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No Punishment For Rondo

Marc Spears reports.

An NBA official said the situation with Celtics guard Rajon Rondo's
hard foul on Chicago's Brad Miller in Game 5 yesterday in Boston stands
as is. There was some concern that Rondo could get a Flagrant Foul or
more due to the hard foul.

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  • WestCoastCelt

    Just as NOT ejecting Miller in the other game was the right call, I think the league got this right, too. Kudos.

  • WestCoastCelt

    BTW, I see lots of trolls (Bulls and even Lakers. What’s up with that? The Lakers have two more West series before even the possibility of facing the Celts, but still find it necessary to troll Celt blogs. So pathetic.) posting things along the lines of “Whatever, you’re a 2 seed barely beating a 7 seed.” While that statement is technically true in every respect, it’s a completely twisted and ignorant appraisal of the situation.
    While the Celts are the 2 seed, they earned that seed with the likes of Kevin Garnett (who’s value on both ends of the floor seems to get diminished constantly) and Leon Powe. That is, the top guy of the bench is now a starter and the next guy is gone. The cascade has been evident and has affected the bigs as well as Ray and Paul. The Celts won the second most games in the East yes, but in their current configuration, they aren’t a 62-win team. They went 18-9 (.667) since the KG injury (including the 4 games he partially played).
    The Bulls have the opposite going on. They “earned” the 7 seed by being below average most of the year, then massively upgrading near the end of the year. They finished 41-41, but since the trade they were 17-11. That’s .607 winning, which would have put them 4th in the league, well behind Orlando, but well ahead of Atlanta. Yes, Deng, Gordon, Salmons, yada. Gordon and Salmons have played, and a lot and contributed. I equate that to Rondo’s ankles. They’ve played, you can’t equate them to full-fledged DNP injuries.
    The point is, the Celts right now are NOT a .756 team and the Bulls are NOT a .500 team. The percentages are probably closer to .650-.675 for the Celts and .600-.625 for the Bulls. .750 vs .500, yeah that’s a blow out waiting to happen. .675 vs. .600, not so much. That’s much more informative than being a troll saying this is a 2/7 matchup and therefore the Celts (and their fans) are lame and it explains why this has been a lot closer than most Celtics (and fans) expected.

  • Danno

    as it should be.

  • DRJ

    Good… now let’s put this 2nd rate team away. Quit screwing around.
    Looks like a tossup between Orlando and Philly, down to a game 7 (Magic lose Howard and Lee for game 6, so fuggetaboutthatone). Don’t think either team should be a problem for our Cs IF they play somewhere close to their potential (depleted or not). The big challenge, as expected all along, will be Cleveland. For that we’ll need more than just playing to our potential… we’ll need to step up big time.

  • johnny

    should have been a flagrant foul at the time. That head slap saved the game, i loss respect for rondo, that was a dirty play all the way as soon as he jumped in the air and you gotta be crazy to think that was a play on the ball.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Dirty play????? You must be kidding preventing a wide open game tying layup in the playoffs with a foul like that is not dirty sorry and if you lost respect for a player over that…. You must be a tad uptight

  • DRJ

    Not sure that Perk wouldn’t have stopped that layup anyway… looked like it in the replay. I gained respect for Raj as a result of that play. He did what he had to do. No fear, no hesitation. Great play.

  • I still don’t see how the whole world has concluded that Rondo definitely should have been called for a flagrant on the play
    i dont think it was a flagrant if it was the first last or any other play in the game and do not see how everyone, including the media, has come to the conclusion that it most certainly was
    why would the league not come out and say that it was a flagrant if it so “clearly” was, they have the power to change the call to a flagrant when need be without having to suspend that player from the next game: so why wouldnt they?
    the answer is because it wasn’t a flagrant foul

  • WestCoastCelt

    Inferno, a bit stupid and trolly, no?

  • Ok I hate how Brad Miller is crying about this hit. You realize how light Rondo got him? What did Brad Miller do bite his lip?

  • JD

    I think people want a reason to hate Rondo, and thats why this thing has blown up so much. If any other player was putting up the stats that he’s putting up, that player’s face would be plastered over everything that has to do with the NBA. Rondo has long be known as “overrated”, or “a guy who can’t shoot”, or “the guy the other team doesn’t guard”; I just think half of the NBA audience can’t believe that he’s playing this amazing and now that they have something to attack, they jump on it.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Rondo has gained my respect big time. I always thought he was a good piece on this team, but now he is a part of the Big 3 (Big 4 when KG gets back). We would be down in this series if Rondo didn’t step up his game. If he ever develops a jumpshot, he is right there with CP3 and Deron Williams.
    I just hope there is no retaliation in game 6. We can’t afford another guy out.

  • rcry

    I think you’re right. People are just looking for another reason to hate on the Celtics. The hate for Rondo on the web after this whole foul thing is astounding. I can understand people thinking it’s a flagrant and blaming the refs for messing up the call, but this whole hurt Rondo in game 6 mentality that I see on message boards and blogs is a bit disturbing. I don’t get how all the sudden, Rondo’s known as a dirty player.. when I’m sure they would want their own team’s players to do everything they can to prevent a lay up at the end of the game.

  • 11rings

    All this talk about the foul, but what about the weirdness of Miller’s move? I’m not trying to knock Miller, but I just looked at the replay again and I have to say his underhanded layup into the teeth of the defense looked disjointed and ill-advised. Some guy on espn said basically the same thing and said he should have gone for the open jumper. If so then it should have been a pull-up just out of reach of the defenders. With a hole that big you at least got to go part-way toward the rim.
    I think he should have gone just to the left of the rim for a left-handed, overhand layup or dunk. Then he wouldn’t have had two guys contesting (Rondo and Perk), just one (Pierce). Compare with Ray Allen’s lefty layup in a similar situation in Game 4 of the Finals last year.
    Maybe this discussion is all just an excuse to post the link to that magnificent play.
    Of course Miller was up against a much tougher defense, so he had a much tougher challenge to finish.

  • Nora

    Yes, and I am sure Lakers never get anything called in their favor. Give me a break dude.

  • Nora

    Well, if Celtics are so bad why are you so worried and upset that Bulls didn’t beat the Celtics.
    I know! Because I remember a certain similar situation last year where an Atlanta team played the C’s tough and the C’s ended up playing less games against in finals against the Lakers. Also, Celtics are missing KG which is a much bigger loss then Bynum.

  • baron

    Lost respect for rondo?
    its sports fans like you that I want to punch in the mouth.

  • baron

    Ah yes, the refs were horrible in our favour in the eyes of a delusional laker fan who hates the cetlics.
    yup, the refs didnt foul out ray allen for breathing, call fouls on tony allen for gordon jumping into him, and gave brad miller a chance to tie the game…
    what free throws did we get? its the same way on both ends of the floor. MORON. its more like the refs are making this a competive fun series more then it has to be for the bulls if anything

  • baron

    I dont know why its even a story.
    it shouldnt be, who cares

  • The NBA, where being soft is celebrated

  • JD