVING THE BALL TO A STRUGGLING PIERCE? NOT THE GUY WITH 51 PTS?
    I cant even explain how frustrated i am in the celtics. up 8 with 3 to go, and you STOP PLAYING AND START TRYING TO RUN THE CLOCK DOWN in a close out game on the road in a series that no lead has been safe. I mean what the hell was that? FOOT ON THROAT.
    All in all, as much as im frustrated at paul, the bench is a disgrace and everyone of them should be ashamed
    I actually hate players on this team. I hate tony allen, mikki moore and stephon marbury. HATE EM. never want to see them in green again

  • yea i dont see how you would suspend rondo, it was a glorified push. if rondo gets suspended then almost certainly hinrich would have to too, but because the officials called a flagrant they reviewed and saw exactly what happened unlike teh referees in the howard incident
    i am confident that the C’s can pull game 7 out, because as the old adage goes- role players always play better at home then on the road
    pierce and rondo had two pretty awful games, whereas rose, salmons and the rest of the bulls nearly played as well as they can with the exception of gordon
    i think are defense will be much improved too, and the most important thing is we should get the calls being as we are at home and theoretically it is best for the league if we advance

  • The irony in how the league handled rondo and Dhowards fouls is wild. Magic win on the road easily, biggest margin of win for them in the series, WITHOUT 2 OF THEIR STARTERS. thats rallying.
    Maybe rondo shouldve been suspended, and the bulls wouldnt have been so jacked up and outraged, and the celtics wouldve been the ones rallying around a suspenion. I dont know, grasping at straws but its just a though.
    Very dissapointed in Eddie house….what the hell, are you kidding me bro? i love you and all, but cmon, the one shot you hit was a 2, and we lost by 1. bro you have tottally sucked it up in this series.awful.
    Doc was the master of panic tonight
    Ill never get over being up 8 with 3 to go and inserting tony the idiot allen…never

  • Going to pierce, when ray allen is unfathombly playing one of the best games of his career? hes in one of those zones were if he was the one to take an impossible fade away like pierce and rondo tried, it probably would have gone in.
    I seriously think we deserve to lose this series not winning a game when RAY ALLEN SCORES 51 PTS AND YOURE NOT LOOKING FOR HIM EVERY TIME DOWN THE FLOOR NO EXCEPTIONS

  • NineSevenEight

    Game 7 Prediction: It’s tied with 20 seconds left in regulation. Celtics’ ball. Rondo throws the inbounds pass into Baby, gets it back. Rondo dishes to Pierce at the top of the key, Paul drives to the elbow and gets double-teamed. Paul keeps holding the ball and looking for “his” shot…and then all of a sudden….Jesus runs to the rescue and RIPS the ball from Paul’s peanut buttery fingers as Paul’s left with his and Ray’s defenders (from the double team of course)..Ray gets the open look and buries the winning shot with no time left! SUGAR RAYYYY! Give that man an extension!

  • I bleed green inL.A.

    Rondo get a damn jumpshot! By Saturday please!
    Great Game, Amazing 1st round series. BBD should not have the ball at the end of close games, and Paul shouldn’t be passing to headband when the game is in a critical situation.
    It’s funny when they switch to the late game and it’s already in the 3rd quarter.

  • jp

    “RIPS the ball from Paul’s peanut buttery fingers” **Awesome**
    Tony Allen, huh? Doug Collins kept saying he was in for defensive purposes…really? You guys have seen more of him, defense? Really? I woke up my 3 year old when he took that second shot. Red’s you gotta get the scoop on what Doc was thinking.
    Triple overtime games really should not have any dogs in them. Everyone played hard. Kudos to both teams!!!
    Prediction: No practices. No meetings. Everyone shows up 4 hours early for a team meeting. Tony Allen gets swine flu. Celtics by 18!!!!

  • ssshady35


  • WestCoastCelt

    BTW, for as much praise as Thibodeau has received, isn’t now obvious that KG is the one who really makes the D work and it’s not just Tom’s system? (Perk’s All-Defense imo btw, but he’s pulling double duty with 6’8″ non-leaping BBD as his main sidekick.) BBD’s offense has been on par with KG’s (though he doesn’t stretch the D like KG or get the 2-3 easy ones KG does), but he just doesn’t have nearly the tools to do what KG does on D. (There’s no shame in it, very few players do, which is the point that KG is special.) KG’s length and hops can shut down a pick and roll, close out on a deep shooter, recover to block/contest a shot and rebound (and often all in the same possession). BBD lacks severely in all of that (though he can bang with the beefier bigs better than KG, which the Bulls don’t have) and the Celt’s D has taken a beating for it even before this series.
    In fairness, Rondo and Pierce have been subpar defenders this round, but KG holds everything together. It’s not just that he can do the things stated above, but he’s also the one orchestrating. He’s in the paint, seeing all the guards and the picks, calling them out, telling guys what’s coming, covering for perimeters leaks till guys recover, recovering to his own guy, etc. He’s like the middle linebacker or safety calling out the play and reading/reacting to the offensive play and either shutting it down himself or getting his guys in a position to do so.
    I didn’t think he deserved the DPOY most of this year because he’s not the greatest one on one defender, but over the last month, I’ve been seriously reconsidered. He doesn’t typically blanket or lock down his guy, say like a Bowen is responsible for (though I bet he could if that was his lone responsibility). But that’s the point; it’s not his only defensive responsibility. He’s taking on the responsibility to defend four other players besides his own. He’s without a doubt the best team defender in the league (and it’s clearly rubbed off on Perk). He’s the undisputed QB of what was the best (historically good, actually) defense of the past two years (when he was healthy and playing, that is). KG’s effect on the quality of the C’s D I don’t think can be overstated. The last month has convinced me that he is easily THE most valuable defensive player in the league.

