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Rondo Play Under Review

Just in case the league surprises us, I'll pass this along.

NEW YORK — The possibility emerged Wednesday that Dwight Howard could be watching Game 6 of the Magic76ers series on television.

Rajon Rondo was under scrutiny, too, although his availability for Game 6 of the CelticsBulls series did not appear to be in as much jeopardy as Howard's.

I'll be shocked… SHOCKED… and maybe even chagrined… if Rondo is assessed anything more than a token fine.  Dwight Howard, however, deserves to sit a game.  Here's the play in question.

Seems blatant to me. I think a 1 game suspension is fair.

(Thanks to Scott at BostonSportz)

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  • DirtyTeam

    Rondo didnt even aim for the ball..He Swatted Millers face..Should be a fine + 1 game suspension

  • Danno

    This is retarded. why don’t we go back and just fix all the fucked up calls?
    Oh right – the Bulls fans will complain when their team loses.

  • WestCoastCelt

    I think the intent was a hard foul (little guy trying to make certain he stops a big guy) that ended just looking a little nastier than the intent, which Miller didn’t help because he’s a bitch. When has anyone ever lost a tooth to an open hand slap? I know that wasn’t fake, but seriously, who’s that soft?
    Rondo’s definitely going for the ball and I don’t see this as a flagrant. Still, I think it’s 50/50 the league upgrades it to a flagrant-1. The arguments are this. On one hand, we don’t like to make our refs look bad (or cause extra consternation by fans who will now definitely complain about being screwed) by overruling them unless it was so obviously a wrong call (like Dwight Howard, who’s Game 6 suspension was just announced), so we leave the call as is. On the other hand, he did miss the ball and the arm and got the head and the guy did lose a tooth, so we’ll call it a flagrant-1 and fine him, but that’s all. This, of course, opens a can of worms, like when the Blazers had 6 men. “Thanks league, but how does that fix the game outcome? It doesn’t, so thanks for nothing.”
    I think there’s 0% chance Rondo gets a suspension. That would be a major overreaction to fan/coach outcry and flat-out wrong. Of course, the league office is retarded, so who knows.

  • idaho_jim

    Looks like an elbow from one of the Kickboxer movies

  • idaho_jim
  • WestCoastCelt

    BTW, I see lots of trolls posting things along the lines of “Whatever, you’re a 2 seed barely beating a 7 seed.” While that statement is technically true in every respect, it’s a completely twisted and ignorant appraisal of the situation.
    While the Celts are the 2 seed, they earned that seed with the likes of Kevin Garnett (who’s value on both ends of the floor seems to get diminished constantly) and Leon Powe. That is, the top guy of the bench is now a starter and the next guy is gone. The cascade has been evident and has affected the bigs as well as Ray and Paul. The Celts won the second most games in the East yes, but in their current configuration, they aren’t a 62-win team. They went 18-9 (.667) since the KG injury (including the 4 games he partially played).
    The Bulls have the opposite going on. They “earned” the 7 seed by being below average most of the year, then massively upgrading near the end of the year. They finished 41-41, but since the trade they were 17-11. That’s .607 winning, which would have put them 4th in the league, well behind Orlando, but well ahead of Atlanta. Yes, Deng, Gordon, Salmons, yada. Gordon and Salmons have played, and a lot and contributed. I equate that to Rondo’s ankles. They’ve played, you can’t equate them to full-fledged DNP injuries.
    The point is, the Celts right now are NOT a .756 team and the Bulls are NOT a .500 team. The percentages are probably closer to .650-.675 for the Celts and .600-.625 for the Bulls. .750 vs .500, yeah that’s a blow out waiting to happen. .675 vs. .600, not so much. That’s much more informative than being a troll saying this is a 2/7 matchup and therefore the Celts (and their fans) are lame and it explains why this has been a lot closer than most Celtics (and fans) expected.

  • PxFunk

    Whats up with the NESN ads again?
    Do you guys have something you want to tell us…?

  • NESN has become an advertiser with us. If you’re asking if we still own the site… yes, we still own the site.

  • celt

    Why are you guys so ignorant? That was clearly a flagrant… even I’m admitting it. He obviously went for the face, not the ball.