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Let’s Talk Minutes

Chuck - Red's Army April 30, 2009 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Let’s Talk Minutes


First of all, this picture has nothing to do with my post. I'm just trying to bring some levity to an extremely tense series.

The topic du jour is minutes. The aging Celtics are playing too many minutes. If I was Paul Pierce, I'd be more tired hearing about my minutes than from actually playing in the games. Let's compare minutes played in the regular season to minutes played in this series*:

Paul Pierce – 37 in reg. season, 43 in playoffs
Ray Allen – 36 to 37
Rajon Rondo – 33 to 44
Kendrick Perkins – 29 to 38
Glen Davis – 21 to 41

Wow – Ray Allen must be exhausted. He's playing an extra minute per game in this series. Perk, Rondo and Big Baby have all seen a major increase. But while the Celtics have the label of "an aging team," these guys are all under 24 years old. At that age I could stay up all night, drink a case of beer, sleep for four hours, wake up to play nine holes and then shoot hoops in the afternoon.

Shaughnessy writes about the subject and cites an old Larry Bird interview:

Here's what Bird told Bob Ryan in the middle of the 1987 playoffs, when
Bird was averaging 46.6 minutes per game: "How many times have I told
you? I can play all day. [Dennis Johnson] can play all day. Minutes
don't mean nothing."

"When there's a CBS game, it's a joke. K.C. [Jones] kept asking me if I
wanted to come out and I'm sitting in the huddle for a minute and a
half while he's asking. There are so many extra timeouts."

There you have it. Can't say it better than Bird – minutes don't mean nothing.

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"I took all his fouls. "They had to go
somewhere. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know whether it
was or wasn't a foul."
– Ray Allen on Kendrick Perkins' 0 fouls in Game 5.

* = I stole the idea for minutes comparison from Comcast Sports Tonight

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  • baron

    Yup, minutes are the least of my worries.
    dont wanna play that many minutes? do what you did in game 3. tonight. please.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Random but what’s with the NESN ad??

  • They advertise with us now. Its all good. And we still own the site.

  • G4L

    The site looks great guys!

  • baron

    Anyone else hearing all these talking heads debating the rondo foul, most saying it was definetly a flagrant and took away a chance for the bulls to win the game.
    first of all, why the fuck is it a story? its driving me nuts. this is the playoffs people, and we are debating a tap to the mouth? the kid is averaging a triple double, and we are talking about a foul?
    Oh and HOW did it take the chance from the bulls to win the game? hahahaha.
    they were up 11 with something like 5 to go
    ray allen fouls out for breathing
    ben gordon gets to the line over and over for jumping into tony allen or just plain falling down. he also stepped out of bounds on that 3 where he jumped into tony allen. (Im actually hearing people say the refs swallowed there whistles and thats why the bulls came back)
    -Brad miller got to the line, keep in mind it didnt need to be called peiod, the game could have been over on his missed layup, it wasnt and the guy missed. game. get over.

  • baron

    (Im actually hearing people say the refs swallowed there whistles and thats why the *celtics* came back)

  • Jester00

    thanks for the pic my wife might get lucky tonight because of that

  • Atomic Man

    Baron- Do you have anything else to do in life besides blog about the Celtics and jerk off to Rondo’s picture in your parents basement.
    Also, the refs did swallow their whistles and basically gave the game to the Celtics.
    Bulls by at least 15 tonight, see you suckers on Sat night when we take you down in game 7.
    Jester- I wouldn’t call your wife lucky for 15 seconds of nothing. “Jesters Dead” Top Gun
    Peace out Suckas

  • 15 second giving me way to much credit thanks though

  • P and Ray are warriors-I hope Brad Miller gets his other 3 teeth knocked out tonight. That’s what he gets for laughing and joking when Ray fouled out the other night. I really hope we wrap it up tonight, but if not, (knock on keyboard) I will be at the Garden for Game 7, even if I have to spend my damn rent money.

  • Lakerhater

    Thats no way to talk about your sister