  • WestCoastCelt

    For the most part, that was unintelligible, but to the main point I agree; it certainly is not the same team as last year. Without KG and Powe, it’s not even the same team as two months ago. Right now, this is not a 62-win team. Anyone frustrated that the #2 Celts didn’t put away the #7 Bulls with ease, please remember the Celts right now are worse than their #2 record due to injuries and the Bulls are better than their #7 record due to the late season trades.
    That being said, the Celts (coach included) are not absolved of their failures in this series, so ripping them when they actually deserve it (and for some things, they do) is perfectly justified.

  • ssshady35

    Westcoastcelt….. what was ” unintelligible ” about what I said? The team we have on the floor is not the same team we had last year. If anything the team we had two years ago was better than the team we started the playoffs with.
    Maybe it’s because I did not write a book, that’s gotta be it.

  • Work after 3ot’s, it could be worse we could have been the late game. Still taste like rum go Celtic’s!!! Long live Ainge,vote for Rondo,Ray for president and get Superman his cape back.

  • We went 7 last year against the hawks with Kevin garnett…no? what happened to the defense in those 3 losses? this team just has tendency to let up constantly, especially in the playoffs, and even though they somehow ended up winning it all, they were a terrible playoff team in the early rounds, and again now. no killer instinct whatsoever
    Im sick of hearing about him

  • wrong
    BBD was great, and he great late
    Paul Pierce was mini travesty with the ball in his hands. hey idiot give it to ray allen, hes having one of the best games of his career.
    amazingly stupid first round series. celtics are stupid. yup.

  • CB

    Pierce had a few good plays last night, but on the whole just looked terrible. Everyone says fatigue is not a problem, but I think mental fatigue is. The Cs clearly have the talent and ability to to get to the conference finals, but as a team, I don’t think they’re playing that way. They should have won last night and Sunday – both games were there for the taking. Maybe the Bulls just want it more.

  • You’re kidding right? You’re either kidding, or you didn’t watch games 1-5. Rondo’s been a killer this entire series, and he had a bad shooting night last night. Rondo’s shooting 51% from the field and 57% from 3.

  • A great game no less, but it was frustrating to watch-FRUSTRATING. I think everyone feels that way. I will be at Game 7. How can you not to go Game 7? I suspect a big game from P-Double tomorrow night. He is due for another one.

  • Orb

    Is there a scarier phrase then “Tony Allen checks in for defensive purposes?” That was a double insult in regulation in that it added TA and removed BBD, the one other guy besides Ray that had more than a 5% chance of scoring. So when Doc talks about his team just trying to hang on the last three minutes of regulation, how about keeping in the team that gave you the 23-3 run?!
    And I’d rather see Gabe get 5 minutes than Marbury.

  • This series is hazardous to my health

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    No, I agree, Rondo is the only reason we are still in this series, and I’ve already gave him praise in previous posts. Averaging a triple-double in the postseason is amazing. But unless he’s driving coast to coast, gets free underneath or gets to shoot freethrows, he’s not scoring. They don’t even D him up when he’s taking a jumpshot, or they block it.
    Just in the 4th quarter, Ray and Paul need the ball. Not BBD or Scal or Rondo for that matter-seems like they don’t know what to do when they get the ball….so they shoot it. Run the offense, the ball needs to go thru them and into the scorers hands.

  • AMP

    I’m done with TA. He likely will shine on another team, but I won’t regret wanting him gone. He’s a good player, but his poor judgment is too detrimental in the playoffs. I loved watching him, but right now, I watch with one eye closed scared of what he’ll do. I partly blame Doc. There doesn’t seem to be any chemistry between them, and thus, he doesn’t fit in the C’s strategy.

  • Ace-One

    Seriously? Your evidence to show that KG isn’t the key to the Celt’s defense is…the Hawks series?
    The Celtics were learning how to play playoff basketball on the fly. Atlanta was their first playoffs together, and they got remarkably better with each series. The reasons for their first round struggles are totally different from this year to last year.
    And by the way, the one area that the Hawks were strongest–fast breaks and transition scoring–is the one area that KG or any power forward has the least ability to “help” his teammates defensively. The things that KG is great at–patrolling a wide area with his length, shutting down pick and rolls, communicating and getting teammates into their positions/rotations, basically all the things WestCoastCelt talked about–are things that happen in the half-court. Transition defense is basically about getting your ass–especially perimeter players–back in time, and there’s only so much a power forward can do to “make his teammates better.” But you most definitely can make your teammates defend better as a unit in half-court situations, and that’s where KG is at his best. If you can’t see the effect KG has on Celtics defense, you’re not really watching.

  • zippittyay

    Seriously, the difference is brains. Tony Allen and Marbury dont have them. Pruitt does. Gabe has done well about 80% of the times we have put him in any games. Marbury has done well in about 30%. TA has only done well when he doesnt have to think about passing the ball, or dribbling the ball…. or shooting the ball. Just point him towards the rim and let him go and he does ok. Other than that….
    Quick question.. Who do you want for next year? Marbury or Pruitt? Will someone even offer Marbury a decent contract? Marbury has not at any time this year been better than Pruitt is. Gabe is a better defender, a better shooter and a better passer. Marbury can penetrate better but usually makes the wrong decision when doing so.
    Play to win, play Pruitt.
    Heck, I’d rather see Walker over TA too!