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An Indicator Of How Good Pierce Really Is

… or maybe the alternate title is “An indicator of how high we’ve set the bar for Paul.”

Pretend we haven’t seen Paul struggle… or debate whether he’s hurt or exhausted… or yelled at the TV when he inexplicably played sloppy.  If you were to come back from a 2 week vacation and long on to check Pierce’s stats and see how he was doing, this is what you’d see:

  • 24 points, 44.6% fg, 37% 3pt, 6 rebounds, 1.3 assists, 1.2 steals, and 3.4 turnovers

Compare this to his regular season stats:

  • 20.5 points, 45.7% fg, 39.1% 3pt, 5.7 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 1 steal and 2.8 turnovers

If you haven’t seen a minute of these playoffs, you’d probably think “Ok, his points are up and assists are down because he’s picking up some of KG’s slack.  He’s turning the ball over a little more than usual, but not much… so he must be playing well.”

But how many people think Pierce is playing well?  He had a great finish last night.  He has hit clutch shots in this series.  But I think overall, most of us would think he’s having a bit of an off series. 

So I guess the question is:  Is Paul Pierce so good, that his “off” series is averaging 24 and 6… or have we set the bar so high, that we expect Pierce to dominate every game, and average 30+ while shooting 50% or better?

I think it’s a little of both.  I think it’s a little bit of Pierce being tired and picking his spots.  I think it’s a little bit of Pierce being unselfish and recognizing that (a) if we can’t get Ray’s offense going, we’re toast and (b) Rajon Rondo is dominating, so he doesn’t need to.  I think it all adds up to Pierce being so good, being so clutch so often, that a good series isn’t good enough for us.  We expect him to come through every single time he touches the ball, but that’s just impossible.  No one does that.  But he’s good enough to still provide the offense the team needs.

We might think this is an off series for Paul Pierce… but it might just be more proof of how good he really is.
Game note: Portland won their game, so the Celtics game Thursday starts at 7

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  • baron

    this is a great point, and its been my point all along.
    Pierce hasnt played well in this series, and didnt play particualry well last night until late in the game, but youre absolutely right, its because hes so good and expect more that we notice.
    most people say salmons is having a great series, and pierce is having a terrible, yet if you look at the stats, pierces are better. proving this point

  • baron

    Oh, and pierce was fouled on that play.(find a picture of it)
    whether it should have been called or not is one thing, but IT WAS BEING CALLED LIKE THAT for the bulls (Did TA even foul gordon on that 3, and did ray do anything other then breathe to foul out?)
    sorry but when salmons hits pierce in the hand as hes shooting, its a foul, and if youre calling it on the other end, wtf

  • Jester00

    Here is a fact we miss james Posey more then we thought, he is bigtime come playoff time he would not have fouled gordon, he would not passed on the open 3 ball. I know he wanted a lot of dough but this series might be over if we had him. we are really going to miss in the eastern con finals and Scott Pollard is better then Mikki Moore

  • Guys, I am hearing a LOT of shit talking on the foul where Rondo hit Miller in the face. I was at a bar watching the game so I couldn’t see all that well. I’m told Rondo didn’t go for the ball but just swung at his face. Is this true? Anyone got youtube footage of this? Just curious.

  • baron

    The rondo foul is much to do about nothing…its ridicoulous, and i offically hate espn…why is this even a story? it shouldnt be for chrissakes.
    and as far as james posey….shut up.
    No we dont miss james posey, sorry. we miss KG and leon, and even PJ brown ( Mikki was a mistake, if we get A McdYess or Joe smith we clearly wouldnt miss brown)
    Posey left for more money
    Posey gained weight
    Posey is battling injury and is wearing down and looking like shit in noraleans
    james poseys hornets got beat by 58 and are down 3-1 to the nuggets, and have quit on their coach.
    James Posey is one of the most overratted players in the league now.
    Yes, we are in a tough series right now because we dont have james posey, yup ok, or maybe its because we are decimated by injury?
    Because we would have never gone 7 against the hawks with james posey….oh wait
    Danny did the RIGHT DAMN thing by not re-signing posey to the ridicoulous contract he got from NO. he offered 3 years, posey didnt accept it and it is now water under the bridge. we would be a better team without him if we were just healthy. period.

  • Baron

    Oh and how is scot pollard better then mikki moore?
    thats idiotic. Pollard cant even play anymore. hes done.

