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And The KG Hate Continues

Kg yells at gordon
Ok, I get it. People really love to hate Kevin Garnett right now.  He's too this… to that… he curses too much.  But I think calling KG the "worst person in the world" is a bit much.

Every time the camera flashes to Garnett, sitting on the sideline
because he's too hurt to play, Garnett is doing one of two things. He's
either a) sticking his chin out in a defiant mean-mug that at this
point just looks stupid, especially from SOMEONE SITTING ON THE BENCH
IN A SUIT, or b) raining down a host of obscenities, usually at Bulls

He goes on to call KG a d-bag.  In fact, the sub-headline calls him the biggest d-bag on the floor.

As far as I'm concerned… you can hate who you want to hate.  Wanna hate KG?  Fine.  Lord knows I've tossed the d-bag tag on plenty of people (and there are more to come).  But what I find funny is how much people hate the once-lovable Kevin Garnett.  Has his demeanor changed at all from when he was in Minnesota?  I'm pretty sure it hasn't.  But what has changed is his spotlight.  People aren't rooting for him to get a ring anymore… so they can now decide that what was once "intensity" is now "douchebaggery."  Add to it the fact that people really hate Boston (probably because this is usually my response to them hating us) and you suddenly have the wave of KG love turning into KG hate.

But to those people, I just have to say:  check yourself.  If you loved how he acted before, then you can't hate him for it now.  That's just being fickle.  It comes off as bitter and jealous.

Thanks to Jess Camerato

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  • I never followed KG’s game before he came to Boston (proof why I didn’t initially like the trade). I don’t mind his antics when he’s playing, but I gotta say, it’s a bit much when you aren’t dressed for the game.

  • Mooz

    i guess this guy doesnt see Gordon grabbing his nuts all the time or Noah having an orgasm every time he makes a basket..

  • scott

    And Ben Gordon grabbing himself in game 4 isn’t being a D-bag?

  • DRJ

    It’s an unfortunate and incendiary picture. If it’s true, that is.
    Because you can’t tell depth in this shot, with that angle. I don’t think he’s actually talking to Gordon. It looks like he’s yelling something to someone else, out of the shot, someone on the court… and that Ben is just blithely walking to his bench several feet PAST KG. Can’t tell for sure. I suspect someone (who no doubt lives in Chicago) is just being cute with this one…

  • I dont mind his antics when he is playing.
    BUT, we now know why he doesnt and shouldnt sit on the bench when hes injured. he has done nothing to help the celtics, if anything hes hurt them. when hes playing and can back up the trash talk, fine. but when hes on the bench, cussing out the bulls, sticking out his chin and stairing down the bulls bench. HES BETTER THEN THAT. its stupid. that and it further motivates the bulls imo.
    And no DRJ, KG has been cussing out the bulls all series, staring them down trying to intimidate them, barking and growling at them etc. we blew them out in game 3 and he cussed them off the court, brad miller misses a ft, and hes yelling ‘choke’ …how does this help us??

  • Danno

    This is what passes for professional sports journalism in Chicago?
    Wow. sad, really.

  • You are right sir. KG is looking at the same person as Scal/Marbury, who is clearly not in this shot.

  • jesse

    As much as people hate him I love him so that should cancel that sH&t out

  • Can they try to emasculate this game any more?

  • WestCoastCelt

    Kobe’s a rapist and if he’s not, he’s an adulterer as probably are many, many other NBA players and other professional athletes. Drugs, violent crimes, DUIs, the list goes on and on. And THIS is what gets people in a twist. As a whole, I hate people. They’re so freaking stupid. The media who try to make this a story, the fans who justify the media’s stupidity, by being stupid themselves, getting up in arms about it and perpetuating it. Rondo’s dirty and KG’s a prick and that’s all anyone can talk about. (Not saying people are targeting the Celts, those are just two examples of misplaced outrage.) These type things are foremost on people’s mind. Makes me sick.

  • Danno

    Westcoast, I borrowed a bit of your thunder here for the comments section of that page.
    wow. what a bunch of overcompensating girly men there are in Chicago.

  • Nora

    KG gets in trouble if he sits in the lockeroom or if he sits on the bench. He can’t win.

  • Nora

    What’s even more funny how those fans ignore the antics of the players on the team they root for. Hypocites!

  • D

    I heard we’re “looking for a miracle” for Brad Miller to stop whining about his puffy lip and play tonight.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Not a problem.
    And for the record, I don’t really condone his antics. Hyped up and intense? Love it. Unprofessional and immature. Too far. Hey, I’ve gotten heated playing just pick-up ball and obviously the stakes are just a little higher here. You can do stupid things in the heat of the game, like the Calderon thing. Was it the most egregious thing anyone has ever done on a basketball court before? Of course not and that’s why the outrage has completely outsized the offense. But if he had said afterwards. “I was really pumped at that moment and lost a little control. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done it.” One, I would have respected that a lot more and two, I think the issue would have been diffused a long time ago.
    I think people have a point that he could remain on the bench, be intense and supportive of his players, but it’s going too far to taunt the other players and bench. And not just because he’s on the bench. In the game, that’d be wrong too. He’d probably get called for taunting. Still, this situation in no way whatsoever warrants the type of discussion and vitriol it has produced. People are completely off the deep end unnecessarily and that’s without even mentioning the hypocrisy involved either.

  • AMP

    Let them hate! They should. Though it is a little immature to consider his antics newsworthy. Seems to me a strange story in the middle of an intense playoff series.
    If I were a fan of another team, I would hate him too. He’s not very endearing, smug and it is often hard to tell if he’s happy or angry. I love it, though I wish he’d tone down the language in front of those young fans.
    I hate Pau Gasol…and feel no shame about it!