  • It makes sense. We like to argue that Pierce is just as good as Kobe, so we have to hold him to a higher standard.
    But wow. I kept asking for Pierce to take over and the captain answered the bell. Obviously without the work that Beastondo put in, it wouldn’t matter, but come crunch time the Truth set us free again!
    Oh and I thought for sure that they were going to call a Flagrant. In Chicago I’m sure it would have been.

  • CFH

    Preach it re: Posey.
    That was a moronic move by the Hornets. He’ll be counting against their salary cap long after he’s able to contribute anything, and he sure didn’t “push them to the next level this year and make it worth mortgaging the future.”

  • Leon POW

    I think Baby is trying to eat Pierce at the end of that video

  • Jester00

    Posey would have helped, he WAS the spark off the bench, he had 2,12,13, and 12 in the playoff series he is in right now, I’m saying we miss him That’s it, can’t augue that. How pollard is better moore he is not soft, plays D, and he hits the O glass

  • DRJ

    PP has too many turnovers, is too sloppy with the ball. He played like crap last night for 3.5 quarters, then turned it on at the end to eke out a victory. Barely drove to the basket at all, all night. I don’t think expectations are set too high when all we expect is that he play at his normal level for a whole game. Which has happened only once in the playoffs so far.
    Put another way: The Cs do not have any chance of getting to the Finals unless Paul Pierce plays up to his level consistently. Not this “save the game at the end” baloney… which only works about half the time, and that only against a middling team like the Bulls.

  • DRJ

    Bob Ryan thinks this is one of the greatest series ever. ( This is the same idiot who threw in the towel before the playoffs even began. Whatever. The only reason 4/5 games have been close is that the Cs have not played to their level, most especially Paul Pierce. Otherwise, it would have been a sweep. Watching our team screw up over and over again, making a series close when it should be a blowout, is not what I call “great”.

  • CFH

    Bob Ryan is also the guy whose response to the Ray Allen trade was “Ray Allen is a has-been and this was a shameless move by Ainge to cover his butt and pretend he was trying to do something.”
    Then, after the Garnett trade, he was all about how the Celtics weren’t going to be allowed to play 3-on-3, so people shouldn’t be excited. (Because starting with PGA wouldn’t make it easier for the Celtics to put pieces around them?)
    And while he sometimes touts Pierce as the greatest scorer in Celtics history, he also misconstrues Pierce’s remarks to make him sound like a jerk every chance he gets. And after the Celtics/Cavs game 7 last year, the very first thing Ryan said was “not as good at Bird/Dominique,” because, you know, appreciating that game for even a second would have been ridiculous.
    I know he’s supposed to be the great Celtics expert who has forgotten more than the rest of us will ever know, but I think he passed “charmingly grumpy” and moved along to “senile” a while ago.

  • IMO, Paul Pierce’s performance last night was absolutely terrific.
    Playing without Kevin Garnett, and Leon Powe, and PJ Brown, and James Posey, etc., changes the entire dymanic of the Boston Celtics … and it’s silly for others to expect ‘Da Truth’ to amass similar stats totals to last year’s playoffs performance.
    In addition, Perkins, Rondo and Davis were simply fantastic in Game 5.

  • Baron… I like the points you made about Posey.
    But anybody is better than Mikki Moore. Travis Knight was better.
    Mikki Moore makes Jerome Moiso look like a superstar.

  • Jester00

    one of the grestest lines ever “Mikki Moore makes Jerome Moiso look like a superstar.”

  • baron

    lol, mikki moore sucks, yes
    but hes healthy, something pollard cant mantain
    hes an active player in the NBA
    Pollard is not
    pollard is just as bad if he was playing now, believe me…in their primes id take pollard for sure, good chippy defender

  • baron

    Posey did help last year
    Posey left for more money this year
    BBD would not have developed like he has if we overpaid for an aging role player
    New orleans lost jannera pargo and bonzi wells, and gianed posey and got worse.
    which reminds me, why didnt we sign bonzi wells, is he really that much of a jerk?

  • baron

    I think youre only problem is youre still expecting them to make the finals and win the championship
    cmon now, get realistic and it makes it much easier to watch

  • baron

    playing without PJ brown and posey actually doesnt make a difference
    that was last years team, those guys didnt play for us this season, so to me…thats irrelevant