  • nate

    Conspiracy Theory?
    Their site sucks, his articles suck, they needed to boost traffic and ad-views so they start writing about boston to get us to click over there.
    Worked for me.. wish I never read that irrelevant, unintelligent dribble

  • CFH

    “Remember when Garnett was the Hall of Fame center stuck on a horrible franchise?”
    And all this time, I thought Garnett was a forward who hated to play center (though obviously does in a pinch, like a lot of big fowards).
    Glad this guy could educate me.

  • DRJ

    Not sure even about the 2nd pic. He could be directing at someone on the court, or maybe was doing that and happened to turn his head a bit. Just can’t tell. Smells like propaganda to me.

  • DRJ

    Ok, agree he should probably tone it down. But I don’t think it’s an issue worth talking about. Has nothing to do with the game.
    Note that he seems to walking around PERFECTLY normally. We may yet seem him suit up. Maybe a Willis Reed moment… or better. Then he can snarl all he wants, eh.

  • My favorite comment to that article:
    You do not know anything about anything. You are a dbag, a homer, and a tool.

  • DRJ

    “As a whole, I hate people” Classic.

  • NineSevenEight

    Let’s face it, everyone is making a big deal out of KG’s intensity on the bench because it’s KG. I have yet to read a Boston reporter write an entire story around Ben Gordon’s nut grab on national tv (which is a great message to send to the young kids watching). Maybe a sentence or two, but nothing more. Where was the outrage from the Chicago media screaming about what is and isn’t classy like they do when judging KG? Apparently everyone likes to be ettiquette coaches during the NBA season. It’s ridiculous. I don’t have a problem with it and I’m a girl, yet all I hear screaming about it are internet warriors who are as wide as Big Baby and don’t come up to KGs knee caps talking all tough how they would whoop ass. Spare us all please. They talk all tough about a guy they’ll never meet nevermind fight.
    All we hear about and all that’s zoomed in on TNT or ESPN is KG on the bench because he is the biggest star player on either bench. The Bulls have been throwing up their three-finger “gang signs” all series even on two-pointers. Where’s the outrage? Where are fines? Where are the headlines? Where are the subplots? Oh, don’t exist because the media doesn’t care about a bench full of no name scrubs who I’m sure are jawing right back at KG. The the camera ONLY focuses on KG on the sidelines so that’s all we as fans get to see.
    Lesson learned: It’s ok to grab your nuts and throw your gang signs from the bench as long as your name isn’t KG because nobody cares about you. Yeah, that means you, Aaron Gray. I had to google your damn name!
    Thank God for CSN because they’re the only station to stick to the actual game on the COURT.

  • I agree, there is no way to tell. To me BOTH shots look like KG is yelling at someone else.

  • haha this is the funniest shit i have ever read. yea ben gordon really manned up and played through a strain, garnett is just not tough enough to play through the pain we should view him as a girl-ier tmac
    KG’s antics are no worse than Clevelands bench love fest or josh smith’s intended to be insulting to the heat but i accidently missed it between the legs dunk lol

  • G4L

    1. I think the hating on KG is mostly because he’s on the Celtics. Think about it.. If he were on the Lakers everyone would still be kissing his ass, and saying how much passion he has, he shows it even when he’s on the bench. 2. I could see why every one else would be annoyed with KG for talking so much on the bench, but its not worth talking about. 3. I bet Miller is going to seek some revenge on Rondo tonight.

  • idaho_jim


  • It is wild, if the celtics were flauting those bulls eye and grabbing their nuts after every shot, it would be a huge problem for everybody nationally, but because its the bulls doing it to us, they love it

  • Yeah… you’re right.
    But then again… maybe WE’D be the ones calling him a douchebag if that was the case.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Three hours to tip. Sick of these ridiculous Rondo and KG discussions. Since this is Game 6 and these teams know each other pretty well, there isn’t a ton of pre-game analysis to do.
    All I can say is it’s time for a Game 3 repeat. Let’s go C’s. The whole roster plays well. I’m talking to you Paul and Ray. Perk and Rondo have shown up each game and BBD’s only had one tough game, but at least he looked into the action even then. Five guys playing well and prayer shots for the Bulls aren’t going in this game. Take any chance for the refs to impact the game out of the equation from the start. Put the Bulls and their fans out of their misery so they can stop bitching about dirty plays and potty mouths and just go away. Enjoy your time off fellas. Acquire some balls before next season. Try again next year. Thanks for waking the Celts up from their end-of-season malaise.

  • Everyone hates a champion. So remember haters in Chicago, L.A. and everywhere else: “Hate is the drink I pour for you, but drink myself…” so keep on hatin’ Chicago-we’ll keep on raising banners here in the Bean. Clowns.

  • Jp

    First off, there is a big black box over my comment box here so if I mistype, suck it!!!
    I love KG and the emotion he brings. The effort he brings to the game absolves him (in my opinion) of his extraordinary antics.
    In my “I love the Celtics and they can do no wrong” mind, I look at is as this is his team, molded in his image. Practiced with his intensity. Defending with his passion. Fighting his same fight. He knows this. This is his team and he is just balls to the wall take no prisoner into them winning.
    Go get em every freeking night KG!!!

  • Donthatetheplayerhatethegame

    Why are you guys so ignorant. KG is literally facing Ben Gordon and screaming at him. Stop trying to deny everything.

  • GetREal

    This is not called hating if there is a video of him picking on European PG and barking like a dog. These antics do not show his passion whatsoever. These antics making him look like a “d-bag”.

  • Nora

    And those who complain about it are ‘whiners’

  • Nora

    Seriously how long ago was that incident? GET OVER IT and move on.

  • Sorry don’t see it.
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